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Chapter 265 it is used to kill people

 Chapter 265 it is used to kill people

:"Of course, of course, she wants..." Edgar passed one bread to Dori and said.

Chu Yunsheng instantly stopped him:"let her talk."

Edgar was still trying to say something, but he was immediately stopped by Dori:" Chamberlain, thank you for saving my life, without you, I probably left this world already." She bowed to Chu Yunsheng and said. Her Chinese wasn't as good as Edgar, most of the words she said were out of tone.

:"I wasn't doing that for you, I was doing that for him." Chu Yunsheng pointed at Edgar and said.

:" Chamberlain, in order to repay your kindness, Bentley and I are happy to work for you." Dori gave him a charming smile and said.

:" Then let's get straight to the point, I also don't have much time." Chu Yunsheng took a sip of water and said.

Dori nodded her head, the mysterious Chinese man in front of her had the highest power in the entire castle. She clearly remembered that when three of them were tied to metal pillars, Edgar was constantly mumbling about someone would save him. She and Bentley thought that Edgar had lost his mind until that person really appeared....

Last night, she was trying to find out from Edgar that if this old man was the saviour he mentioned.

However, Edgar who was always honest with her was constantly changing the subject whenever she asked the question. It made her even more suspicious about this old man.

Comparing the way that the slaveholder who was trying to kill them was being thrown out of the room, and the way how the old man was treating Edgar now, she was even more sure that there must have been something between her best friend and this old man.

However, she was just curious, she didn't want to put Edgar in a difficult situation. Having grown up in the USA, she was taught to respect others people's privacy, but she still worried that the old man would use Edgar for something that was inhuman, things that would cause Edgar to go to hell after he died.

"Edgar has explained the work to me in detail, and after a careful consideration, I think in order for us to complete it, I need your to agree two things first." Dori said carefully. Everyone in this castle had some kind mental problems. Although Edgar promised that Chu Yunsheng was ok, she didn't know Chu Yunsheng very well.

:"Carry on." Chu Yunsheng said.

"First, I need an expert in chemistry or pharmacology as an assistant, otherwise I won't be able to complete it." Dori said.

:"I don't have problems with that, I'll try to gather all the people who have relevant knowledge in those filed, so you can pick them yourself. What about the second?" Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and replied.

:"Secondly, this is a powerful "weapon", so I would like you to use my research results only in helping the humanity, not to kill anyone." Dori said bravely. Despite her shaking voice clearly showed that she was scared and Edgar who was using his eyes to signal her not to say it out, she still stared into Chu Yunsheng's eyes.

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second, then he laughed out loud. How "cute" this foreigner was! It completely surprised him.

In this world, if you didn't kill other people, other people would kill you eventually. Unless you were a saint who pretty much didn't really care about their own lives.

:" didn't expect that you have such a noble aspiration. But unfortunately, the purpose of this research is to use it to kill people, and I need tell you clearly that it is to kill a lot of people! But at the same time, it will also save a lot of people! So I don't agree with the second condition. You are only responsible for doing the research. How I use it is my business. You just need to tell me that if you want to do it or not!" Chu Yunsheng said calmly.

He needed to prepare the poison in advance. In the case when the castle of snowstorm wanted to attack this castle, he could poison the Skywalkers from the castle of Snowstorm.

Dori didn't expect Chu Yunsheng would give her reply this quick, he didn't even try to tell a lie to deceive her.

:" You are an honest man, and I like to work for an honest man, so I will do it..." Dori smiled and said.

:"This is not the main reason, right?..." Chu Yunsheng also smiled.

He already realised that what kind of woman Dori was. She was a type of woman who was full of idealism and moral value, so she definitely wants more. But Chu Yunsheng didn't really care.

Making toxins was only to solve his immediate need, it was just a type of preventative measures. Besides, any groups that had the same amount of manpower and resources as Jin Ling city probably have already started producing the toxins in the other places in the world, let alone the castle of Snowstorm.

This wasn't bound to be a unique secret, Chu Yunsheng just needed to make sure that he had this kind of toxins and he would not be affected. In terms of other usages such as to help the humanity or whatever the woman wanted to do, it would not be his business.

"But, I have to remind you one more thing, that Bentley person can not participate in this research." Chu Yunsheng remembered an incident that Edgar told him. So he did not trust that guy.

"Chamberlain, Bentley is a good candi... " Dori was trying to recommend him.

"Even if he was an Einstein, he is also not allowed to participate in this research, I am a cautious man, I don't want careless people to do such important thing. The decision has been made. No need to change it. You may leave now to prepare your stuff. I will ask Edgar to give you the sample and all the resources you need." Chu Yunsheng waved his hand to ask her to leave. He still had other things need to discuss with Edgar.

Dori was disappointed, but she did not want to carry on arguing. When she turned around and opened the door, a person suddenly rushed in. It was the slaveholder who just left not long ago. Dori was scared and instantly jumped aside like a timid rabbit.

"Why do you come back so quick?" Chu Yunsheng was confused to see Cao Zhengyi came back empty-handed.

"Chamberlain, I am sorry that I forgot about it, the gun you talked about is not in my hand. The general San took it." Cao Zhengyi said with a glum face. When he was thrown out of the room by Chu Yunsheng, his mind was filled with fear.

At that time, he did not even realise that the gun was not in his hand anymore. Only until when he was on his way home, did he realised that the gun was already taken away by the General San. he had no choice but came back to tell Chu Yunsheng this.

"General San? That fat guy?" Chu Yunsheng said?

Cao Zhengyi did not dare to call Fu Hanbiao a fat guy, so he just nodded his head slightly.

"Okay, i will ask him myself, you stay here for a second, I have other things need you to do." since this man came back to him, and Edgar was not familiar with the castle of raging fire, So he needed another man to assist Edgar, and this person was a perfect choice.

"The lord fire messenger needs to find some people, originally, there aren't any chances for you, but I can see that you are a good subordinate, so I am giving you an opportunity. However, I am not sure that if you can do it or not? " Chu Yunsheng said.

" I am happy to work for the lord fire messenger, and Grandpa you. It is my great honour! I can do it.... " Cao Zhengyi said excitedly.

"Don't answer me so quickly, if you get it done, that is a good thing, but if you failed it, then both you and me will be in deep trouble." Chu Yunsheng said.

"Grandpa, please be rest assured! I will do my best, and get it done perfectly. I'll make the fire messengers satisfied!" Cao Zhengyi eagerly wanted to establish a connection with the fire messenger, he needed to have someone from the top to have his back, and Chu Yunsheng just gave him a great opportunity. He even wished that Chu Yunsheng was his real grandpa.

"You need to find three people. the black man has their sketches. Let me tell you one secret, the black man was my informant in the castle of Snowstorm, now he came to this place, you two need to work together. Once the task is complete, I will ask the reward from the fire messenger for you guys. " Chu Yunsheng pointed at Edgar and lied.

"No need for reward.... No need for the reward... This is what I should do.... " Although Cao Zhengyi said this, he had already thought about what reward he wanted.

Finding three people in the castle of raging fire was too easy for him. Since the castle was constructed, he was already working here.

Of course, Cao Zhengyi also had this plans. He had never seen this old man in the castle before, his source told him that the old man just came to the castle yesterday and took over the control of the "palace".

He knew that the old man was here just by himself, and the reason why the old man needed him was probably that the old man needed someone to join him. Since the old man was very close to the fire messenger, so he was not hesitant to take any job that Chu Yunsheng gave to him.

When Cao Zhengyi left the room, he was still thinking about how he could "strengthen" his relationship with the old man, then he saw one of the gifts that he had prepared was standing in a corner outside of the room.

He quickly ran over and dragged the "gift" and said angrily:" I asked you to come here to serve the Grandpa, why are you staying here!"