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Chapter 248 follow me to the barrack!

 Chapter 248 follow me to the barrack!

Chu Yunsheng immediately became the focus of attention after the middle-aged woman said the kid passed the test. Everyone was looking at the grey hair old man with envy.

The white machine's door slowly opened again, Yuan Qiyang came out of the machine, looked at Chu Yunsheng and the middle-aged woman nervously.

:"It was a shame that your grandson just a little bit low from the excellent stats!" the woman looked at the stats and sighed:" but still, this is the best stats in this month! Apart from the genius girl who came to the castle yesterday...."

The woman's voice became lower and lower. In the end, she was just murmuring something.

:"I passed it?" Yuan Qiyang couldn't believe it.

:"Yes, you passed it!" Chu Yunsheng didn't know why he would feel anxious, he was trying to figure out what caused that feeling, so he just told the kid that he passed the test absentmindedly.

The middle-aged woman was surprised to see that Chu Yunsheng was very calm, this was the first time that she saw a family member could be so calm to accept the result.

Probably this old man didn't know how-how good his grandson's stats were and how well the reward would be. The middle-aged woman thought. Then she kindly reminded Chu Yunsheng:" based on your grandson's stats, he will immediately receive a middle-class citizenship when he entered the castle!"

"Middle-class citizenship?" Chu Yunsheng suddenly remembered that he seemed to have heard this word from that commander Xu Qingshu. According to what she told Jiang Qianqin, the students who have special skills would become lower-class citizens. Only after they made contributions to the castle would they be promoted to middle-class citizens.

Yuan Qiyang just simply stayed inside that machine for less than a few minutes, he could receive a middle-class citizenship? The stats that the middle-aged woman mentioned probably had something to do with the talents of Skywalkers.

So Chu Yunsheng could not help but looked at the machine one more time, he remembered that when he was in Jin Ling city, the awakening of a twelve years old little girl in the office building shocked GRD's professor Sun. Professor Sun had also proposed a theory that any human after they turned twelve years old, and if they were talented, they would gradually awaken their abilities.

In terms of how powerful their abilities were, it probably had something to do with the stats that this woman mentioned!

Perhaps after human kids turned 12 years old, their awakening stats would be stabilized, so their power level would also be fixed. Maybe before human kids turned 12, their awakening stats were still in an inactive state, so it might still have growth potential.

This was all Chu Yunsheng could infer from the information he received from the woman. However, the talented girl who the woman was constantly murmuring about made Chu Yunsheng felt inexplicable anxious....

:"What's your name?" the middle-aged woman asked, then she took out a brand new form.

:"Yuan Hongxue(Red Snow)." Chu Yunsheng gave her a name randomly.

:" How old?"


:"Do you have any special skill?" the middle-aged woman asked.

:"No." Chu Yunsheng said it without thinking the question properly.

:"Okay, take these two forms, you can get into the castle today. Report yourself to the castle management department after you get in the castle....." the woman waved the forms in her hand and said:" if you grandson become successful one day, don't forget about me....."

Chu Yunsheng took over the form and gave a perfunctory nod, then held Yuan Qiyang's hand and walked into the castle.

Suddenly, the woman raised her head again, she hesitated for a second then said:" I know you don't have any special skill, but do you know how to wash clothes and make meals?"

Chu Yunsheng was confused, he didn't know why she was asking this, but he still replied yes.

The middle-aged woman thought for a second and said:" I think your grandson has potentials and although you are old, you looks clean and competent. Unlike other old people, you don't look like you have any disease, so I'm going to introduce you to a job interview, but I can't guarantee that you will be selected, it's entirely up to other people to decide if they want you or not. However, if you are selected by them, don't forget about me..."

Chu Yunsheng was struggling to think a place to stay earlier on, but this woman's suggestion just happened to provide him with a great opportunity, so he immediately nodded his head and said:" I know the rules, no matter what the result will be, I still have to thank you."

The middle-aged woman was satisfied with Chu Yunsheng's reply, she smiled and said:" I was asked to recommend a person. However, unlike the old days, it was not easy to find a competent person that is both trustworthy and healthy. Moreover, the employers are a group of girls, although the girls are not scared of young men, it is not convenient. But you an are an old man, so comparing to a young man, you are much more suitable for the job."

:"Who are those girls? And what do I need to do?" Chu Yunsheng asked.

The woman pointed at a group of white dressed horsewomen who just entered the castle hurriedly and said:" See them? Those girls are the treasures of our castle, they are very precious, and our castellan heavily relies on them. An old man who was doing the housework for them died several days ago, so they needed a replacement, their commander came by here in person to ask me to find someone suitable for the job:"

Chu Yunsheng looked at himself, that Kui person was right. His dress and his look were too clean compared to the other refugees.

:" Take this letter, go to the barrack inside the castle and ask for an interview, if they really chose you, then congratulations. It is said that the food in the barrack is the best in the castle!" the woman said with envy filled in her eyes.

:"Thank you!" Chu Yunsheng took over the letter and said.

:"Please test my kid!" after seeing Chu Yunsheng's "grandson" easily passed the test, all the people who were behind Chu Yunsheng earlier became excited as if the next one passed the text would be their kid.


Yuan Qiyang closely followed behind Chu Yunsheng and entered the castle those refugees were dreaming of.

On the way into the castle, they saw many checkpoints. Everyone seemed to have a task assigned to them, and they seemed to be very busy.

And there was one thing that Chu Yunsheng was familiar the most was his photos... There were so many of them lined up on the walls on each side of the checkpoint. With this amount of photos, Chu Yunsheng believed that if his appearance didn't change, he probably wouldn't be able to approach the castle within 1km.

But he still did not Edgar. Instead, he had seen a few students who were with him before when they were trapped in this area. Chu Yunsheng pretended that he didn't see them. He went all the way to a restricted area. On the top of the area's entrance, there was a plate written: white barrack, upper-class citizen only.

With the help of the letter, Chu Yunsheng successfully found the person who was in charge of him.

:"The people at the entrance recommended you?!" a muscular middle-aged woman was staring at them angrily, she didn't seem to be happy about them.

:"Yes." Chu Yunsheng clearly felt that Yuan Qiyang grasp his cloth tightly all of sudden while hiding behind him.

:" Are those people serious!? An old man, a kid, what kind of work could you do!? We need people to take care of the girls, not the other way around!? Get out! Get out!" the middle-aged woman shouted angrily.

However, Chu Yunsheng didn't seem to hear what she said. At the moment, he was very near the place where the other candidate was trapped, so he just stood there secretly observing the security of the area. This barrack was heavily guarded, if he just simply left, he would miss a great opportunity to observing this place.

:"Are you all deaf!? Did you not hear what I said? You abject thing!" the woman was enraged after realising that Chu Yunsheng ignored her.

She has been staying in this barrack for a long time now. Apart from those horsewomen, she always looked down on other people, so when she saw Chu Yunsheng's attitude, she wanted to slap this old man so badly and teach him some castle's rules.

:"Mommy Sun, who are they?" suddenly a familiar voice appeared at her back, the middle-aged woman instantly stopped her hand in the air, then she immediately replaced her angry face with smiles.

:"Commander Xu, I don't know what the people at the entrance are really doing, they recommended an old man and a kid here, do they really think anyone can come to our barrack?" the woman immediately replied.

:" It was me, the old man looked competent, so please let them in." Xu Qingshu knitted her brows and said simply.

:"Oh.....kay...." the woman was stunned, she didn't expect that it was commander Xu's idea.

:"What's your name?" Xu Qingshu asked irritability. However it wasn't the middle-aged woman made her feel irritable, it was that she had been looking for Chu Yunsheng for sometimes now, but she still couldn't find any trace of him. The ice messenger and the castellan seemed to know something but they didn't tell her, so it made her feel extremely anxious.

:"Yuan Hongxue." Chu Yunsheng replied calmly.

:" He passed the test at the entrance?" Xu Qingshu pointed at Yuan Qiyang and asked.

:"Yes, with good stats." Chu Yunsheng nodded his head. He also intentionally slow down his talking speed. He had seen this woman before, so he needed to be more careful.

:"Okay, follow me to the barrack!" Xu Qingshu glanced at the muscular middle-aged woman and went back to the barrack.