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Chapter 250 the fight between red and white

 Chapter 250 the fight between red and white

16 diagrams of combat movements!

In this extreme situation, Chu Yunsheng suddenly remembered the third island chain's diagrams.

It was a set of physical combat techniques, and since he learned it from the divine realm, he only used it once. He didn't have time to modify it by using the rules of the ancients book just yet. It was a perfect time to use it now.

With his current strength, even if this set of physical combat techniques was not powerful, but his aim was to defend not to kill the man, so he thought that it was definitely more than enough to deal with the problem.

While Chu Yunsheng was thinking, Ning Huiyan's flame blade was quickly approaching Yuan Qiyang.

Chu Yunsheng already remembered all the details about the 16 diagrams of combat techniques and 9 diagrams of body's movements when he was in the divine realm.

So once he decided to use it, his body instantly started to move. By following the instructions in the diagrams, he converged his energy into his fist and threw the punch at the flame blade.

He didn't have the skill to stop the blade using two of his fingers, like what the woman in the white dress did back in Jin Ling city. But he had enough powerful Ben Ti Yuan Qi energy. As he punched his fist forward, the energy also burst out from his fist.


The flame blade was broken apart, the fire was scattered everywhere in the courtyard.

The strong shockwave still pushed towards Chu Yunsheng made his grey hair flying around in the air.

This set of combat techniques was not suitable for Chu Yunsheng because his energy didn't contain other elements. If it was used by other Skywalkers, Chu Yunsheng believed that the power would be doubled.

Ning Huiyan was shocked to see that his flame blade was blocked by an old man, but before he had time to think who the old man was, Xu Qingshu's icy arrow already headed towards his heart.

If he was hit, he would be dead for sure.

However, what surprised both Chu Yunsheng and Xu Qingshu was that just when the arrow was about to hit Ning Huiyan, he suddenly turned into a cloud of flames. Chu Yunsheng had seen this kind of ability before. It was exactly the same as the ability that the cloaked man he killed used.

The only difference was that Ning Huiyan was only able to disappear for less than half a second, but the cloaked man could do it for a long time. However, the half second is more than enough for him to dodge an arrow!

But, although he could dodge one arrow, it seemed like that skill consumed him a lot of fire energy!

So when he resumed the human shape, he immediately turned around and ran away. With the current situation, he might be able to deal with Xu Qingshu but there was a sneaky old Fu** here, if this old man started to attack him, then he wouldn't have any chance to run away.

A fire Skywalker's running speed perhaps might not be as good as a wind Skywalker, but comparing to an ice Skywalker, a fire Skywalker still had some advantages.

But Xu Qingshu didn't plan to chase him. Instead, she was constantly shooting the arrows trying to injure him. In this way, even if Ning Huiyan was able to run away, he would be heavily injured when he returned to his castle.

"Who are you?' Xu Qingshu's voice was extremely cold, she was staring at Chu Yunsheng using her sharp eyes.

"Yuan Hongxue." Chu Yunsheng calmed his energy down and said while holding Yuan Qiyang's hand. His senile appearance at the moment was completely different than the appearance when he threw the punch.

:"Since you are a Skywalker, why didn't you register at the entrance? Why did you have to sneak in?!" Xu Qingshu was throwing questions at him. At the same time, Ice energy started to fluctuate quickly in the courtyard. She was preparing herself for the fight. It seemed like if she didn't get reasonable answers from Chu Yunsheng, she would kill him.

Nowadays, there were many Skywalkers from the castle of raging fire sneaked into her castle, and Chu Yunsheng was indeed extremely suspicious. However, no one knew exactly what he was doing here.

:"My ability is very weak, I was left with no choice. What I did earlier was my last bit of energy, I am an old man and I don't have many days left. All I want is to use the rest of my days to look after my grandson." Chu Yunsheng didn't like Xu Qingshu. He knew exactly what she was doing earlier, she wanted to sacrifice the life of someone else to get the result she wanted.

Not to mention that at the moment, He and Yuan Qiyang already joined her castle. They should be considered as their own people.

Xu Qinshu seemed to want to say something else. However, just when she opened her mouth, an ear-piercing signal sound rang out in the centre of the castle. Her face instantly dropped. She was glaring at Chu Yunsheng for a few seconds then turned around and jumped over the wall, quickly heading towards the direction where the sound came from.

"Shit!" Chu Yunsheng cursed. He only paid attention to the safety of the candidate and Yuan Qiyang, he did not realise that Yu Xiaohai's cousin and Edgar were also in the centre of the castle. If both aliens started to use the flying machine, plus there were so many skywalkers fighting in the centre of the castle, it would be much more dangerous than this barracks.

"Aunty Wang, please help me to look after Xiao Qiyang, I'm going to check the outside!" Chu Yunsheng didn't want to ask Xiao Sha whose mind was filled with revenge, to look after Yuan Qiyang. Compare to Xiao Sha, Aunty Wang who was a peaceful person was a much safer choice...

:"Grandpa Yuan, it's a mess outside, are you....?" Auntie Wang held Yuan Qiyang's little hand and tried to stop Chu Yunsheng.

Although everyone was shocked that Chu Yunsheng was a Skywalker, however, he was indeed very old, so Aunty Wang's worry was reasonable. But not everyone was worried about Chu Yunsheng's safety. The Mommy Sun who didn't give Chu Yunsheng a good time in the past few days was extremely scared of him at the moment.

:"It's ok, this place is relatively safe. So don't run around, I'll be back soon!" Chu Yunsheng said while passing a pistol to Aunty Wang.

Aunty Wang was scared and she almost shouted out, She was not scared by the pistol itself, but the fact that Chu Yunsheng still had this type of weapons with him, any weapons should have been taken away when they entered the castle. How did Yuan Qiyang's grandpa bring it in?

Chu Yunsheng rubbed Yuan Qiyang's little head and suddenly noticed the kid was staring at him all along. His ardent, burning eyes almost made Chu Yunsheng thought that he was hallucinating.

Time was pressing, Chu Yunsheng didn't have time to think about what the kid was thinking at the moment, so he quickly left the courtyard. After he disappeared from everyone's eyesight, he immediately started to use the 9 diagrams of body movement to increase his speed.

The castle was quite big, plus it was chaotic at the moment, so Chu Yunsheng had huge advantages when moving inside of it.

There was an inner castle located in the centre of the castle. It was surrounded by the walls that were made of bricks and the stones. Many white-dressed skywalkers and red-dressed were fighting each other on top of the walls when Chu Yunsheng arrived.

Chu Yunshengn did not know why the fire messenger suddenly would want to attack the castle of Snowstorm in this kind of scale.

However, based on the current situation, and from the look of battle, the people with white dress slowly begun to gain the upper hand. After all, here was their base, and they had also prepared for the attack.

Only a few people noticed that Chu Yunsheng when he arrived, probably because he was an old man, even if he was a Skywalker, it would not be too much of threat, or maybe that he was neither dressed in white, nor red, no one knew which side he belonged to, so no one paid much attention to him.

Because of this, he went straight into the heart of the castle without fighting with anyone.

In mid-air, the aircraft Chu Yansheng had seen before had already floated in the air shooting the white beans at the cloaked man. However, the cloaked man whose body was surrounded by the fire easily dodged the white beams. It even had time to fight a white dressed woman while dodging the air craft's attack.

Below the aircraft, the fight was even more fierce. All kinds of energies were cast out at each other by the Skywalkers from both castles.

Chu Yunsheng could see Xu QingShu from far away. She jumped onto the roof of a building starting to shoot the Skywalkers who dressed in red. The building she landed was surrounded by the Skywalkers who dressed in white and it seemed like they were desperately trying to stop those people to get into the building.

Among the crowd, Chu Yunsheng soon discovered a few people from Jiang Qianqin's group, but he still couldn't find Edgar.

He quickly got into the houses around the big building and carefully searching for anyone might be able to tell him some information, however, he couldn't even find major Qin.

Slowly he started to become anxious, and the more anxious he got, the more difficult it would be for him to come up with an idea. After having found nothing, Chu Yunsheng decided to enter the divine realm to ask the shadow in the mirror to update him the locations of the candidates. He needed to find Tan Ning, at least.

The divine realm was still opened at the moment, and Chu Yunsheng had an agreement with the shadow in the mirror that as long as he was not breaking the protocols of the program, he could enter and leave the divine realm freely.

He found a remote corner, then lied down on the ground and played dead. Next second, he was in the divine realm.

"I need the locations of ten candidates now! Quick!" Chu Yunsheng immediately said when he saw the shadow.

"I'm looking for you!" the Shadow said at the same time.

:" Solve my problems first, we will talk about yours later!" Chu Yunsheng said sternly.

The shadow was staring at Chu Yunsheng for a few seconds then pointed at another transparent mirror. This time the image showed that almost half of the 10 candidates were in the building which was protected by the Skywalkers in the white dress, it was also the building that Chu Yunsheng saw earlier.

Tan Ning was also in there.

:" Why are they all there?" even if Chu Yunsheng was not smart, he also realized that it definitely wasn't a coincidence.

The shadow sighed:" they hacked into the outer layers of our program, so they know something now, they are trying to kidnap the candidates they could recognize in order to control the heaven's messenger."

"What is this shitty program!" Chu Yunsheng cursed. Then he pointed at the images and said:" so you are telling me that the reason why the alien in the red cloak is attacking the castle of Snowstorm is that they want those people?"