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Chapter 261 Meet with Edgar again.

 Chapter 261 Meet with Edgar again.

The yellow mountain area was not big. Since Chu Yunsheng came to this place, he had never heard of the second black man. So if that person was not Edgar, who else it could be?

Although Chu Yunsheng did not know why a timid guy would end up here, he could not let him die when he could easily save him. Besides, he still needed Tan Ning's information from him. Moreover, Edgar was with him for a period of time after Jin Ling city disappeared, he could be considered as a friend that Chu Yunsheng could trust at that time.

:"Take me to the place where you burn people!" Chu Yunsheng ordered, then he realised that they just saw his scars, he instantly frowned.

While two young men were still stunned by Chu Yunsheng's scares, Xiao Zhen already came back from the shock, she quickly pushed one of the young men next to her and said:" what are you two still waiting here for, take Grandpa Yuan to see it."

She then got into the room and brought Chu Yunsheng some clothes and said:" Grandpa Yuan, it's cold outside."

Chu Yunsheng put his clothes on and realised that he had another problem. Those three people just saw his reaction, if the black man was indeed Edgar, and if he saved him, those three people would definitely report this to their castellan.

So before he could figure out how to cover this, he needed to make them stay with him.

"You three follow me, don't go anywhere!" Chu Yunsheng said with a strong tone.

Two young men did not have any problem with it, but Xiao Zhen seemed to have a little problem. :" Grandpa Yuan, but I need to look after the fire messenger, can I not go?" she said.

"No, everyone has to go, the fire messenger has slept already, so don't worry about that." Chu Yunsheng said resolutely.

Three people were dazed again, how did this old man know that the fire messenger has slept already?

"I am scared to see those scenes of burning people alive..." Xiao Zhen knitted her brows and said.

:"You have to go! You will get used to it! Let's go!" Chu Yunsheng said straight away and then ask them to lead the way.


The place where they burn people was not in the centre of the castle, it was at the North corner of the castle.

At the moment, the place was already ablaze with light and noisy with voices.

Gazing from a distance, it seemed like they already lit up the fire. Chu Yunsheng was extremely worried, so he instantly speeded up.

:" Move out the way, move! Are you all blind! move out the way for the Chamberlain!" two young men shouted behind the crowd. Following behind them were Xiao Zhen and Chu Yunsheng.

:"What Chamberlain? Since when we have that?" Although those people didn't know what role the chamberlain was, they knew those two young men. So no one dared to confront them, everyone whispered secretly and moved out of the way.

Chu Yunsheng had a very good eyesight, when he was still far away from the centre, he was already able to see what was in the middle of the crowd by looking over people's heads.

Three metal pillars were stood up in the middle of the crowd and they were surrounded by a circle of fire. There were two males and one female being tied up on the metal pillars, the one that in the middle was Edgar.

": Shit! It really is him." Chu Yunsheng cursed.


Edgar was about to lose his hope. He didn't know why he would end up like this, everything seemed to go so well when he was with Mr.Lennon, but when he left him, it just went straight downhill.

It was not that he didn't want to say Mr.Lennon was Chu Yunsheng. It was that even if he told them that, he still would not be able to help them to find Chu Yunsheng, let alone that if they were going to believe him.

People would most likely treat his words as the last struggle before his death. So he gave up the Idea of telling other people everything he knew about Chu Yunsheng.

:"Mr.Lennon, where are you?" He murmured.

:"Edgar, you said someone will come to save us, where are they? We don't have much time left!" A blonde young man who was to the right of Edgar complained to Edgar in English.

:" He will be back, he definitely will! He said..." Edgar murmured again as if he was reciting some kind of incantations. However, he had already lost his confidence.

:" Just give up, May the Lord bless us and save us from this evil land...." The young man began to pray silently.

"I'm sorry, Edgar, It's all because of me and Bentley, otherwise, you... "a beautiful white girl to Edgar's left said guiltily.

:"No, Dori. It was because I didn't follow his instructions, I didn't hold back...." Edgar regretted, but there was nothing he could do to correct his mistake.

Suddenly Two warriors who dressed in red begun to slowly walk towards them with fire torches.

The faces of Edgar and other two young people instantly turned pale. Burning people alive should only exist in the history book. However, it was going to happen to them!

Edgar raised his head to take a last look at the dark sky then closed his eyes. If Mr.Lennon was going to save him, he was definitely coming with scary green shells from the sky, but there was nothing in the sky, nothing... he finally accepted his fate.

But then he didn't hear any sound of wood burning, instead, he heard someone was climbing up the pile of wood below him.

Huh!? Edgar felt strange, then he opened his eyes.

:" Hey black egg, you have some dog-shit lucks today. Do you know what dog-shit luck is? Look at you all stupid faces, I bet you don't know what that is. Anyway, I'll tell you, someone wants to see you, so we are not going to burn you!"

:"Really?!" Before Edgar said anything, Bentley asked in a surprised tone.

:"WTF, you don't believe it? Or you rather die!" The red-cloaked Skywalker cut the rope and spat on the wood below him.

:' God! It's real. That's great! Dori, Dori.. we..." Bentley shouted excitedly. But then he was immediately punched by a red-cloaked Skywalker.

:" Motherfucker, you made me lose a half sausage, so shut the fuck up and follow me to see the Chamberlain!"


The conversation between the person who was in charge of the execution and Chu Yunsheng was Very simple. Chu Yunsheng just used some food to exchange for those three so-called slaves.

The person who was in charge of the execution didn't know who Chu Yunsheng was. Although he knew Xiao Zhen and other two young men, he just thought that Chu Yunsheng was only a level higher than Xiao Zhen. To him no matter how high Chu Yunsheng's position was, it was not going to be higher than the castellan, so he didn't give Chu Yunsheng any face. He demanded some food before he could release those "slaves".

Chu Yunsheng also didn't want to waste time talking to him. If he could just use food to solve a problem, then he would be happy to do it.


Edgar and other two people were still confused when they stood outside the palace. They didn't know that what exactly the chamberlain want from them.

Same as them, Xiao Zhen and two young men also didn't know why the Chamberlain want to gather them in the room.

Chu Yunsheng didn't talk to Edgar straight away. He wanted to deal with those three spies first.

:" I'm an old man, so I don't like to beat around the bush, I know the castellan must have asked you three to keep eye on me. But since you are working for me now, you need to understand that who is feeding you!" Chu Yunsheng looked at them one by one and carried on:

"There is only one person who is feeding you all, and that person is the fire messenger! I am an old man, so I am only responsible for the fire messenger's daily life, I am not interested in the power struggle in the castle. But if any one of you dare to tell anyone what happened today, no matter who you are telling to, it will all be considered as leaking out the fire messenger secret! And you all should know how bad the consequence will be. No one will be able to protect you!

Everyone here is smart, you know what I meant." Chu Yunsheng said while brought a the cloaked man's long sword and stabbed into the ground.,

Xiao Zhen and other two people instantly changed their expression!

They were not scared that If Chu Yunsheng was going to kill them. It was the sword that shocked them. How could the old man have the fire messenger's sword? How was that possible?

The only one possibility was that the fire messenger trusted the Grandpa Yuan more than the castellan!

In the entire castle, if they offended the castellan, the fire messenger could save them, but if they offended the fire messenger, then the castellan would not dare to say anything!

"You may leave and bring in the black man now." Chu Yunsheng said then sat down.

Three people left with shock, fear and panic.

"The Chamberlain is asking for you." Xiao Zhen walked towards Edgar and said absently. Her mind was still filled with the words Chu Yunsheng said....

Edgar looked at the girl with confusion then pushed the door open.

In the room, a strange old man was looking at him from bottom to up.