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Chapter 259 Grandpa, you look very familiar

 Location: Castle of raging fire.

Inside a well-built and spacious room, a cloud of cigarette smoke swirled. Three men with overcast faces were sitting silently on a luxury sofa. Next to them was a tea table, and there was a pack of cigarette on top of it. The package of the cigarette was crumpled, and there only a few cigarettes left inside.

"Elder brother. Is it possible that the fire messenger is.....? " a fat man who was at least weight 200kg broke the silent. He seemed to be very worried.

"No!" the castellan of the raging fire Lei Ming suddenly clenched his fists and stopped the fat man, the cigarette which was in between his fingers was instantly broken into half, and his eyes glinted with anger. His left hand was injured by the ice race's flying machine during the escape. If he did not dodge in time, he would have lost his arm.

"But elder brother, Lao San's worry was reasonable. In this kind of situation, no matter what happened, the fire messenger should have been back by now. What if the castle of snowstorm attacked us, we won't be able to defeat them, this place is at least the foundation of its force." Said by a skinny man who was sitting next to Lei Ming. He was wearing a pair a glasses and a clean suit, in this chaotic world, it was very strange to see someone dressed like this. He adjusted his glasses and carried on:" something must have happened!"

Lei Ming didn't respond to him immediately, he was using his fingers to tap the tea table for a while then said:" no matter what happened to it, we can't panic!"

Lao Er and Lao San looked at each other for a second then looked at Lei Ming and nodded their head.

:" It wasn't easy for us to get to this far. Surviving is already difficult in this dark world, having a place to stay is even harder, everyone is extremely careful with every step forward. Because no one knows what's in front of them.

Think about how we got to this place. Without the fire messenger, those who are enslaved by us will definitely seize the opportunity to rebel. we have offended too many people. we don't have any chance to surrender ourselves. if that really happens, death is what's waiting for us...." Lei Ming said sternly to the only two people who he could trust. He seemed to be unusually calm at the moment.

The fat man Lao San was still shocked, but Lao Er who was wearing the glasses already realised what his brother was trying to say, he had already broken out into a cold sweat:" elder brother, you want to impersonate...."

Lei Ming nodded his head and stopped Lao Er:" yes, the castle needs the fire messenger, no one has seen the face of the fire messenger, and no one dares to question it. So we are safe at the moment."

"Who?" Lao San simply asked.

Lei Ming looked at him and said:" we haven't reached that point yet, the fire messenger probably will come back soon, I am just giving you two a heads up, so you two are prepared."

Then he said to the skinny man:" Lao Er you are the most meticulous amongst us three. You personally pick some reliable people and find us a secret place, we need to start transferring the food. We need to plan for the worst, the impersonation won't be able to last long."

:"okay brother, it's our livelihood, I'll make sure that nothing unexpected happens!" Lao Er said sternly.

"I trust you." Lei Ming patted his shoulder and said. Then he turned to the fat man and rebuked him:" Lao San, only we know that you are the strongest amongst us. With this thing happened, everyone will only know about me, so restrain yourself! Don't tell anyone about your ability, including those women who you are sleeping with! We are relying on you to deal with the women from the castle of Snowstorm!"

" Elder brother, don't worry, I might be reckless, but I won't treat this one lightly, I'll not cause any trouble to you." The fat man Lao San said sternly.

:" It's not that I like to criticize you, but you really should spend less time on playing those women. Look what did this time, we had asked you to protect our castle, but when we escaped from the castle of snowstorm, you were still in the bed with those women?! Do you know that we almost died, and if the castle of snowstorm counterattack us right after we retreated, we would be all dead!" Lei Ming was glaring at the fat man and said angrily.

:"Sorry brothers, I know this thing is bad, but I only have this hobby, besides the world already became like this, apart from doing that thing what else can we do?" Although they said that Lao San was the strongest, it seemed like he was still scared of Lei Ming.

"As long as we have food, we will not be sort of women, do you still not understand this!? And there is one thing I have to tell you. Do not even think about touching the Korean that Lao Wang brought back, Lao Wang said that the fire messenger also said she is pretty. We all don't know what that means, but don't try to do something stupid! Do you understand!" Lao Er was also very worried that one day this brother would cause a huge trouble for them.

"Brother Er, you have told me hundreds of times, I know that I'm Lustful, but I am not stupid. I know what to do!" Lao Er argued.

:'You call that lustful? You are indulging...." Lao Er wanted to carry on saying something, but he was interrupted by Lei Ming.

:"Enough Lao Er, I think he still knows what's important, and what's not. You can carry on arranging your documents and Lao San, you need to spend more time studying the cultivation method that the fire messenger taught you, otherwise if the fire messenger comes back and finds out that you have no improvement, we will be useless to it."


A few hours after the retreat, the castle of raging fire was still as quiet as usual. However, the tension in the entire castle was increasing every second as the time passed by. The news about the failure of the attack was spread like wildfire, many people who were not happy with the slavery were secretly preparing to rebel in the dark....

The sky was still very dark as if all the stars were dead. The castle of raging fire had temporarily prohibited people to walk outside of their houses.

However, on a quiet and empty street of the castle of raging fire, there were some clear and quick-paced footsteps.

From the direction of the disappearance of the footsteps, it seemed like someone was running towards the mansion at the end of the street.

As a person entered the mansion, the person instantly heard a man's heavy panting sound and women's seductive moaning sound.

"General San? General San?....." a shaking voice appeared outside the door where the moaning sounds came from.

"Motherfu**..... Don't you know that I am busy now? If there is anything, report it to me tomorrow, now, fu** off, if you dare to stay one second longer... I will kill you!" the fat man Fù Hànbiāo was furious, he was just about to reach the climax of sexual excitement. But it was all ruined by the guy who shouted at outside his door.

"General San, even if you want to kill me, I still have to say it, otherwise the castellan will also kill me! The castellan needs you to have an audience with the fire messenger now!" the man outside the door seemed to be very scared, however, he still did not leave.

"What! The fire messenger came back!?" Fu Hanbiao was shocked. As he was suddenly scared by the news, his thighs and buttocks instantly tighten. "Shit..." as he shouted, the woman below him also let out a long moan.

"That's what they told me, are you alright?" said by the man outside the door.

"Fu**, get me the clothes, where are my clothes? Why the fuck don't you said it earlier!" Fu Hanbiao cursed.


When Fu Hanbiao finally arrived at a palace-like building, Lei Ming and his second brother were already talking to the fire messenger. From their expression, Fu Hanbiao understood that his brothers were finally relieved.

"Lord fire messenger!" Fu Hanbiao quickly stepped forward and knelt down, this was the "rules" of the castle of raging fire, it applied to everyone.

"Brother Er, who is that man?" fire messenger didn't like to talk to people, so Fu Hanbiao was already used to it. After greeting the fire messenger, He quietly moved to the side to stand next to his second brother Luō Héngshēn and asked him silently.

"He was brought back by the fire messenger, don't say anything, just listen! " Luo Hengshen said. He did not change his expression nor made any movement.

Fu Hanbiao was late, when he arrived, the conversation between the fire messenger and his elder brother was almost finished. All he heard was that the fire messenger told them coldly that he was tired, and everything would be handled by the old man. Then the fire messenger left the place without explaining anything.


The reason why Chu Yunsheng wanted to enter the castle of raging fire was very simple. From the only few of the cloaked man's memory fragments that could be decoded by Min, Chu Yunsheng knew that there was only one cloaked man in the castle of raging fire.

So if he wanted to save the candidates that had been captured by the cloaked man, it would be very easy for him. However, if he really did it. It would cause more damage than benefit.

The first problem would be that he had nowhere to keep the candidates safe. He couldn't go back to the castle of Snowstorm, and the creep area was definitely not an ideal location.

Not only that, if he used force to bring them out of the castle of raging fire, or the clock man didn't return to the castle of raging fire, those spies from the castle of snowstorm would definitely know that something happened to the fire messenger and the balance between the two castles would definitely be broken.

On the other hand, if he impersonated the fire messenger, not only he had a safe location he keep the candidates, but he would also be able to make the entire castle of raging fire to work for him to rescue the rest of candidates from the castle of Snowstorm.

In the entire plan, who was going to impersonate the cloaked man had become a problem for Chu Yunsheng for a while.

Originally he wanted to impersonate the cloaked man himself. However, he was also worried about the people from the castle of raging fire would notice something.

Then he accidentally discovered that although the control range of Min seemed to be no further than few meters away from the tomb, the second body of the Min didn't seem to be restricted by this rule.

That was why Chu Yunsheng dared to walk into the castle to raging fire from the front entrance.

He intentionally "showed" the cloaked man to those spies who were hiding inside the castle of raging fire, so they could report what they saw back to the castle of Snowstorm.

While Chu Yunsheng was walking on the quiet street, he was also very confused, the castle of snowstorm didn't seem to arrange any counterattack actions?


:"Grandpa, you look very familiar!" After sending away the cloaked man, Lei Ming smiled at Chu Yunsheng and said.