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Chapter 263 the worst case scenario

 Chapter 263 the worst case scenario

Chapter 263 the worst case scenario

:"A woman?" Chu Yunsheng was confused:" what woman?"

With his limited understanding of the cloaked man, This alien was extremely contemptuous of humanity. To it, humans were no different than animals. How could it possibly want a Human woman?

:" A Korean woman, slaveholder Wang said that the fire messenger had seen her before, and also complimented her beauty. When general San got the information, he immediately sent her over." Xiao Zhen answered the question from outside.

Korean woman? Seen her before?

:"Oh, that Korean star?" Chu Yunsheng suddenly realised who that person was.

It was the person he saw when he was trying crossing the mountain to go to the creep area.

:"Yes grandpa Yuan." Xiao Zhen answered.

:" I need to rest, we will talk about that tomorrow!" Chu Yunsheng said. Then he said to Edgar

:" You can also leave now, ask Xiao Zhen to arrange a place for you, then bring that Dori to see me tomorrow morning." Chu Yunsheng patted Edgar's shoulder and said.

Edgar did not dare to disrupt Chu Yunsheng's break, so he quickly walked out the room. Only when he was at outside, did he just realise that he forgot to ask Mr.Lennon how he ended up with that look.

Mr.Lennon was indeed a superman, everything is possible to him..... Looking at two of his friends were still nervously waiting outside the room, he thought.

Chu Yunsheng wanted to carry on his bath, but when he tested the water, it was already turned cold. He took out the cloaked man flame sword and inserted it into the barrel then started to infuse energy into the sword, the water was boiled within a few seconds.

Taking off the clothes, getting into the barrel, Chu Yunsheng put his both hands on the side of the barrel started to enjoy the bath. The comfortable water temperature made his whole body muscles relaxed.

Soon Chu Yunsheng felt into asleep without even realising it.

Probably his body was affected by the hot water, or maybe he had not had a sex for a very long time, or maybe there were some other kinds of reasons, the strange "force" inside his body started to grow fast...

The room and the barrel of hot water were already disappeared, what Chu Yunsheng saw was a naked girl sleeping on a wooden bed, and the girl looks so familiar to him. However, he could not be sure.

Just when the urge kept growing to a point that he almost lost the control of himself, the back of his head suddenly seemed to be hit by someone, he instantly turned around to look behind his back in anger. But what he saw shocked him again, it was his father. "Yunsheng, what time is it now, why do you even have time to think this, you auntie's family is in danger, why don't you spend more time trying to find out where they are... " his father said in a disappointed tone.

He wanted to explain, but when he just opened his mouth, something suddenly flowed into his mouth, then his father disappeared. Then one red and one white, two demons appeared, they grinned evilly while slowly dragged him into the deep and dark abyss, he could not breathe, and the more he struggled, the more he felt like he was suffocating, he was dragged deeper and deeper into the abyss, until he saw a group of monster was chasing and touching his auntie's family.....

He panicked and instantly stood up....

"Cough Cough....."

Chu Yunsheng stood up from the barrel and spat out the water in his mouths, his was breathing quickly trying to get more oxygen.

Another dream? Chu Yunsheng was awake. He wiped off the water on his face. Then, he suddenly discovered something.

He remembered that when he was blocking the cloaked man's attack, his right arm was injured by the cloaked man's flame sword, and it left a long scar on it.

He knew that the wound would eventually recover by Rong Yuan body, however, he was surprised that the new skin appeared in the wounded area was much tender than his old skin in the other areas. It was definitely not the skin that the old man should have.

Is it possible that after breaking through the third stage of transformation, the body was trying to get back to his original status? If that is really what is happening right now, then it means that my life is coming back!

Chu Yunsheng was relieved, if he could choose, he would rather have a young body than an old one. Although he could still live with the old body, it was very strange to him.

But then he thought about the dream again. Although he did not want to think about what might happen to the Jin Ling city, if Jin Ling city really lost its defence in the insect's world, then the situation would be much worse than what happened in his dream.

He had to find out those candidates and leave his place as soon as possible! Chu Yunsheng thought......


In next day before the hazy shimmer appeared in the sky, Chu Yunsheng was surprised to see that the first person arrived at outside his room was not Edgar nor Xiao Zhen, it was the slaveholder who wanted to burn Edgar...

He was here to apologize.....