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Chapter 251 Who is sniping in the dark!

 Chapter 251 Who is sniping in the dark!

"That's right."

The shadow in the mirror seemed to have a very high degree of anthropomorphism, Chu Yunsheng could clearly see it's concerned expression. We couldn't hide this thing any longer, we have to come up with a new method to protect the candidates!" it carried on.

Then it suddenly changed its expression. :" As long as the heaven's messenger successfully returned, just a few aliens won't be threats to us!" It said arrogantly.

:" Then why not do it now! You are wasting everyone's time!" Chu Yunsheng didn't understand why the program had not made its decision yet.

:"We need time to finalize the matching genetic fragments, we also need to wait until we have enough Prototype Energy to support the entire return process...." the shadow vaguely explained.

:" I hope you all can make your decision as soon as possible, as you were saying, some of the candidates were exposed, but I am not powerful enough to deal with those aliens, so some of your candidates will probably die in this fight.... ah!.... Forget about it, just send me out of here!" there was a fierce fight outside the divine realm, so Chu Yunsheng also didn't dare to stay in the divine realm too long.

Although he didn't know where Edgar was, at least, he knew where exactly Tang Nin was, and when he found Tang Nin, it would eventually lead him to Edgar.


After Chu Yunsheng came out of the divine realm, he pushed the body that he used as a cover away from him, then took out the freeze gun. He sneaked into a tall building near the centre of the fight and went all the way to the top floor.

Below the building that most of the candidates were staying, the Skywalkers who dressed in red were attacking the entrance madly.

Above the same building, two aliens who were the most powerful creature in both parties also came to the most intense moment.

The cloaked man clearly had the upper hand. Chu Yunsheng suspected that it might have something to do with the stuff it got from the divine realm.

After Chu Yunsheng was ready, he immediately aimed the gun at a Skywalker who dressed in red. Whether it was from the level of cruelty towards human or for Chu Yunsheng his own purpose, helping the castle of Snowstorm was currently his best choice.

Sneak attack was something Chu Yunsheng was good at, it was also the attack method he liked the most. The buildings that around the inner castle and chaotic situation also became his best hiding spots.


The gun was fired with a little noise, A faint, white beam of light was fired into the chaotic crowd and it's trace quickly disappeared without anyone noticing it.


The target was instantly frozen.

Chu Yunsheng was laying on the ground didn't move. Although he didn't receive a proper military training, he had seen a few war movies about the snipers. In addition to that, he also had a countless number of personal experience in sneak attack. So he knew that after the shot was fired, it was the time he was most likely to be exposed, so quietly waiting for other people's movement was the best choice.

However, his worry was unnecessary, the centre of the castle was very chaotic, plus he had also adjusted the power of the freeze gun to the minimum, in order to reduce the trace of the beam to the maximum. So no one actually noticed his attack, all they probably thought was that the attack was done by the Skywalkers from the castle of Snowstorm.

Chu Yunsheng counted the time in the dark, he once again fired a shot after three minutes when he confirmed that no one noticed him.

He was not worried about the Skywalkers below him. What he worried the most was that if those aliens noticed him or not.


Several gunshots. Chu Yunsheng had a perfect cover. He also chose the area that the fight was the most intense and aimed the gun at the Skywalker that seemed to be the weakest. He was thinking that if he could reduce the number of the Skywalkers from the castle of raging fire, those people would definitely lose their advantages.

After he fired Several shots, he quickly crawled away and tried to find a next hiding spot.

The situation of the small battlefield in the centre of the castle was slowly changing after Chu Yunsheng joined the fight. The Skywalkers from the castle of raging fire were frozen one by one rapidly.....

:"Castellan! It is Qingshu......such powerful arrows!' Si Xing who was one of the five senior commanders said with relief, while raising her head to look at Xu Qingshu who was standing on the roof of a building

Just now, when Si Xing was fighting a powerful Skywalker from the castle of raging fire, her subordinates that were originally around her were affected by two alien's fight above them. They were knocked away by the shockwave of the fire messenger's attack. It was at that moment, another Skywalker took the opportunity trying to attack her from behind.

:"It wasn't her!" said with certainty by a seductive woman who had already changed her usual indolent expression, she frowned and lightly pushed the frozen Skywalker who tried to sneak attack earlier away from her.

:" Who else?...." Si Xing was surprised, all of the powerful Skywalkers from her side had already come out, who else had this kind of speed and power.

However, the situation didn't allow them to think a second more, other Skywalkers had already charged towards them.

Who else could it be? The castellan of the castle of snowstorm who also was that seductive woman suddenly broke into a smile. She didn't really care about who that person was anymore, because she saw that the castle of raging fire's castellan Lei Ming also noticed the person who attacked in the dark, and he was currently trying to organise people to surround the building which the attacker was hiding.

Since the fight begun, she always tried to stall Lei Ming who was as quick-witted as her, but Lei Ming would always able to run away and speed up killing her people.

She knew exactly what he was trying to do. However, Lei Ming's attack was more powerful than her. If she plays the game of with him, she would definitely lose. That was why he would always want to avoid having a fight with her. Because he was much faster at killing people.

She was smart, so she immediately noticed the opportunity of stalling Lei Ming here. Although her attack was weaker than Lei Ming, her defence was much powerful.

She needed to protect the person who was attacking in the dark and force Lei Ming to fight her....


She continued to harass Lei Ming while watching the first batch of Skywalkers entered the building, but after a few minutes, the person was still sniping like nothing had happened. However, none of the Skywalkers from the castle of raging fire came back.

It's over?! She was surprised, even she had seen so many powerful Skywalkers in the past.

Based on the situation that the frozen Skywalkers were not dead, she estimated that the person who attacked in the dark was weaker than Xu Qingshu.

Lei Ming definitely also estimated the power of the attacker, that was why he sent three Skywalkers over to stop the attacker. However....

Lei Ming shouted in anger, he then sent out the second batch of five Skywalkers, one of them was a lord - a level that was equivalent to a commander in the castle of Snowstorm!

Her beautiful eyes glanced at the building sharply and a faint smile flashed over her seductively charming lips. This time she didn't plan to save that person, she wanted to see how strong the person was!

Besides, Lei Ming didn't move, so she couldn't move either.


An extremely strange thing happened. After a few seconds later, a clatter of fierce fight noises appeared in the building...


The wall of the building was destroyed and the lord was thrown out of the building and smashed onto the ground, he was struggling on the ground for a few seconds before he died completely.

This time not only Lei Ming was shocked, she was also amazed by the person in the dark, she was sure that the person was definitely not from her castle.

In the next second, Lei Ming suddenly disappeared......

In fact, Chu Yunsheng really didn't want to fight with those people, it would only increase the chances of exposing himself. However, although the castle of snowstorm slowly gained the upper hand of the battle on the ground. The alien in the sky who was defending the castle was on the losing side.

Once the cloaked won the battle in the sky, with its powerful ability, he didn't think that he would be able to reverse the situation anymore, unless he was in the creep area.

So he needed to finish the battle on the ground as soon as possible, then the castle would be able to deploy more people to join the fight in the sky.

Chu Yunsheng had been doing the sneak attack for a while now, he had a rough idea about how powerful those Skywalkers were. For example, the two people that were charging towards him at the moment were the most powerful people from each side.

Two people were approaching the building quickly, One at the front and one and the back. Although their speed was slower than Chu Yunsheng when he wore the armour, in such close distance, they arrived at the building within a split second.