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Chapter 254 breakthrough during the battle

 Chapter 254 breakthrough during the battle

When Chu Yunsheng was just brought into the creep area, he immediately sent a signal to the baby Min and ordered it to find a place inside the tomb to hide. In case if he tried to surround the cloaked man, it would be injured by accident.

The baby Min wasn't fully grown yet, so its control range was limited to only within the tomb, it couldn't control any insects outside the tomb. That was also the reason why when it was kidnapped by Chu Yunsheng, all it did was just trying to bounce away from Chu Yunsheng.

There was no way to directly control the swarm outside the tomb, but there was a way to indirectly control them, the medium was the tomb.

The tomb had an ability to summon the swarm to protect itself. This self-protection mechanism, Chu Yunsheng had already experienced many times. Because the baby Min had a direct control over the tomb, so it could easily use this ability to influence the movement of the swarm.

However, due to the limitation of tomb's ability, this type of indirect control could only make the swarm to assist and defend the tomb. It couldn't make the swarm to attack the enemy outside.

This was also the reason why he wanted to lure the cloaked man into his tomb. Otherwise, he would rather fight the cloaked man in between two tombs than risking the safety of his Min.

Although the cloaked man was injured, Chu Yunsheng still didn't dare to underestimate its power.

Not to mention that he didn't know what kind of weapon it got from the divine realm and how powerful the weapon was.

As long as he could kill it, and without injuring the baby Min, he didn't mind to lose this entire tomb. At the worst, he could just relocate Min to a different tomb.

Of course, this was the worst case scenario, he didn't really want to lose this tomb unless it was absolutely necessary.

So, he was constantly ordering the Min to summon more insects to enter the tomb.

Any insects that were flying in the air, crawling under the ground, red shell, golden shell.... As long as it was the part of the swarm. It would be ordered to enter the tomb. Chu Yunsheng was only thinking about one thing, which was to make the cloaked man exhausted, so he could perform the finishing blow.

However, it wasn't as easy as Chu Yunsheng thought.

Whenever the insects entered the tomb, the baby Min would immediately gain a direct control over them, so under Chu Yunsheng's command, the swarm was very well organized trying to surround the cloaked man.

But the cloaked man was indeed very powerful. Every time when it cast out a fire blade, it would kill several red shell insects, even the golden shells were only able to withstand its attack for a few seconds.

What frustrated him even more, was that the defensive shield it had seemed to be different than the cloaked man he killed. Regular red shells were not able to approach it at all.

Chu Yunsheng was standing at the top level of the tomb, quickly absorbing the culture fluid that had been accumulated in the past few days, while nervously watching the cloaked man appearing and disappearing in the swarm.

The internal wall of the tomb was reinforced, Chu Yunsheng had ordered the tomb to add another layer of the tube around the internal wall. At the same time, he also ordered the green shell to spread across the internal wall.

The cloaked man had also used its cloaking ability and the ability to transform itself into flames to attempt to break through the wall of the tomb, like what he did before. However, every time it was forced to retreat by the green shells or being dragged down by many tomb's internals tubes.

Its energy movement was already locked down by Chu Yunsheng, so no matter where it went, Chu Yunsheng would be able to find him.

The insects were constantly flocking into the tomb. The entire tomb was filled with the insects and the noise it made. Chu Yunsheng had already given up using his sight to detect the location of the cloaked man. At the moment, he was only relying on this extremely sensitive energy movement detection ability.

However, as the time slowly passed by, Chu Yunsheng started to become more anxious. Originally he thought that the cloaked man would be exhausted very soon. So he hurriedly absorbed all the culture fluid he had stored in the past few days.

After seeing the cloaked man's powerful defensive ability, he had to change his plan. He didn't think that with his current strength, his sword fighting technique would be able to kill this alien. When he was back in Jin Ling city, the sword fighting technique couldn't even kill the woman in the white dress, and this cloaked man was clearly stronger than her.

He didn't know that if the cloaked man's defensive ability had something to do with the divine realm or not, but there was one thing was very clear. If he couldn't reach the third sub-stage of Yuan Tian stage two and use the first sword's movement of the sword fighting technique. He wouldn't be able to kill the alien here!

Once it got away, and the divine realm would not be able to help him to locate this alien, then he would have endless troubles.

Chu Yunsheng was trying to suppress his anxious feeling while constantly absorbing culture fluid into his body. At the same time, he was reciting the cultivation method to speed up the transformation of Rong Yuan cells.

The nervous system of his body had a strong reaction towards the way he speeded up the transformation. The signals of acute pains that were caused by the expanding blood vessels were constantly sent towards his brain.

Chu Yunsheng had experienced this type of feeling once before. It was at the time when he was trying to destroy the tomb outside Jin Ling. Unlike last time where he tried to go over the limit that his body could take, this time, he was trying to suppress it to a controllable range.

At the moment, the bodies of the red shells at the bottom of the tomb were already piled up. The cloaked man was standing on the pile of dead bodies tenaciously. After the numerous attempts of breaking through the wall were stopped by Chu Yunsheng, it changed its plan. It was continuously swinging its sword to cast out flame blades at Chu Yunsheng.

It did not believe that a human skywalker would be stronger than him. The ability to control the insects was probably some weird mutated skills humans developed after they evolved. Usually, the stronger this type of ability is, the weaker the controller itself would be.

So, as long as it could kill this human skywalker, all the insect's actions would be stopped.

So even though the flying insects were attacking it, it was still trying to approach Chu Yunsheng. When it finally saw Chu Yunsheng who was sitting on the top of the tomb and did not seem to want to join the fight, it believed its own theory even more.

Therefore, its attack not only didn't slow down but increased a lot.

Finally, it noticed a chance. When a tube-like organ missed the attack and about to retract, it immediately seized the opportunity and followed the tube all the all the way to the top

Crack..... crack.....

Four clear crack sounds along with four flame whips were immediately and mercilessly thrown at the cloaked man non-stop.

The powerful shockwave almost pushed Chu Yunsheng off from top of the tomb.

The cloaked man who just broke out of the swarm was again pushed downward, and then many tubes immediately flew towards it to drag it back into the swarm.

Two purple flame monsters were standing next to Chu Yunsheng, one on each side. Chu Yunsheng had already noticed that the cloaked had changed its plan. However, he couldn't do anything to stop it at the moment. Those two purple flame monsters were his last defence.

Luckily, both purple flame monsters didn't let Chu Yunsheng down. Normally, the purple flame monsters were definitely no match for the cloaked man. However, the cloaked man was injured, plus it didn't expect there would be other insects on the top level of the tomb. That was why that two purple flame monsters were able to force the cloaked man back to the swarm.

But Chu Yunsheng didn't think the swarm would trap the cloaked man for long, and the cloaked man would definitely be able to dodge the purple flame monster's attack next time when it broke out the swarm.

Chu Yunsheng still needed some time to breakthrough third transformation. It was a crucial moment for him. He needed to find one way to delay the cloaked man's attack.

As of this moment, the main force of the swarm was already replaced with golden shells. The cloaked man definitely felt pressure as well. However, the pressure not only didn't slow it down but increased his attack speed even more! It knew that the situation was getting worse, so it was planning to use all its strength to break out of the swarm and attempt to kill the old human Skywalker one last time.

It was at this moment, Chu Yunsheng shouted from the top:" Hey! I think we need to talk!"

Chu Yunsheng had already ordered Min to make the insects in the swarm as quiet as possible. So the cloaked man could clearly hear his shout.

The cloaked man was dazed for a second. Although it understood what the man was saying, it was the first time that it encountered a human dare to talk to him like that.


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