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Chapter 262 in this world, who else could it be?

 Chapter 262 in this world, who else could it be?

Edgar swore that he did not know the old man in front of him, and he had never seen the old man before. However, those eyes that the old man had were so familiar.

He did not really know that if he still had any value to this old man. It seemed like apart from Mr.Lennon's secret, all he had was the secret of the roaring flame gun.

"Sit." Chu Yunsheng pointed at a chair on the side and said.

Edgar was both confused and nervous. Although he did not know what the old man wanted from him, he knew that the old man in front of him could easily get him killed.

"You don't recognize me anymore?" Chu Yunsheng instinctively took out a bag of cigarette and started to lit it up. He had not smoked a cigarette for a long time, because there wasn't much of it in his storage talisman.

Edgar was extremely nervous, he only sat on the edge of the chair and shook his head.

"I don't blame you, I could not even recognize myself." Chu Yunsheng let out a hollow laugh. Then he carried on:"I think, apart from me, there is no one in this shitty place would want to save you, right?" Chu Yunsheng puffed out a cloud of smoke from his cigarette and said. Probably he had not been smoking the cigarette for a long time. so when the smoke went into his lungs, it made him felt a little bit dizzy.

Edgar instantly raised his head looking at Chu Yunsheng that old wrinkled face with an unbelievable expression all over his face. Then two images started to slowly overlap with each other in his mind....

No...No...No way.... Edgar's heart was pounding rapidly.

"Still didn't recognize me?" Chu Yunsheng said. The information he got from the slaveholder who was in charge of Edgar's execution indicated that Edgar did not betray him. Although he did not know that why a timid man would do this for him, he was deeply touched by Edgar's loyalty.

"Maybe this will refresh your memory!" Chu Yunsheng put down the cigarette slowly then stood up. A streamlined green armour instantly appeared around him!

Who else would wear this kind of battle armour in this world? Who else would hold this powerful green sword in this world? And who else would save him from danger again and again?

Edgar's eye instantly turned red, and tears quickly ran down from his face. Suddenly he slipped down from the edge of the chair and sat down on the ground. He wanted to say so many things, however, all the words were stuck in his throat, he could not bring himself to say it!

"Recognize me now?" Chu Yunsheng deactivated the armour and slowly sat down. He was tired, both physically and mentally.

Edgar wanted to control his feeling, however, no matter how hard he tried, he still couldn't hold it back. Chu Yunsheng knew this kind of feeling, a feeling of sudden relief and the eruption of emotions. He had experienced it before, but he hated this kind of feeling, because it almost made him lost his mind.

"Stop crying...." Chu Yunsheng kicked Edgar and raised his voice:" You are a grown-up man who has also experienced life and death situations so many times. Why are you still acting like this? Stand up and talk! "

Edgar could not describe his feeling at this moment, but there was one thing he knew for sure, it was that he was finally safe! He could not feel any strength in both of this legs, so he had to use both hands to help himself to get on the chair and then wiped off the tears on his face.

:"I'm sorry, Mr.Lennon, I made a mistake, I could not hold on until you come back...." Edgar said after he calmed down.

"It has already happened, and you can not correct the mistakes. Let me ask you, when is the last time you saw Tan Ning, how is she?" Chu Yunsheng did not want to blame Edgar, it has already passed, he did not want to spend time criticizing someone's mistakes.

"I have not seen her for several days now, since last time the divine realm opened, the castle of Snowstorm was constantly arresting people, so many people were put in the prison in the inner castle, Tan was arrested at that time, I wanted to help her, but I could not defeat that many people...... " Edgar explained.

"I already knew about that, she should be safe at the moment, but that's not what I am asking, I am asking that before she was arrested, was she ok?" Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and said.

"Before that?....Jiang helped us a lot, although we don't have much food, we could still survive....." Edgar did not know what Chu Yunsheng wanted to know, so he was telling him everything he could remember.

"Thank you. You can take good rest tonight and don't worry about this place now, I have already taken over the control of this castle. Tomorrow I have other things need you to do. By the way, how did you end up here? " after getting the information of Tan Ning from Edgar, Chu Yunsheng was relieved, so he asked other questions instead.

"Mr.Lennon, it was the mistake I was talking about..." Edgar sighed.

"What happened?" Chu Yunsheng was curious. What would make a timid man come out?

"you probably already saw two people that were with me today, one of them is my colleague Dori back in the USA, Her father was my former supervisor, and our family also have a very good relationship. I didn't expect that she was still alive. I met her in the prison in the castle of Snowstorm, but she was an ordinary man, didn't have any power." Edgar said then took over a cup of water that Chu Yunsheng passed to him.

After taking a sip of water to reduce the discomfort, he carried on:" when the castle of Snowstorm was under attack, Jiang and I separately took a few students and attempted to find a place to find to avoid the attack. You know what would happen to us if we were caught by the people here.

Then, A slaveholder found me. At first, he wanted to take away my students, I used the roaring flame gun you gave me to defeat their attacks a few times. But there were too many of them, we were forced to move back into a small house.

The slaveholder was scared of the power of the gun, so he only asked two foreigners in exchange for the freedom of the students. Only after I got here, did I realize that because foreigners are very rare in the castle of raging fire, so they could be used to exchange for more good.....

Dori agreed their conditions, and came out voluntarily... after I settle the students down... I was worried about Dori's safety, so I completely forgot about what you reminded me. I went after those people who took Dori away. But they ambushed me, then I was caught and they also took the gun away!"

"Do you know where the gun is now?" Chu Yunsheng asked.

:"Probably the slaveholder has it." Edgar said.

:" Okay, I'll deal with this."Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows and said.

:"Then, what happened next, why they want to burn you?" Chu Yunsheng asked while trying to find a way to get the gun back.

:"like me, Dori is also a biologist, she is an expert in the study of plants. While she was taken away from the castle of Snowstorm, she secretly used the poison she made out of those spore plants to make herself look like she was going die.

Who knows that the slaveholder was both scared that the virus was going to spread and unwilling to kill us because they had spent so much effort on us. So they used our lives to set up the bet in order to get their "losses" back."

Edgar said with dismay, originally he thought it was a good idea, but no one expected that those people from the castle of raging fire would do this instead. So the consequence was that they dug their own grave.

:"Biologist?" Chu Yunsheng was surprised. :" how good is she compare to the lecture Bi?"

:" From the level of expertise, Dori is much better than him, Mr.Lennon, I am not exaggerating, Dori graduated from a top university in the USA...." Edgar said confidently.

But Chu Yunsheng immediately interrupted him:" I'm not interested in what university she graduated from. Ask her that if she wants to work for me."

:"Of course she will!" Edgar said excitedly.

Since day one he worked with Chu Yunsheng, he knew that whoever worked with him would have a lot of benefits!

:" Then go and ask. Also, you need to rest early today. From tomorrow, you will need to search someone in the castle for me!" Chu Yunsheng said.

Suddenly Xiao Zhen's voice appeared at outside the door:" Grandpa Yuan, General San sent a woman as a gift to the fire messenger, do you want to take a look?"

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