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Chapter 258 The second body of Min

 Chu Yunsheng never understood why red shells and other insects would "crave" for human brains or even the pig brains. Originally, he thought that the substances in the brains of Earth's creatures might be able to stimulate the growth of insects.

But he did not expect that by consuming the other brain of other creatures, they would be able to gain the information and the knowledge about of other creatures.

Chu Yunsheng remembered that when he was dragged into a colourful spiritual channel last time, he seemed to see a whole planet was covered by the creep.

The reason why they could conquer the entire planet was probably that not only they relied on their scary breeding speed, but also their terrifying learning ability.

As long as there was Min exist in the swarm, then they would be able to learn the strength and weaknesses of other creatures easily.

Plus their breeding ability, they would only grow stronger and stronger after every fight.

Chu Yunsheng suddenly broke out of a cold sweat, the insect had already appeared on the earth for a quite some time, and they had already eaten countless of Humans!

If there weren't any accidents, they probably already familiar with humans even more than Human themselves.....

All human's secrets, little tricks meant nothing to them!

Chu Yunsheng finally realised that why the military forces in Jin Ling city were always on the losing side when they fought with the insects.

And the real reason they surrounded the city was probably that they already studied enough information about the defence of Jin Ling city!

What was more pathetic was that when all the researchers were still trying to study how the insects were communicating with each other. They didn't know that the insects had already known about their plans.

Chu Yunsheng was a human. Having the ability to control the insect didn't make him separate himself from the human race. When he was escaping from the fog city, he had seen countless bodies of his own kind laying on the cold wasteland.

The feeling of despair, inexplicable sense of the absolute loneliness, and the endless darkness, almost completely destroyed his courage and will to survive.

Therefore, he was deeply horrified by the scary abilities the insects had. If there was no miracle, even two aliens also would not be able to defeat the insects, let alone humans!

If they couldn't leave this planet or expel the insect from earth, then what was waiting for them was the complete extinction of the human race. This was probably what happened on the planet he saw.

Quietly Looking at the baby Min slowly consuming the information, Chu Yunsheng felt completely lost.

Time passed silently while Chu Yunsheng were absent-minded. Baby Min seemed to have difficulty in decoding the cloaked man's knowledge. Maybe because it was still too young, so after it failed to decode the information, all it did was to carry on sucking the rest of "nutrition" from the cloaked man's body.

Probably Min had enough "nutrition", it seemed to enter the stage of hatching, after it finished sucking the cloaked man's brain.

Chu Yunsheng tried to contact it several times through the talisman, but he didn't get any response. Looking at the cloaked man's dried body, Chu Yunsheng also lost his interest.


In the eerie green light, Chu Yunsheng found out that the damage to the tomb was worse than he imagined. most of the internal tubes were cut off, destroyed and fell to the ground, the bodies of the insects were piled up at the bottom of the tomb taking up the most of the space.

After Chu Yunsheng constantly sending the signal to Min, it finally but reluctantly split out some of its focus and started to clean up the internal of the tomb. Soon, A large amount of energy was sent up from the below the ground to support the tomb's repairing process.

While cleaning, Chu Yunsheng also found a strange long metal-like box that left by the cloaked man. When he tried to infuse the energy into the box to see if it were some kind of weapons, the box suddenly opened up a thin transparent energy shield. However, probably because it was severely damaged, so the shield only lasted for a few seconds before it disappeared.

After having failed to activate it again, Chu Yunsheng gave up. He thought that it might be the stuff the cloaked man got from the divine realm, so he planned to ask the shadow in the mirror to see if it can fix it.

He then stored the box and just when he was about to deal with the cloaked man's body, some tubes slithered quickly towards the cloaked man and started to inject some strange liquid into the cloaked man's body.

Chu Yunsheng was curious, he tried to sense what Min was doing, but he was surprised to find out that some of his sense went straight into the cloaked man.

Huh? What's this?

Chu Yunsheng was confused, then tried to control the cloaked man to walk to test out one of the possibilities he thought. The cloaked man was indeed walked for a few steps, although it was very clumsy.

Min has this kind of ability!?

Chu Yunsheng thought. But in the next second, his heart sunk, if the baby Min had this kind ability, what about the Min outside Jin Ling city!? Was it possible that the Min outside Jin Ling had already controlled many humans!?

Chu Yunsheng suddenly had a cold shudder, how many more secrets do insects have that he still didn't know.

A small part of the Min's spirit was split out, in order to control the tomb to repair the damages. The main body of Min had sent the signal to Chu Yunsheng to tell him that it needed time to go through the metamorphosis stage.

Chu Yunsheng also tried to test if the infested cloaked man was still able to use its skill such as turning into flames etc... However, Min couldn't consume the information about those skills, so he couldn't do anything.

It seemed like the second body of Min didn't have any ability to fight at the moment.

But there was one thing he found useful was that, probably because the cloaked man's body still exists or maybe because Min sucked something out of the cloaked man's body, the body easily unlocked the battle suit.

Chu Yunsheng had checked the module patterns before, he didn't think that with his intelligence, he would be able to unlock the cloak, and without unlocking the cloak, it was pretty much useless to him.

So the infested cloaked man just happened to solve Chu Yunsheng's problem.

What he needed to do next was just to replace the cloak and then cast a fire soldier talisman onto the cloak to convert his energy into fire elemental energy.....

And the original one he had was given to the infested cloaked man.

:"I should give you a name." Chu Yunsheng felt weird when he kept calling the Min baby Min, so he thought for a second and said:" ok, I'll call you Dark(1.) Form now. "

After Chu Yunsheng sorted out the rest of the cloaked man's stuff, he sat on the top-level of the tomb started to heal himself. At the same time, he was thinking about what he should do next.....


1. Dark(): The Chinese spelling of Dark() is min.