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Chapter 260 Burn humans

 Chapter 260 Burn humans

:" Does it?" Chu Yunsheng was alerted. However, with a bad visibility condition and extremely critical situation, he didn't think Lei Ming would remember his appearance when he was playing dead in the corridor in the castle of Snowstorm.

So he just replied casually:" probably every old man looks the same."

:" Grandpa, how old are you!?" Lei Ming asked casually. But he didn't seem to be interested the answer that the old man was going to give him.

:"Almost 70, but who has time to remember the years now? We are just living day by day." Chu Yunsheng responded.

:"sigh! indeed it isn't an easy life now." Lei Ming sighed. No one knew if he was talking about the old man or himself.

"I am lucky, if it were not the lord fire messenger, I would not have been able to live to this day." Chu Yunsheng ambiguously replied his relation with the fire messenger. He had already planned to keep his identity as obscure and as mysterious as possible. No one would dare to ask the fire messenger about his identity, and it would also be easy for him to handle any problems in the future.

:"Didn't expect that grandpa would have this kind relation with the lord fire messenger, no wonder why the lord fire messenger would ask you to manage the "palace". You are a wise old man, and the fire messenger is the hope of our castle, so please take care of this place." Lei Ming said.

Lei Ming was a smart man, he knew that there was definitely something else that the old man didn't tell him. However, he didn't want to ask. Because he knew that the fire messenger wouldn't tell him either.

Besides, the lord fire messenger didn't remove him from the castellan's position, so it meant that he was still useful to the fire messenger. To him, an old man wouldn't be a threat to his position at all. So he just randomly said something, but it confused everyone there.

:"I'll try my best, please don't worry, castellan." Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and said.


Lei Ming three brothers didn't stay at the palace for long, they left together shortly after the Fire messenger felt. On the way out of the palace, the third brother Fu Hanbiao also took another secretary peek at Chu Yunsheng again.

:"Elder brother, who is that guy?" The youngest brother Lao San was an impatient man. When he just got out the door. He immediately asked loudly.

:" lower your voice!" said by Lao Er Luo Hengshen. He knitted his brows and pulled Lao San aside, then carried on:" we don't know where he came from, but it's the first time that I saw the fire messenger can trust someone so much, it is very strange. "

:"An old man, not a threat." Although Lei Ming said it, he also felt strange. He was sure that he had seen the old man before, but he still couldn't remember from which place exactly. :" Ask Xiao Yan to check this man's background, and ask around to see if anyone know this man. At least, we need to find out if this man is from local or outside."

"That's easy, we don't have cameras, but we have an old sketch artist, just ask him to come to take a look. That old man won't be able to notice anything." Lao Er nodded his head and said.

:"Brothers, I think we don't need to go through that many troubles, we just need to send someone to watch him, or we can make it even simpler which is to bribe him to join us. If he joined us, sooner or later he will tell us all the secrets he had." said by Fu Hanbiao whose weight was 200kg.

He then raised his right hand with open palm and fingers closed. :"If he really doesn't know how to behave, or doesn't want to join us, we just find some to associate him. There is really no need to waste time talking about it!" he carried on while swinging his hand as if he was swinging a sword.

:"Brother San, stop messing around!" Luo Hengshen thought that the first part of his brother's Idea was actually quite reasonable, so he carried on listening to what his youngest brother was about to say. However. He didn't expect that the second part of the Idea was completely reckless.

:" If you are scared, I'll find someone else to do it!" Fu Hanbiao curled his lip and said.

:"Brother San, are you stupid. Is there any difference when you ask someone else to do it?...." Luo Hengshen glared at Fu Hanbiao and said.

:" Okay, you two stop! Just use the first part of Lao San's plan first. We need to have men next to the fire messenger, we can not tolerate anyone who says any bad words about us! Ask those people who originally served the fire messenger to watch out for the old man, make sure that the old man doesn't do anything that would harm our positions. It isn't easy for us to get those three places, I don't want to lose it just because of an old man." Lei Ming adjusted his clothes and carried on:"

:" Everyone has weaknesses, some like food, some like women, some like power..... Lao Er, you are in charge of this, it would be great If he accepts the bribe, otherwise, it really makes me worry..."

"Elder brother, do you want to think about it again. Once we start it, there will be no way back. This old man was brought back by the fire messenger! Since we were here, have you ever seen the fire messenger brought back any other person before?" Luo Hengshen was still concerned.

:"I know the consequence, he might not be that important to the fire messenger as we think. Just do it!" Lei Ming let out a long sigh and said:" tell Lao Wang to send that Korean girl to the fire messenger now, let's see the response from the fire messenger first."


Chu Yunsheng didn't have any spare time and energy to think about what those three brothers might be planning to do. After they left the palace, he found himself a quiet place to nurse his Rong Yuan body.

In order to prevent the castle of Snowstorm from attacking the castle of raging fire, he didn't spend much time in creep area to recover himself.

All the places on his body that were hit by the cloaked man's flame blade still suffering the intense burning pain. Although Rong Yuan body had the ability to recover itself, the acute burning pain was almost unbearable.

With energy quickly flow into his body from an absorption talisman, Chu Yunsheng immersed himself in this type of subtle micro-world while Rong Yuan body started to speed up recovering itself.

:" Just leave it here." Suddenly a girl whispered at outside the door.

Chu Yunsheng had a very sensitive hearing, So He immediately opened his eyes. Then the girl's voice appeared at outside again:" Grandpa Yuan, the hot water you asked is ready, would you like me to bring it in now?" the girl asked carefully.

"Come in." Chu Yunsheng adjusted his clothes and said.

Chu Yunsheng didn't use other fake names this time. The first reason was that he came from the castle of Snowstorm, so sooner or later someone would be able to find out who he was. Using other fake names would only make him look more suspicious; the second reason was that he had too many fake names, he even confused himself sometimes.

The girl outside the door called herself Xiao Zhen. Originally, she was the one who took care of the fire messenger daily life. However, she also didn't get to see the fire messenger many times. Every time when she tried to serve the food, the fire messenger would ask her to leave the food at a specific place, then if it needed the food, it would get the food by itself...

Chu Yunsheng was surprised when he heard this. So those aliens also need food.

Then two young men slowly moved in a big barrel of hot water with difficulty. The steam of the water was visible in the light that was given out by the fire torches in the room.

:"Just leave it there.' Chu Yunsheng pointed at a place in the room and said. He left the tomb in a hurry. The physical injuries in his body had not been properly handled. Although there was water in the storage talisman, he did not really want to use cold water to wash the body. That was why he needed a barrel of hot water.

Chu Yunsheng was both shocked and amazed by the power of the cloaked man's flame blade. Although he had three layers of protection, the fierce sword energy from the flame blade still infiltrated his protection and made many wounds on his body!

Luckily Rong Yuan body had already stopped the wound from bleeding, otherwise, he would have to deal with infection as well.

"Grandpa Yuan..." Xiao Zhen looked at Chu Yunsheng emotionlessly and said in a quiet voice.

:"Huh? What's wrong? ... oh right, thank you all." Chu Yunsheng was thinking about how to find the other three candidates in the castle of raging fire, so he didn't pay attention to the girl.


However, He wasn't familiar with the castle of raging fire, he needed someone to guide him. But the girl in front of him was clearly working for Lei Ming, so he could not ask her.

"Would you like me to arrange some women to serve you?" she said calmly as if she had been arranging this kind of thing so many times. However, she seemed to be too young to do this kind of thing.

"Do you think the old man like me still have the ability to do it?" Chu Yunsheng smiled and said, he did not answer her question directly. Instead, he threw the question back to her.

"Then, we will be waiting outside, please enjoy your bath, if you need anything just give us a shout. " Xiao Zhen still did not have any expression on her face.

After they left the room, Chu Yunsheng quickly took off the clothes and jumped into the barrel. But before he could actually enjoy the bath, he heard the people whispered at outside again.

"Sister Xiao Zhen, Grandpa will probably take some time to finish the bath, can we have a short break. We just want to take a peak. " the voice belonged to two young men.

"Psycho! They are burning people, there is nothing good to look at. The castellan told us to serve the Grandpa Yuan well! " the voice belonged to Xiao Zhen.

"Sister Xiao Zhen, but I have heard that this time is burning foreigners, there is also a black man!"

"Still, there is nothing good to look at! Even they are foreigners......" before Xiao Zhen could finish talking, the door was suddenly pulled open and a half-naked old man rushed out of the room. The old man's top half of body was covered with sword wounds.

It instantly shocked three people outside the door.

How many time was this old man injured? How did he get so many sword wounds?