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Chapter 256 breaking through the third stage of Rong Yuan

 The cloaked man let out a strange laugh and said:"That's nothing, as long as you surrender yourself to us, we will teach you even more advanced and powerful knowledge! "

"Lord fire messenger, to be honest with you, I am a coward and the ice messenger's hunt made me even more scared of you people, sooner or later I will join you anyway.... but can you teach me how to use the cloak first? As soon as I know how to use it, I'll immediately surrender myself to you!"

The cloaked man snorted:" If you really wanted to surrender, why are you not ordering the insects to stop the attack?"

Just when Chu Yunsheng was about to answer, he suddenly felt the transformation of Rong Yuan boy suddenly stopped, and it started to shrink rapidly. It made Chu Yunsheng had a sudden cold shudder.

Finally! It is almost over! Chu Yunsheng was extremely excited.

It was a crucial moment for him, so he did not dare to stop the attack. But of course, he would not tell this to the alien, so he just changed the topic immediately:" lord fire messenger. About the castle you said, do you really want to give it to me."

The cloaked man smiled with disdain. The greed of the human nature made it despised human from bottom of its heart.

However, it did not need humans to be noble, The more greedy the humans were, the more easily they could be used by its race and that was all it needed.

It didn't believe Chu Yunsheng at all, its instinct told it that this sly human was lying. If this human really wanted food and advance knowledge, those people from ice race could also teach him, because they also know a lot of fire race's skills.

:"Chu Yunsheng, I am always true to my words, as long as you surrender yourself to us and obey our rules, the castle will be yours, There are soldiers, food, and female humans in the castle. Using your human's words, You will be a king over there!"

Chu Yunsheng laughed out loud:" lord fire messenger, you should know that the ice messenger gave me a better offer than you, they even asked me to join their race, become one of them...."

The cloaked man patiently explained:" In the future, if you made a contribution to our race, we fire race will also accept you."

:" Lord fire messenger, you know that I have a suspicious mind, and I really want to believe your words. But what you promise is still very far away. If you want to show your sincerity, it is better to teach me the method of using the cloak now. I will immediately order the swarm to retreat and then go to the castle of raging fire with you after I learned it." Chu Yunsheng could clearly felt that the Rong Yuan cells started to speed up shrinking, so he immediately carried on distracting the cloaked man.

At the same time, Chu Yunsheng deliberately ordered the tomb to temporarily close the entrance to stop a large number of insects flocking inside, creating an illusion that the bottom of the tomb had fewer insects now. He even stood up, acted extremely anxious and said: "lord fire messenger, I think you can clearly feel that the insects are not as many as before. If you still refuse to teach me, then I have to run away before the insects die out. the creep area is very big, so when I run away, you will never be able to find me, and you can not get anything thing from me, if you do not decide now, then see you!"

After Chu Yunsheng finished, He immediately summoned a green shell and hop on it pretending to escape.

The cloaked man thought for a second. Seeing the insects were indeed getting less, and there weren't any new insects coming from outside, it was extremely happy, it meant that it would be able to break out from here soon and capture Chu Yunsheng alive.

But when it saw Chu Yunsheng was planning to escape, it immediately said:" Okay, I will tell you the method now, listen carefully!". The cloaked man did not believe that Chu Yunsheng will surrender himself, so it just needs to delay Chu Yunsheng and make him stayed there a little bit longer. If this human really runs away, then all its effort of fighting the insects earlier would go down the drain.

So within a split second, the cloaked man made up its mind, telling this human the method of using the battle suit was nothing compare to if it could capture this human alive.

"Our race's battle suit can only be used by our kind, if you humans want to use it, then you must be a Skywalker who has fire element. if you are not, I suggest you stop thinking about it. " the cloaked man thought for a second and said.

"I have fire element, so lord fire messenger, please carry on!" seeing the cloaked man finally about to tell him the method, Chu Yunsheng was extremely excited. He did not really care about if the method could only be used by the people who have fire attribute or not, he just wanted to get the method first then study it.

The cloaked man was killing the insects while saying it slowly:" even if you are a fire elemental skywalker, but you still may not be able to use it, you humans are too weak, and your energy is not pure. According to my knowledge, in the entire divine realm's controlled area, even the castellan of the castle of raging fire could only activate the battle suit for just one hour."

It stopped for a second then carried on:" If you meet those two conditions, then the next step is you will need to infuse your energy into the battle suit in a specific order... did you feel an energy pattern inside the cloak?"

Chu Yunsheng did not have any fire energy that he could use to infuse into the cloak, so he just pretended that he felt it. :"what is this?" he asked.

The cloaked man snorted:"It's a lock, every battle suit has a lock, and only the users himself knows how to unlock the module. Unless.... using your human's language, someone reset the module. Otherwise, you can not use it. "

Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows and asked:" do you know how to reset it?"

"When I get back to the castle of raging fire, I may be able to help you find other ways to unlock the module, but if you don't want to wait, you can give the battle suit to me now.... "

Of course, Chu Yunsheng would not give him the battle suit. There was no way he would follow him back to the castle of raging fire. So he immediately said, "we will talk about that later, you can carry on., what about after unlocking the module, how do I use it."

"Each battles suit has their functionality modules preset already, so after the module was unlocked, you will need to use specific rules to activate each module. also according to the purity and the output of your power, you will also be able to activate each specific modules from low-level to high-level successively. The skill your saw like turning into a cloud of flame or cloaking ability was just some of its functionalities."

"But I have seen a skywalker from your castle that turning into the flame without any cloak. Why did he do it?" Chu Yunsheng pretended to be surprised.

The cloaked man seemed to be very "patient" and explained:" I just told you that there are functionality rules, they can be learned and used without using the battle suit. Although you could technically get same results, the duration and the level of transformation is greatly reduced without the battle suit. "

Just when Chu Yunsheng was about to ask the more, suddenly the energy inside his body gushed out everywhere from deep inside his body.....

Rong Yuan Body third stage was completed!

The energy was circulating rapidly inside Chu Yunsheng body until he started to infuse the energy into the sword, the blade of the sword was vibrating and making the buzzing sound.

"Huh?!" the cloaked man looked at Chu Yunsheng with confusion....