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Chapter 247 I know someone from the top

 Chapter 247 I know someone from the top

Only when the heaven's messenger successfully returned, would Chu Yunsheng be able to leave this place. But at the moment, he didn't want any accidents.

The program could wait, but Chu Yunsheng couldn't. The longer he stayed here, the more dangerous the Jin Ling city would be.

According to the shadow in the mirror, each one of the haven's messenger had their own important missions, so probably to them, the disappearance of Jin Ling was a small matter. That was why Chu Yunsheng didn't expect those people would help him.

Of course, San Fazi didn't know about Chu Yunsheng's plan, he didn't even know Chu Yunsheng's real identity, he just felt like those women were extremely lucky.

:"What you said, was it real?" the crippled woman asked nervously.

:"I know someone from the top, so feeding you guys won't be a problem." Chu Yunsheng postured.

:"Grandpa, I got a share as well?" San Fazi was excited.

:"Of course, you will also get a share. Depending on your performance, I'll probably give you some weapons in the future!" Chu Yunsheng lied.

:"Grandpa, you may leave peacefully, I'll take care of everything for you. Although I just have one arm, it will not be a problem for me to protect one person." San Fazi patted his chest and said.

:"What do you mean you can leave peacefully(AKA: RIP in Chinese), watch what you are saying." the crippled women poked San Fazi several times and reminded him.

:"Sorry, sorry, sorry, I'll choose words more widely. Anyway, Grandpa, who do you want us to take care of?" San Fazi asked.

:"Follow me." Chu Yunsheng slowly got up, held Yuan Qiyang's hand and said.

There were quite a few campfires outside the castle, so they could still see the road. However, the light was very dim.

The old candidate probably had already eaten the meat Chu Yunsheng gave to him, so he looked slightly better than before. when Chu Yunsheng arrived, the old candidate had already wrapped himself up with a dirty bed sheet and leant against the wall sleeping.

:"Oh, it is uncle Cai, isn't his son Yougui still in the castle, I just saw him came out of the castle to send food two days ago!" San Fazi had a pair of sharp eyes, he immediately recognized the man.

:" You know him? That's even better, don't mistake him for other people." Chu Yunsheng repeated.

:"Grandpa, don't worry, I know everyone here, I won't make that kind of silly mistakes." the crippled woman replied.

:" Uncle Cai has good luck!" San Fazi sighed.

:"Wait, having three people to take care of an old man, seems a little bit too many!" Chu Yunsheng just realized that he didn't actually need that many people.

The air around them suddenly became tense after he said it, no matter it was San Fazi or three women, they all panicked, the thing they were worried the most still happened.

:"Grandpa, we still have strength, please use us, please! the other two women suddenly kneeled down and said in the panic.

:"Let's do it this way, San Fazi will arrange your shifts." Chu Yunsheng didn't want to waste time on this small matter so he just gave the responsibility to San Fazi.

:" Grandpa, don't worry, I'll do it nicely." San Fazi said excitedly, his eyes were filled with visible happiness. Chu Yunsheng's word confirmed his position in the group,

:"Okay, here are two pieces of meat, you take them first. Chu Yunsheng took out one piece of meat from Yuan Qiyang's pocket, and the other one from his own pocket then passed them to San Fazi and three women.

:"Grandpa....." Yuan Qiyang saw the meat he hid was taken out by Chu Yunsheng, he instinctively moaned, but he stopped immediately. Although he was young, he knew that the grandpa once gave him a bigger piece of meat before.

After they returned to San Fazi's shack, San Fazi insisted that Chu Yunsheng needed to take a rest in his shack.

Chu Yunsheng first tucked Yuan Qiyang in, then sat on the side to cultivate Yuan Qi. At the moment, he was very close to the verge of breaking through the Rong Yuan body's third stage.

From outside of the shack, San Fazi and other three women's conversation came faintly into Chu Yunsheng's ear.

": San Fazi, do grandpa really not want us to serve him?"

:"Look at yourself! Who do you think grandpa is, it's not that I am trying to scare you. Do you know about Skywalkers? Grandpa has several students who are skywalkers! Just inside this castle. When he got into the castle tomorrow, his social status will be raised to an incredible high-level!"

:"But I have heard that a lot of skywalkers don't even recognize their friends and families, they all became ruthless. Grandpa this age..... How many students will still respect him?"

:"Don't say it that loud... if grandpa heard it... but I don't think grandpa just an ordinary old man, he is at least, a professor kind of person..."

:"Right, San Fazi, oh no, brother San, I'll watch what I said, please don't tell grandpa...."

:"We just need to make sure that we do our job, if grandpa is happy, we definitely will have rewards!"

:"I'm just curious, why does grandpa treat Zhen Youcai that nice?"

:"I don't know, but don't ask that many questions. In this world, there are many things we still don't know, this might involve someone from the top or might relate to some skywalkers, this is something that we should not ask, remember, don't tell anyone about this otherwise I'll....."

"of course... We won't tell anyone about this."


Chu Yunsheng was speechless, within a few minute's of conversation, someone gave him another identity- an old professor. However, he didn't dare to use that identity. With his knowledge, he didn't think he could fool anyone.

Needed to think a solution..... Chu Yunsheng was thinking until he fell asleep.

On the second day when there was hazy shimmer, Chu Yunsheng woke up. He thought that he was the first person who woke up. However, San Fazi and other people including the kid were already waiting for him outside the shack.

But Chu Yunsheng didn't plan to take those people with him apart from the kid. He told them what he needed to do, then went to the entrance of the castle again.

When Chu Yunsheng arrived at the entrance, he was surprised to find out that the girl and her mother who he saw yesterday also came today. Apparently, they still didn't give up, however, they didn't dare to approach the entrance just timidly standing on the side.

:"Your name?" the middle-aged woman who was responsible for doing the record was the same person Chu Yunsheng saw yesterday, she didn't even raise her head when asking the question.

:"Yuan Qiyang. Chu Yunsheng replied on behalf of the kid.

:"How old?"

:"7 years old."

:"Gender?" it was understandable that why she would ask this question. Since no one had time to clean themselves, even the boy also had long and messy hairs nowadays.


:"What's your two's relationship?" the middle-aged women didn't seem to pay attention to the answers.

:"I'm his grandpa." Chu Yunsheng replied.

:"Let your kid standing inside that machine." the woman finished filling the last question and asked without any emotions, then she pressed a button on a pad that resembled a touchscreen.

The machine she mentioned was a white cuboid, its surface looked seamless. After the woman pressed the button, a small door slowly appeared on the side which was facing Chu Yunsheng. The inside of the cuboid was also pure white, it seemed like there was nothing special about the machine.

Yuan Qiyang looked at Chu Yunsheng, let go of his hand then slowly moved towards the machine.

Suddenly the middle-aged woman seemed to remember something, she quickly lifted up a stick to stop Yuan Qiyang and said to Chu Yunsheng: "I have to warn you. If he is over 12, then a 50% " chance of death rate will occur, do you want to think again?"

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second. From the appearance and body size of the kid, the kid should be somewhere around 7 years old, so he did not doubt it, what the woman said also made him think twice, what if the poor nutrition intake caused the kid to grow slower than usual, and if the kid was really 12 years old or over, a 50% chance of death was too risky!

"I am really 7 years old." this time was Yuan Qiyang.

The woman looked at him and said:" you can go in!"

Yuan Qiyang turned around looked at Chu Yunsheng one more time, then walked into the machine.

The door slowly closed, when he walked in.

After around 10 minutes, a strange diagram appeared on the screen in front of the middle-aged woman. Probably something related to the kid's talent stats. However, Chu Yunsheng did not really know what it was.

"Huh? Not bad... congratulations, you grandson is qualified." the woman was surprised, and her tone was less harsh than before.

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