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Chapter 264 where is the gun?

 Chapter 264 where is the gun?

Cao Zhengyi was a low-ranking slaveholder at the castle of raging fire, he was also a fire element skywalker. His name means "Justice" in Chinese, however, ironically, he was evil in his nature. If there are people want to "thank" this apocalypse, then Cao Zhengyi would be one of them.

He came from an unprivileged background, those middle classes white collars and beautiful city women would always look down on him. He was ashamed to even just walk into a KFC store, he felt like he didn't belong city.

But everything changed after the sun disappeared, he gained the incredible power that other people were dreaming of.

This power made his life become great, his social status was raising like a rocket from the bottom of society to the top of the social pyramid.

People who used to look down on him were like dogs wagging tails at him, all those pretty women from cities wanted to sleep with him....

He had never had such a right before. No one dared to offend him or make him unhappy, he could easily decide one's death; whenever he was interested in some girls, he could just take them away by force, by food, or exchange with other slaveholders. There was almost nothing he couldn't get.

He felt like he was in a dream, and he hoped that he would never wake up in the dream. This was the life he wanted, and this was the life he enjoyed.

Using his own words to describe it, it would be: it's my fucking day! Hahaha!

Before today, He was happy with his life, happy with how the world was. To be exact, only until he received a shocking news, he started to lose sleep. Even the slender girl who was in his arms also couldn't attract his attention.

In the entire evening, he was thinking about the consequences over and over again. The experience he had during the age of light taught him that some people should not be offended. Even he who did not receive a higher education also realised that the if he didn't do something to make up his mistake, his future would become miserable.

He was not concerned about the foreigners that he caught. After all, they were from the castle of Snowstorm, so he didn't do anything wrong. He was concerned about the chamberlain who asked him for those people. He shouldn't have asked him for food in exchange for those people.

At first, he thought that the new Chamberlain was just like Xiao Zhen. But only when he got the information last night, did he realised that the chamberlain who had asked him for those foreigners was promoted by the fire messenger!

Even the castellan was also planning to bribe the chamberlain.

It meant only one thing, which was that the chamberlain was the fire messenger's right-hand man!

Whenever Cao Zhengyi thought about this, he would lose all his courage. The fire messenger was like a god in the castle of raging fire, offended his right-hand man meant offended him.

How come he wouldn't be scared?

So since he couldn't sleep, he decided to get up early and carefully prepared a present for this Chamberlain, in order to make up his mistake.


Chu Yunsheng did not want to see Cao Zhengyi, he had so many things that he had not finished yet. However, if he wanted to get his gun back, he had to see him.

"Come in!" Chu Yunsheng said while adjusted his clothes. He sat on a chair and trying to find himself something to drink.

The door was pushed open, a person tumbled in then knelt down in front of him. It startled Chu Yunsheng.

"Chamberlain, I was drunk yesterday, I did not know it was you. You are a great person, please forgive a small-time people like me! Please!" Cao Zhengyi apologized while slapping his own face. From the clear sounds those slaps made, Chu Yunsheng could tell that it was not acting.

"Stand up and talk." Chu Yunsheng did not feel comfortable at slavery this kind of practice, so he asked Cao Zhengyi to stand up.

"Did you forgive me now?" Cao Zhengyi asked nervously.

"Where is the gun?" Chu Yunsheng got straight to the point.

"Gun?" at first Cao Zhengyi did not know what Chu Yunsheng was talking about, he was confused for a second, then thought Chu Yunsheng was using the word "gun" as a secret code for a bribe. So he said flattering:"oh..oh... one second, I have already prepared it..."

Cao Zhengyi stood up and shouted at outside:" quick...bring it in!" As long as the Chamberlain took the bribe, then everything will be over. Cao Zhengyi thought.

Two people responded nervously from outside, soon, two middle-aged men moved in a wooden box slowly and a girl who always bowed her head down walking cautiously behind them.

Probably the box was too heavy. When two men put down the box, it instantly made a loud noise in the room.

"Are you all want to die! Do you know where this place is?" Cao Zhengyi was not happy with the noise, he instantly slapped two men making them flying straight out of the room.

"Okay, enough, don't cause any trouble at my place. You can open the box now!" Chu Yunsheng just wanted to get the gun back, he did not want to deal with this man's problem.

"sure ...sure..." when facing Chu Yunsheng, Cao Zhengyi changed his angry expression from to happy face within a split second.

He then opened the box started to show Chu Yunsheng what's inside: rice, biscuit, noodles, stalt...." Cao Zhengyi was sure that that stuff would definitely make this Chamberlain happy...

However what he saw was that the chamberlain's face became more and more livid and it seemed like the chamberlain was trying to hold his anger!

Oh god, what did I do wrong this time! Cao Zhengyi's heart instantly dropped.

"Where is the gun!" Chu Yunsheng said coldly.

"Gun.... this not the "gun" you want?....look... here is the "bullet"...." Cao Zhengyi started to sweat. He quickly pulled over the girl behind the huge wooden box and showed Chu Yunsheng which "bullet" he was talking about.

"Huh! Slaveholder Cao, are you trying to get more food from me? Is this what this you mean? " Chu Yunsheng snorted. :"do you know whose gun is it?"

"Ah!?" Cao Zhengyi was scared, he quickly shook his head and swore:" Chamberlain, Grandpa, please don't mock me, if I really have that kind of thoughts, you can use me to feed those insects! "

"Then, where is the gun?" Chu Yunsheng stood up, walked toward him and stared into his eyes.

Only now did Cao Zhengyi realised that he misunderstood the Chamberlain. He could not stop himself from sweating, however, he still did not know what gun Chu Yunsheng was talking about, so he carefully asked:"Chamberlain, what gun exactly you want? If I have it, I will definitely send it to you....",

"The gun that the black man had, he told me that you got it. Don't tell me that you don't know anything about it." Chu Yunsheng walked one step forward. Cao Zhengyi instinctively walked back one step in the panic:" if you don't want to hand it over... just want to remind you that, if I tell the fire messager about this, you know what will happen. right?

Cao Zhengyi finally understood what he was talking, so he immediately replied in the panic:" I will get that for you right now....."

Cao Zhengyi was almost scared the soul out of his body, he did not realise that a simple gun would cause so much trouble.

"Then why are you still staying here! Go get it now!" Chu Yunsheng picked him up and threw him out of the room. It just happened when Edgar and his friend walked over.

Probably both of them were scared by Cao Zhengyi, so when they saw Cao Zhengyi was thrown outside the room, they immediately stepped back and were about to ran away.

But then Edgar realised that Mr.Lennon was inside the room, so he quickly dragged the girl into the room.

"You have not eaten?" Looking at Edgar was swallowing very hard while looking at the book in the box, Chu Yunsheng asked. :"if you want to eat it, do it yourself, I don't have time to serve you."

Edgar let out a hollow laugh and said:" I have not eaten for a couple of meals now....."

"you can leave now." Chu Yunsheng looked at the woman who was brought over by Cao Zhengyi and said.

"Mr.L...." Edgar suddenly realized that he was about to expose Chu Yunsheng's real identity, so he quickly changed.:"Chamberlain, can Dori have some as well?"

"You can decide, don't ask me for this kind of small thing. What is the result, does she want to work for me?" Chu Yunsheng asked.