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Chapter 257 The true terror of the insect.

 Chu Yunsheng also saw the cloaked man's reaction. So in order to cover up the energy moment, he quickly shouted in surprise:" lord fire messenger, I think I might have unlocked the module!"

The cloaked man was dazed by his shouted, its first reaction was that it was not possible. Even if the people from ice race also could not unlock the module in this short amount of time, let alone this human.

But then again, it could not explain the energy moment it felt earlier. The only possibility was that it was the energy fluctuation caused by the module was unlocked.

This Human is unreasonably lucky!

The cloaked man snorted and speeded up waving its sword to kill the insects. It was more and more concern about Chu Yunsheng this human.

Completion of the third stage of Rong Yuan made Chu Yunsheng relieved, all he needed to do next was to find out what were the rules of each functionality modules!

"Lord fire messenger, I felt the functionality modules, could you tell me the rules of using the modules now? " Chu Yunsheng shouted again.

The cloaked man did not answer this time, it was waving its sword rapidly to clear the insects in the swarm.

Chu Yunsheng was scared that the cloaked would refuse to tell him the methods, so he hopped on a green shell pretending to escape again,:"lord fire messenger, since you are not true to your word, I don't think I will have future, so I am not staying here anymore! "

The cloaked man blocked a round of swarm's charge and said coldly:" Listen carefully, I only said it once....."

There was still a hope to get the rules. Chu Yunsheng thought. Then he immediately interrupted the cloaked man:" lord fire messenger, if you are sincere, I will definitely work for you, but if you are not, then i will leave immediately, I will test it while you saying it, so please do not give me anything that is useless...."

The cloaked man was furious the way Chu Yunsheng threatened him, even his words were filled with anger:" OKAY, the rules of transformation into the flame is ........ The cloaking rule is....."

The cloaked man was saying the rules very quickly and Chu Yunsheng was trying to catch every single word it said. Although he could not test it, he just wanted to remember it all and try it in the future...

The energy inside Chu Yunsheng's body had already settled down, and he was concentrating on remembering the rules the cloaked man said, so when the cloaked man finished, he actually remembered most of them. However, he still asked:" lord fire messenger, you were saying too fast, I could not remember it all, can you repeat it one more time?"

The cloaked man sneered, it did not say anything but started to repeat the words immediately. it seemed like it had forgotten what he said earlier......

The reason why Chu Yunsheng asked the cloaked man to repeat it was that, if the cloaked man was lying, then there would definitely be mistakes when it repeats the second time. No one was able to construct a perfect lie in such short amount of time, even it was an alien.....

The way that the cloaked man repeated the rule for the second time was very strange. The content it was saying was almost the same. However, it was saying it very slowly. When Chu Yunsheng just heard half of it, a strange bright light suddenly burst out from the bottom of the tomb, along with loud noises that seemed to be created by a powerful fire ability when it opened up the third-dimensional space....

An intense heat instantly blew up then a red shadow appeared in a cloud of flame as if it was a rapidly ascending rocket, all the insects and the tubes that were around it were blown away by the explosion.

The cloaked man was secretly gathering its energy earlier on. That was why it intentionally slowed down its talking speed. It wanted to distract Chu Yunsheng. When it gathered enough energy, it instantly released a massive area attack and successfully broke out of the swarm.

Two purple flame monsters instantly cast out their energy ripples at the cloaked man. However, the cloaked man ignored the attacks charging straight at Chu Yunsheng.

Originally Chu Yunsheng wanted to open the entrance of the tomb and let more insects in after the cloaked man finished. However, he did not expect that the cloaked man would attack before he did. But luckily his hand was holding an ice trap talisman all the time, so when the cloaked man charged towards him, he instantly activated the ice trap talisman.

The cloaked man was instantly frozen along with its ability.


A huge ice trap was instantly formed and its massive body was falling downwards rapidly. However, when Chu Yunsheng took another look at the trap, there was nothing inside the trap!

His heart sunk, this was the first time he encountered something like this. How did he not trap the target!

In the next second. The cloaked man suddenly appeared from the side of the ice trap, it quickly shook off some ice pieces from its cloke and carried on charging towards Chu Yunsheng. At the same time, it shouted excitingly:" T-A-L-I-S-M-A-N......" Chu Yunsheng could clearly feel the alien's excitement from its shaking voice.

"Shit! " Chu Yunsheng cursed

he immediately ordered the green shell below him to fly away and tubes to slow down the cloaked man. He did not cast out the ice trap talisman again because he did not believe in luck. The reason why he could freeze the last cloaked man was that there was the other alien to help him, but this time, there was just himself here, let alone that this cloaked man was much more powerful than the last one.


The cloaked man cast out a huge flame blade to cut off the incoming tubes, the flame blade continuously flew towards Chu Yunsheng after it cut many tubes in half. Luckily they were blocked by the cloak and Chu Yunsheng's armour.

Chu Yunsheng knew that if he wanted to fight this alien, he needed to get more help, so he immediately ordered the green shell speed up and the tomb to open the entrance. The swarm once again flocked in.

He was no longer worried about if the cloaked man was going to run away, no matter the last cloaked man or the woman in the white dress, whoever saw the talisman, would immediately lose their mind!

After having hit by the flame blades 7 or 8 times, finally, a large amount of green shell arrived and joined the fight.

The golden shell and red shell's attack range were not far, so they could not assist Chu Yunsheng from the ground, but there were some long thin snake-like cannon insects were constantly spitting out huge blazing fireballs upwards to help him.

The arrival of the green shells reduced a lot of pressure for Chu Yunsheng, but the cloaked man's flame blades still made him almost throw up blood. The intense heat and blazing fire made his armour constantly emitting smokes. If it were not that he had armour, cloak and energy shield three layers of protection, he would be dead already.

Chu Yunsheng took the opportunity while the cloaked man was busy killing the green shells to fly higher. At the same time, he once again cast out the second ice trap talisman.


This time the cloaked man was frozen with the green shells.

Chu Yunsheng knew that the ice trap talisman wouldn't be able to trap the cloaked man for long, so, he immediately cast out the sword fighting techniques in attempting to injured it before it broke out of the ice.

Comparing to the sword Qi he cast out in the Jin Ling city, this time he used the first sword form- broken stab! Although he was not familiar with the sword form, he had no choice.

In a split second, 18 sword Qi instantly appeared in front of Chu Yunsheng, while Chu Yunsheng quickly reciting the incantations of the first sword form, 18 sword Qi quickly merged together one by one, and each time they were merged together, he seemed to feel the rules or the principle of some sort of formation inside, and each time, the sword Qi would become brighter!

This was completely different than when he "manually" merges all the sword Qi together, through the Qi blades, Chu Yunsheng could clearly feel that the merging blade contained some complicated laws and overwhelming energy.


The ice trap was destroyed by the cloaked man.

At that moment, the sword blade that contained 18 sword Qi flew towards the cloaked man with a speed that was not visible to Chu Yunsheng's eyes, it left only a white trail behind.

The space around the cloaked man suddenly distorted, then a high-frequency noise appeared, it seemed like something cracked.

"Impossible!" the cloaked shouted in shock:" how can human's attack broke Xián Bo energy Shield?"

Chu Yunsheng was even more surprised that the cloaked man just stood there like nothing had happened! There was not even a hole in its body!

But if he knew that his first attempt damaged 20% of the cloaked man's Xuan Bo energy shield, he probably would not be as surprised as now.

Chu Yunsheng immediately flew away after the attack did not injure the cloaked man. At the same time, he ordered other green shells to surrounded the cloaked man again to maximize his advantages.

Until the cloaked man was surrounded again, Chu Yunsheng cast out the third ice trap talisman, and then the sword from the second time. But the cloaked man still was not injured...

The fourth time the ice trap talisman, the third time the sword form.....

Not injured....

Fifth attack...

Not injured...

Finally, at the sixth time, the space around the cloaked man seemed to collapse. its energy shield was completely shattered.

There were also not many green shells left. So when the white beam-like sword Qi pierced through the cloaked man, the cloaked man's flame blade also hit the front of Chu Yunsheng's armour.


Chu Yunsheng once again felt the intent heat, and this time, he spat out blood. But when the blood just came out of his mouth, it instantly became a cloud of steam.

The green shell underneath him was already split into half by the attack, and there was a huge dent in the armour as well.

Comparing to the cloaked man's situation, Chu Yunsheng's injury was nothing. The cloaked man had 2 defensive layers less than Chu Yunsheng. It only had a battle suit left. despite the battle suit was trying to stop the Qi blade, the Qi blade still made a bloody hole in the cloaked man's body.

"How come...human... powerful.... to this extent!?" the cloaked man knelt down on the top-level of the tomb and moaned in pain:"Not... possible.... Not... possi..."

At first, it was talking in Mandarin... but slowly Chu Yunsheng did not understand anything it said and he also did not want to listen to it anymore. The cloaked man seemed to lose its ability to fight, and Chu Yunsheng was hesitant about what he wanted to do next.

He wanted to seal the cloaked man, but he did not dare to. A baby Min almost killed him, he was lucky that he did not die last time. But it made him became an old man. If it happened one more time when he tried to seal this alien, then he did not have much life left to be absorbed by the talisman. He might even become a zombie.

So Chu Yunsheng was hesitant. But just when he was struggling to make a decision, Min who was ordered to hide in the tomb, suddenly bounced out of nowhere. It bounced towards the cloaked man and inserted a transparent tube into the face of the cloaked man. It was constantly sending the request of sucking the cloaked man's brain to Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng had experienced this type of request before, it was at the time when Ren Sanbao and a few other skywalkers were killed by his green shells, and the green shells also sent out this type of request to him.

At that time, he did not find out the reason why, and he was also scared to make more experiments, but now the situation seemed to be a little bit different.

Hmm... the alien's should but fine, right? At least, it was not human.... But.... the request of Min also gave Chu Yunsheng a tough decision. However, just when Chu Yunsheng thought that it should be fine, "Min" immediately started to suck the brain out of the cloaked man without further permission.

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for split second, then he started to observe the reaction of "Min"

Soon, the cloaked man was sucked dry. but Chu Yunsheng clearly felt that Min's excitement did not reduce any.

Then he found out the reason why it was excited. Through the spiritual connection, Chu Yunsheng clearly felt that the mind of Min suddenly had many disorganized "information". He did not understand them, neither did "Min". It seemed like Min was not mature enough to decode the information. However, it still made Min very excited.

In that split second, Chu Yunsheng suddenly realised that the real terror of the insect. It was not just the horrifying breed ability, what made them even scarier was that their wisdom unit which was Min had the ability to absorb other creature's information and study it!

No wonder why those insects like to suck human's brain!

Note 1.

MC met Ren Sanbao and his team members before they entered the yellow mountain areas, it was at the time when MC just left the spore forest.