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Chapter 249 Burning castle

 Chapter 249 Burning castle

Of course, those girls in the barrack would not ask Chu Yunsheng this old man to wash their clothes. Although it was the dark age and the order and moral had already collapsed outside the castle, the people inside the castle would still want to maintain some basic orders and moral principles. After all, men and women were still different.

There had been a shortage of fuels in the Yellow mountain areas for quite some time, so the supplies like gasoline would have to give priority to armour division. That was why that even those horsewomen also needed to use the dead tree branches to cook meals.

Every day when the hazy shimmer about to disappear from the sky, a group of refugees would appear at the entrance of the castle to deliver woods in exchange for a small amount of food.

And Chu Yunsheng's job was to re-process those branches, split them into small pieces so that it would be easy to use. In addition to that, he also needed to make charcoals for those upper-class women to keep their heatings running.

It was just bits and pieces, not a heavy job. But it was not an easy task either. In terms of preparing the meal, they would not give to a person who just came to the castle. There were many new kinds of toxins appeared around the world every day, who knows if Chu Yunsheng was sent to the castle by the castle of raging fire or not, so they had someone they trusted to prepare the meal in the barrack.

But it didn't take Chu Yunsheng long to get to know his two new "colleagues". One of them was his "subordinate", a young man whose name was Xiao Sha, who was responsible for delivering the wood to the barrack. Another one was his superior auntie Wang, who was responsible for preparing the meal. Although they had different tasks, they were all managed by that Mammy Sun woman.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know that whether it was the thing that happened at the entrance of the barrack, made the Mommy Sun felt embarrassed or not, she would always cause trouble for him. If it weren't that Xu Qingshu was the person who brought him in, it might be even worse.

Luckily, auntie Wang and Xiao Sha were much more friendly. Both of them often told Chu Yunsheng that it was not a big deal, just endure it, it would be over soon and it wasn't easy to get a job in the barrack, so don't waste the opportunity.

However, they didn't know that if it were not that Chu Yunsheng wanted to leave the Yellow Mountain area as soon as possible, he would not want to tolerate this at all. Of course, they also wouldn't even know that the person everyone in the castle was desperately looking for was currently cutting the wood in their barrack!

The insect killed auntie Wang's husband and son at the beginning of the apocalypse. Fortunately, she was found by her niece when was almost dead, since then she has been working in the castle.

She was a very sympathetic person. When Yuan Qiyang told her what had happened to him, it made her broke into tears. Later that night, she also secretly gave Yuan Qiyang an extra piece of meat, and since then, whenever she looked at Yuan Qiyang, she would remember her dead son.

Several days passed very quickly in the castle. However, Auntie Wang's sympathy towards Yuan Qiyang didn't reduce any. But it was a good news to Chu Yunsheng, at least, the kid would be looked after by someone when he was not around.

He took the advantages of the dark night, spending several days sneaking around the castle to check the area where the candidate was imprisoned. Now he was familiar with the area, all he needed to do was to wait for the next time when the divine realm is opened, then he would use that opportunity to save the candidate.


The castle was unusually quiet at the night when the divine realm was opened, if it were not that Chu Yunsheng could feel the energy's fluctuations inside the castle, he would definitely think that the castle didn't have any defence.

However, he felt something was very strange. Because he could feel that there were a lot of powerful Skywalkers hiding in dark corners, and it seemed like they were waiting for something.

Chu Yunsheng didn't close the door fully. With the help of the shadow in the mirror, he got out of the divine realm very quickly. But just when he "woke up" he heard some noises coming from outside.

Suddenly several signal flares were fired into the sky from the center of the castle.

Immediately, the whole castle was filled with the sounds of people shouting and fighting!

Chu Yunsheng was shocked, just when he was about to close the door, he saw Xiao Sha was running towards his room breathlessly.

": Grandpa Yuan, don't leave your room under any circumstances, the people from the castle of raging fire broke into our castle and they are killing everyone!" He said hurriedly.

:"How many?" Chu Yunsheng instinctively asked, then he immediately regretted it. This was not something that a person who had a menial job like him should ask. Besides, how could Xiao Sha possibly know anything?

As he expected Xiao Sha shook his head:" I don't know, but a lot of powerful Skywalkers all came out to defend the castle. They don't usually kill civilians, so grandpa please be careful and don't go outside the room."

Xiao Sha turned around and was about to leave after he told Chu Yunsheng to take care of himself:" It is chaotic outside, you are still going out?" Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows and asked.

Xiao Sha gritted his teeth and said:" the bastards from the castle of raging fire killed my parents and kidnapped my wife, I..."

Chu Yunsheng knew he was just an ordinary man, but those who broke into the castle were definitely Skywalkers. There was no way he would kill anyone of them, so he said:" it's a suicide.....'

But he was suddenly interrupted by the fighting noises outside of his courtyard. Then two men who dressed in red jumped over the wall of the courtyard and landed inside. After they landed, one of the men suddenly picked up the other red cloaked man and threw him to the other side of the wall. :"It is a trap, go! And find the fire messenger! " the man who stayed behind shouted.

Immediately, two more people who were dressed in white jumped over the wall, and while they were still in the air, they nocked the arrows, drew the bows and shot the arrows at the red-cloaked men in a split second.

The man snorted. At the same time, he quickly moved back a few steps, then swung his flaming sword to hack two freezing arrows.

"Ning Huiyan, you can not run away now, surrender yourself!" The third person in the white dress closely followed. She was Xu Qingshu.

Recently, in order to find that man, the people in the castle was heavily overloaded with the search tasks. Under the influence of the ice messenger's frequent impatient urging, many skywalkers in the castle of snowstorm were exhausted. However, the people from the castle of raging fire were resting well. If it weren't that the informants risked their lives to come back to the castle to give them the information, the people from the castle of raging fire probably would have succeeded it.

The red-cloaked man in the courtyard was a relatively powerful Skywalker in the castle of raging fire, so Xu Qingshu had to deal with this man personally.

At the moment, a menial's house was filled with four powerful skywalkers.

"We don't know that yet!" Ning Huiyan sneered. He lowered his sword and quickly moved back another few steps. He was even more close to Xiao Sha now.

"Kill him!" Xu Qingshu landed inside the courtyard and immediately ordered the people to attack. At the same time, she nocked her unique light blue arrow and drew the string to the maximum.

Instantly, a fierce fight broke out in the small courtyard. While two parties were exchanging the ice and fire energy, the buildings around them were either frozen or burned by them.

Chu Yunsheng held Yuan Qiyang and quickly came out of the house before it collapsed. On the way, he also grabbed Xiao Sha who was stunned by the power of the Skywalkers as well.

It was three versus one. Even Ning Huiyan who looked like a rank four dark warrior or at least rank three dark warriors to Chu Yunsheng, also barely blocked all the attacks. If it were not that the strange sword in his hand, he would probably have already died.

Suddenly, a loud rumbling noise like thunderclap appeared in the sky, an object that was surrounded by the flame flew over the castle and everything was lit up wherever it travelled.

Chu Yunsheng had a good eyesight. What he saw was a man, a cloaked man with a long sword.

Xu Qingshu's people did not know who the man was, but they still jumped up trying to stop the man.

"No!" Xu Qingshu shouted. She had also seen the person. Although she did not know who the person was either, she knew that that cloaked man was on a different level.

However, it was too late, two blades made of flame were cast out at those two white dressed women who were trying to stop the cloaked man. Two women were hit and smashed onto the ground.

The cloaked man did not seem to be interested in the people below. He quickly flew over the courtyard and did not show any sign of stopping. He did not even look at Ning Huiyan at all.

In the destroyed courtyard, the situation was changed in a split second. One of the women that was smashed onto the ground was dead instantly, and the other one was heavily injured. Now, there was only Ning Huiyan and Xu Qingshu.

Chu Yunsheng felt something was very strange about the cloaked man who just flew by. He had fought one of the cloaked men before. However, the other cloaked man could not kill high-level skywalkers that easily.

Then he suddenly remembered Tian Yi, the guy who he killed when he just came to this area. That man said that the fire messenger got some important things from the divine realm, was it because of those things made it become so powerful? Or maybe it was originally much powerful than the one Chu Yunsheng encountered?

The situation indie the castle of Snowstorm was very chaotic, Chu Yunsheng took Yuan Qiyang with him and retreated back to a corner. He did not want to get involved in those alien's business, but, he wanted to see if those two aliens would end up both injured.

He did not know when he would be able to see that, but he knew that two humans in front of him were going to ended up injured soon!

Without the help of other two people, the power between two parties was instantly balanced. Both people could not injure each other at the moment.

But soon, Ning Huiyan noticed Xu Qingshu's weakness, this woman was always trying to protect the ordinary people in a corner of the courtyard.

The entrance to the courtyard was blocked by the building debris, most of the people who lived in the courtyard were ordinary men. Even if they could climb over that debris, they also could not survive outside.

Ning Huiyan immediately turned around and swung the sword at one of the corners where the people were hiding. He wanted to force Xu Qingshu to save them in order to obtain the control of the fight...

Xu Qingshu's face instantly dropped. Just when Ning Huiyan thought that his plan was successful and when he cast out another flame blade at the Chu Yunsheng and Yuan Qiyang, Xu Qingshu changed the direction of her arrow making it flew straight towards Ning Huiyan.

She wanted to give up protecting those ordinary people and use this opportunity to kill Ning Huiyan.

While they both were thinking their plan was perfect!

Chu Yunsheng was struggling to make a decision. With his speed, he could easily pull away Yuan Qiyang to dodge the flame blade., However, Auntie Wang and Xiao Sha behind him would definitely die.

But if he used his ability, then he would be exposed to everyone here.

So it was an extremely difficult decision.

However, the flying flame blade did not give him much time to think, he needed to act as soon as possible!