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Chapter 252 the chance is here

 Chapter 252 the chance is here

Hearing doorsteps quickly approaching him, Chu Yunsheng wasn't sure that if he could kill both of them at the same time. If any one of them got out and sought help from the aliens, then he would be in extreme danger.

But he also thought that the unusually beautiful woman from the castle of snowstorm should have known that he was on her side by now. After all, he had helped her to freeze many Skywalkers, so as long as she wasn't stupid, she would definitely help him.

Besides, his appearance was just a dirty old man, even both batches of the Skywalkers were dazed for a second when they discovered what he looked like.

What he did really gave people a wrong idea of what he actually looked like. In a martial art world, an old man might be a hidden grandmaster, but in reality, all the powerfully Skywalkers were usually young and physically fit humans.

Chu Yunsheng didn't want to have a fight with the two most powerful Skywalkers from both castle under the nose of two aliens, he just wanted to snipe them secretly in the dark.

So, after he stored his gun. He once again used the advantages of his appearance, lied down on the ground among other bodies playing dead.

Lei Ming was confident in his speed, he believed that there was no way the bastard who sniped his men would escape! He didn't dare to say that he was the most powerful Skywalker in the world, but at least in the entire yellow mountain area, there were no other fire Skywalkers could compete with him apart from his brother!

Moreover, he also believed that Ji Qing who was the castellan of the castle of snowstorm also couldn't run faster than him. After all, in general, fire Skywalker was faster than ice Skywalker.

But when he appeared in the corridor of the building like a flash, apart from the dead bodies, he couldn't see anyone else.

Playing dead?

Lei Ming snorted. He believed that with his strength and eyesight, the attacker couldn't escape the building. Playing dead was the only possibility.

So amongst 7-8 bodies on the ground, one of them must be the attacker!

Although Lei Ming knew the attacker was playing dead, he still couldn't tell which one in a short amount of the time. Needless to say, Chu Yunsheng's appearance helped Chu Yunsheng a lot, even Lei Ming this smart person also just glanced over his old body.

As a castellan, apart from the powerful strength, Lei Ming was also a quick-thinking person. In this crucial moment, there was no time for him to check the bodies one by one, so after he took a quick glance at the bodies, he immediately cast out a big blazing fireball in the corridor burning all the bodies on the ground.

No matter which one was alive, burning them all at once was the easiest way to find it out!

in the next second, a big raging fireball was quickly rolling down the corridor.

Chu Yunsheng also thought of his disguise would not fool anyone, but his aim was to confuse the first person and to wait until the second person arrived, then, they would only be focusing on each other and possibly start to fight each other. At that time, he would have a chance to run away.

However, he didn't expect that the man would spend less than a second to think before casting out a fireball.

From the intense heat and how quick the burnt smell appeared in the corridor, Chu Yunsheng could easily tell that how powerful the fire skywalker was....

Chu Yunsheng wasn't scared of the man's fire attack, because his energy shield should be able to stop this level of energy attack once. However, everyone would know who the attacker was after the fire attack.


Looking at the fire quickly spread in the corridor, Lei Ming sneered, :" let me see how long you can hide!" then he cast out another fireball to increase the fire.

Suddenly a white figure appeared at the other end of the corridor, followed by fierce ice energy, the other half of the corridor was instantly frozen into an ice cave.

Chu Yunsheng secretly let out a silent sign. The other person finally arrived. Otherwise, he would have to jump up and run away.

Lei Ming shouted angrily, he charged out instantly heading straight towards the rest of 4 bodies. He wanted to kill the attacker, not letting the attacker get away with this.

At the same time, the woman at the other side of the corridor also dashed forward.

Strangely, when the woman flew over Chu Yunsheng, she paused for a split second and quickly glanced at Chu Yunsheng's body in confusion, then she stepped on Chu Yunsheng's body very hard and charged towards Lei Ming.

Chu Yunsheng didn't close his eyelids fully. He left small gaps so he could observe the situation outside, but he still didn't know how she would be able to tell he was the one who played dead.

Ji Qing's attack wasn't powerful than Lei Ming, but her defensive ability was way better than him, even Lei Ming used the most powerful attack, he still couldn't break her defence.

This was exactly what Ji Qing wanted, which was to stall Lei Ming, she didn't care who the sniper was, as long as she could stall Lei Ming in the building, the victory was in sight.

Lei Ming was frustrated, this was something that he didn't want the most. He couldn't find out who the attack was, neither could he get rid of the woman, he totally lost his advantages.

When two people were busy fighting each other, the aliens who fought in the sky above the inner castle already finished their fight. The cloaked man injured the alien in the white dress and dodged flying machine's attack then broken into the inner castle like an artillery shell.

However, a strange thing happened, the cloaked man who broke into the inner castle was thrown out of the inner castle at even faster speed than he broke in!

The cloaked man was surrounded by the raging fire, flew backwards quickly like a missile, and as if he was hit by something very hard, he was smashed into the building that Chu Yunsheng was in.


The wall of the corridor was destroyed.

Lei Ming and Ji Qing were immediately knocked away 30 meters by the cloaked man's energy. The rest of the building was destroyed instantly by the blazing fire.

The rest of three dead bodies around Chu Yunsheng were also carbonised within a second. Chu Yunsheng's first energy shield was shattered by the force. Luckily his backup energy shield activated on time.

However, the acute burning pain made Chu Yunsheng no longer able to pretend that he was dead. The situation had progressed to a point that was completely outside his plan. There was another alien inside the castle and at the moment, she was standing at the top of the inner castle, looking down at the cloaked man.

Chu Yunsheng and the cloaked men were both lying in the building debris, and they were just one meter away from each other.

Both of them quickly glanced at each other. There was a huge wound on the cloaked man's body, the dark blood-like liquid was slowly dripping down from its wound.

Perhaps it was the first time for the cloaked man to see an old human was able to survive from his chaotic energy. So it immediately turned its head around and looked at Chu Yunsheng sharply again.

Then, it suddenly reached its hand out to grab Chu Yunsheng; wrapped them both in the cloak and jumped up. It was glaring at the woman in the white dress who was standing at the top of the inner castle for a few seconds before it flew away.

:"Stop chasing! we can't kill him at the moment." The other alien who dressed in white said coldly to the alien who was injured and the flying machine. :" Help castellan Ji to clean up the rest of enemy, I need to discuss something with the divine realm....'

Seeing the cloaked man flee from the castle, rest of the Skywalkers from the castle of raging fire also ran away in panic. They were confident in fighting the other Skywalkers. However, they didn't dare to fight the alien in the white dress.

The cloaked man's speed was very fast. It was even faster than when Chu Yunsheng wore the armour.

Chu Yunsheng was anxious at the beginning, but soon he calmed down. Because he noticed that the cloaked man wasn't heading towards his castle. Instead, it was heading towards the insect's tomb......