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Chapter 253 Surround the cloaked man

 Chapter 253 Surround the cloaked man

the original book use "it" to refer to aliens in most of the sentences because at the moment we don't know much about those aliens. the only thing we know is the Cloaked man looks like a male human, and the woman in the white dress looks like a female human.


Soon, Chu Yunsheng realised that why the cloaked man wanted to go to the creep area.

It was injured! And it needed the culture fluid!

Chu Yunsheng did not know exactly how the alien in the white dress injured the cloaked man, but the cloaked man injury seemed to be very bad, it was so bad that Chu Yunsheng could clearly feel that it became weaker every second.

To Chu Yunsheng, the heavier its injury was the better the situation was to him.

Therefore he was even more clam, he even stopped thinking about escaping. Instead, he was secretly studying how the cloaked man used its cloak.

When they just entered the creep area, Chu Yunsheng did not know what the cloaked man did, its cloak suddenly burst out some visible energy ripples and wrapped both of them inside it. Their life signals were instantly isolated from outside.

If there was a fully grown "Min" here, it might be able to detect the infiltration of the cloaked man. However, the creep area only had one baby "Min", and it was also the "Min" that was sealed by Chu Yunsheng. So not a single insect including the purple flame monster was able to detect the cloaked man.

Chu Yunsheng also had one cloak inside this storage talisman, but he did not know how to use it. Apart from using it to increase his defensive ability and speed in an extremely dangerous situation, Chu Yunsheng normally did not touch it.

Chu Yunsheng knew that there was no way the cloaked man would tell him the correct method of using the cloak, so all he could do was to sense the energy movement when the cloaked man using the cloak.

Soon, they both entered a tomb. the tomb the cloaked man entered was not big, and the "Min" was not there, the cloaked man deftly removed the tube that was used to pass culture fluid and started to absorb it.

The culture fluid seemed to be very effective at healing the cloaked man's wound, its wound quickly stopped bleeding and became smaller every second.

Looking at the cloaked man slowly healed itself, Chu Yunsheng was very worried. He did not want to wait until the man fully recovered its strength. Otherwise, even he was in the creep area, he was still not confident in killing this cloaked man here.

If the cloaked man escaped from the creep area, then he would have endless troubles.

Tombs supposed to have self-protection mechanism, Chu Yunsheng had experienced that before. However, the cloaked man seemed to use some kind of method to slow down or completely confused the tomb's self-protection mechanism, the culture fluid constantly flowed into the cloaked man's hand.....

Chu Yunsheng was thrown to the other side by the cloaked man when they entered the tomb. He was lying on the top of some kind of tomb's internal organs which were covered with sticky liquid. His "Min" was still too young, so it did not have control over this tomb. If he wanted to fight the cloaked man, he needed to lure the cloaked man into the other tomb.

The cloaked man's injury was slowly recovering. Chu Yunsheng took the opportunity when the cloaked man was only focusing on healing its injury, to take out the sword from the storage talisman, then immediately stab the tomb's internal organ underneath him in a hurry.

In order to make sure that the tomb's self-protection mechanism would work, he sliced opened a big wound on the internal organ and immediately took back the sword.

The entire tomb instantly shook a little, many tubes flew out from the wall and shot towards the place where Chu Yunsheng and the cloaked man were staying.

In fact, the tomb only targeted Chu Yunsheng. However, the cloaked man did not know that.

When the massive attack arrived, the cloaked man probably thought that it was discovered by the tomb, so it immediately picked up chu Yunsheng and ran towards the half closed tube that they both used to get in.

From the cloaked man's quick reaction, Chu Yunsheng suspected that it must have been to this place many times before.

When they both just got out of the tomb, the swarm outside the tomb was already running toward them. Chu Yunsheng carefully leaked out his energy in order to attract the movement of the swarm and force the cloaked man to move toward his tomb.

Professor Sun once said that the insect was not only using its vision to detect it's prey, it had a unique ability to detect creature's life signals and it was very accurate.

The cloaked man also seemed to realise that the insects outside the tomb had detected the man in its hand, but it didn't seem to worry that much. With its speed and power, it was confident that it would be able to get rid of those insects easily. Even though it was injured.

It jumped up, stepped on the insect's heads and quickly ran towards the biggest tomb!

And that tomb was Chu Yunsheng's tomb.


Just when they arrived at Chu Yunsheng's tomb, both of them disappeared at the entrance of the tomb all of sudden.

The cloaked man still needed a lot of culture fluid to recover its injury. Then it would need to get back to the castle of raging fire as soon as possible, to perform an anatomical analysis on the old human in its hand. It was the first time for the cloaked man to see a Skywalker that could completely block its powerful defensive flame.

That was why it didn't throw the old man away. Compared to those insects, it was more concerned about the speed of the human's evolution and to which extend human had evolved.

However, when it just got into the second tomb, it immediately noticed something wasn't right. From its understanding of the tomb's internal structure, the second tomb was completely different than the other one.

However, it didn't have time to think about it in detail. Strange things happened one after another. The insects outside the tomb didn't stop because of its disappearance. Instead, the swarm flocked into the tomb non-stop.

At the same time, countless flying insects were flying into the tomb through the hole at the top of the tomb. In the ear-piercing screeching, they dived straight toward the bottom of the tomb.

The cloaked man was confused. with such scale of the attack and in this short amount of time.... Is the "wisdom unit" fully grown already?

It was trapped in the yellow mountain area for quite a while now, so it knew a lot of information about the creep and tomb. Same as the task of observing humans, one of its other tasks was to monitor the situation of the swarm, as well as the situation of the "wisdom unit".

It had already noticed the formation of the second tomb's "Wisdom Unit" no long ago, because the creep area in the yellow mountain area wasn't big and the overall strength of the swarm wasn't very powerful, plus it was an extremely rare opportunity to observe the social structure of the insects, so it did not kill the baby "wisdom unit" straight away ...

But it seemed like the situation was slightly out of control, the growth speed of the "Wisdom unit" was beyond its expectations.

At the moment, it no longer thought that the swarm was coming for the old human, the swarm was clearly coming for it.

If that was the case then he didn't think he would be able to take this human away now.

Within a split second the cloaked man made its decision. Although it was a pity to lose a rare research specimen, its own safety was much more important.

The cloaked man's speed was very fast. Before Chu Yunsheng was about to attack it, it threw Chu Yunsheng at the swarm that was charging towards it.

But in the next second, the cloaked man who was always calm from the beginning suddenly gasped in shock!

The old human flipped his body in the air, at the same time, a strange armour suddenly appeared around his body. He was holding a sword while flying towards the swarm.

If it was just that, it wouldn't surprise the cloaked man.

What surprised it was that the ruthless swarm completely ignored the human, the insects went around the man and charged towards it from both left and right.

The cloaked man suddenly had a hard time to accept what he saw, he would rather see the human broke through the swarm and escape the tomb.

But this... this scene.... It was too absurd!

Two races that were natural enemies to each other now working together? And they were so well coordinated.

The agile and fast cloaked man was stunned for a second...

It was because of a second delay, the swarm's attack arrived.

Just when the cloaked man was about to be surrounded by the swarm. Its eye's pupils suddenly expanded, and its eyes were filled with shock as if it had seen something impossible...

The old man skywalker took out a red cloak that it was familiar with, out of nowhere and covered himself with it. Then, the old man lightly hopped on a patient flying insect and flew towards the top of the tomb quickly.....

The cloaked man felt like his brain had almost stopped working. In that split second, the cloaked man came up with multiple possibilities, it had thought about that the man was related to the "ice race". But eventually, it calmed down, it suddenly had a strange feeling or a strange enlightenment. it felt that its task in this yellow mountain area was not to get something from the divine realm or to observe the insects. Its real task was this man!

Yes! This man!

The cloaked man felt that it was lucky and unlucky both at the same time. It was lucky because it encountered this human by accident, it was unlucky because it met this human when it was heavily injured, and the man was even able to control the swarm.

The cloaked man quickly swung the long broadsword. Instantly, many flame blades that were made of pure fire energy were cast out at the red shells in the swarm. At the same time, it was trying to remember Chu Yunsheng's appearance.

It knew what it meant to bring this human back. Comparing to the stuff it got from the divine realm, this man was much more important.

However, it did not expect that this human did not plant to let it get out of here alive!