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Chapter 255 a conversation during the fight

 It if were before today, no matter how many insects were there, the cloaked man would not hesitate for a single second to refuse to talk to human this kind of lowly creature. As a race came from a highly advanced civilization, talking to human was a disgrace to its entire race.

However, it was injured, and it was trapped in the swarm with this human. But this human could control the swarm, and it's cloaking device was not working in this strange tomb.

Therefore, when the human above its head was shouting at it, the arrogant alien was first felt humiliated then it suddenly had an idea. It wanted to use this opportunity to approach the human and kill him.

So two creatures from two different worlds started to have their first conversation.

:" Human, what do you want to talk?" The cloaked man said. Its voice was slightly different than the one Chu Yunsheng killed. However, it was still hoarse and robot-like.

Chu Yunsheng was reciting the cultivation incantation in his mind and said slowly:" so, you are the fire messenger that everyone was talking about."

The cloaked man cut off a golden shell's mandibles and said:" That's right!"

Chu Yunsheng forced himself to smile trying pretended to be as friendly as possible and said:" lord fire messenger, you see,

we have no rancor against each other in the past, nor did we have a conflict of interest recently. I think what happened today was just a misunderstanding. Don't you think so?"

The cloaked man said coldly:" since you know it was a misunderstanding, why don't you stop the attack now!?"

:"Everyone knows that the Lord fire messenger is extremely powerful, once I ordered the sawm to stop the attack, I'll definitely be dead. So, before the lord fire messenger forgives all my behaviour earlier. I'm afraid that I can not do it." Chu Yunsheng said slowly.

The cloaked man snorted and dodged s green shell's dive attack then said arrogantly:"I can promise you that I won't kill you!"

Chu Yunsheng shook his head and said:" lord fire messenger. Although I'm weaker than you, at the moment, you can't kill me."

The cloaked man cut a green shell in half and said:" let me see how many more insects you have, when I finished all those lowly creatures, you will be next!"

Chu Yunsheng smiled and said sarcastically:" lord fire messenger. Indeed, I don't have many insects, but it will still take you a while to kill them all. You are a super-duper creature, and of course, you don't care about the time, but what about your castle? The castle of Snowstorm's counterattack has probably already started..."

The cloaked man transformed into a cloud of flame and once again broke out from the swarm:" I don't need useless men, they will always be my burdens!" the cloaked man said with disdain.

Although the cloaked man was saying that, what it thought was completely different. Without the castle, it would have nothing to use to against the castle of Snowstorm, it wouldn't be able to complete its mission as well.

Chu Yunsheng could clearly felt that the speed of Rong Yuan's expansion was gradually slowing down, once the expansion completely stopped, it would shrink back to the normal size, then the third stage of transformation would be completed. He held the feeling of excitement and carried on fooling the alien:" lord fire messenger, do you think I will believe what you said? That ice messenger is your enemy, right?"

The cloaked man was about to say something. However, the sudden appearance of a piece of memory inside its mind made it stopped talking. The information in the memory came out of nowhere. But, it made the cloaked man staring at Chu Yunsheng for a while. Suddenly it started to laugh in the very strange tone:" I know who you are! So it is you! No wonder why those stupid women from the Ice Race would rather trying to find you than collecting the energy stones. You even changed your appearance! I have underestimated you, CHU YUN SHENG!"

:" How did you...." Chu Yunsheng pretended to be surprised.

The cloaked man snorted:" Stop pretending, since your activated your amour, you have already thought about this! Right?"

"Tell me, what do you want?' the cloaked man thought about the searches that carried out by the castle of Snowstorm, it instantly realised that the situation was much more complicated than it thought was!

At least, according to the Ice Race's intel, this man himself was also very powerful! So this time, the cloaked man swallowed its pride and intended to start a real conversation with Chu Yunsheng.

:"Lord fire messenger, before we talk about that, don't you want to know why I got this cloak? " Chu Yunsheng said.

:" You humans don't have the ability to kill our people, that includes you! So how you get the cloak is not important." The cloaked man replied.

Chu Yunsheng didn't expect that the cloaked man wouldn't be interested in the source of the cloak, so he immediately replied:" lord fire messenger is indeed very smart, and I believed that your people are also very powerful. This cloak..... or should I say this battle suit, is what I stole from the castle of Snowstorm. Who knows they would deploy all their forces trying to get this back."

The cloaked man sneered:" Chu Yunsheng, a battle suit wouldn't make them act like that, don't waste our time, just tell me the truth. I know more than you do."

:" Haha, lord fire messenger was indeed very smart, no one can fool you. okay, I'll tell you the truth." Chu Yunsheng let out a dry laugh to cover his embarrassment and carried on:" I think you already knew that I came from Jin Ling, and I don't think that I need to tell you what Jin Ling city had. But you probably still don't know about that entering the anti-world has already failed. The entire Jin Ling city has disappeared!"

This time, it really attracted the cloaked man's attention. :"Disappeared?" the cloaked man seemed to be very surprised.

Chu Yunsheng was satisfied with the cloaked man's reaction, he nodded and said:" that's right, disappeared, the entire city only the other ice messenger and one of your kind got out. Then they started to attack each other. It happened just when I got back from outside city, I saw it with my own eyes that your kind was killed by the other ice messenger."

:"Shit! did my kind dropped anything!!?" The cloaked man suddenly asked.

:"One second." Chu Yunsheng replied. Earlier on, he was having a hard time to think of a way to ask the cloaked man to teach him the method of using the cloak. But now it was a great opportunity.

:"You see, we humans are extremely fond of your battle suit. When the ice messenger killed your people, I was hiding in a place not far from them. You know that I have an ability to control the insect, that was also how I stole the body from the ice messenger. Originally I thought she was chasing me for the battle suit, but then I finally realised that that's not what she wants, she wants......" Chu Yunsheng suddenly stopped.

The cloaked man was annoyed by Chu Yunsheng's action, it immediately said:" what is it?"

Chu Yunsheng said:" I'm not really sure until you asked that if your people dropped anything. probably some documents to do with anti-world, perhaps your people kept the secret documents with it when it died. Oh... No wonder why they would not just let me go."

:" Where is the stuff?" The cloaked man knocked away a golden shell's head and asked sternly.

:" Lord fire messenger, I don't know which one is it, but I didn't throw away anything.... But..."

The cloaked man snorted:" say, what do you want, power? Food? Woman? With your ability, as long as you surrender yourself to us. I can give you the castle of raging fire!"

Chu Yunsheng instantly let out a greedy laugh and said:" fire messenger, you know our human's situation, I definitely need food, but in this chaotic world, I need more than that, I need power!"

:" You want to learn our skills?" The cloaked man said.

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and said:" Apart from the battle suit, I can give you everything. But the condition is that you need to teach me how to use it. I need the method of turning into a cloud of flame and even the cloaking ability. How is that?"