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Chapter 246 the most powerful man in the world

 Chapter 246 the most powerful man in the world

Chu Yunsheng raised his head to find whose voice it was. Then, he saw the one-armed men was with a dark-skinned burly man who seemed to lose one of his eyes. There was a piece of cloth wrapping obliquely around the man's head coring his injured eye. it made the man look even more intimidating.

The man looked at Chu Yunsheng from top to bottom for a few seconds, then said without any emotion:" old man, I respect that you are an elderly person, but I have to tell you that anyone who is lying in this place will not end up good."

Chu Yunsheng smiled:" lying or not, you will find it out soon."

The man suddenly said loudly:" ok! Old man, I'll trust you this time! you two can temporarily stay here for one night, don't worry about the safety, and also I'll get someone to send you some food! But let's agree on something first, if you found your students, I need your students to kill a person for me. How is that?"

Chu Yunsheng held the little boy's hand and said:" if they deserve to die, then they will be killed!"

The man wanted him to be a killer in exchange for the safety just for one night, the price seemed to be too high. But then again, he just came here, he didn't know the situation here, maybe to them, it was a fair price.

The man didn't seem to be happy about Chu Yunsheng's answer. His face suddenly dropped and spat on the ground. :" every fucking person here deserves to die!" the man was staring at the little boy, gritting his teeth and said relentlessly.

Chu Yunsheng felt the boy was suddenly scared by the man's words, his little hand was grasping his hand tightly.

The man slowly returned back to his calm expression, then he patted one-armed young man's shoulder very hard and said gruffly:" San Fazi, help me to look after those two tonight, I'm giving you a chance now, so treasure it!"

The one-armed man approached bother Kui and whispered in his ear:" brother Kui. Surely, that I will never lie to you, but those two....? You really believe them?"

Brother Kui sneered:" look at that old man, in such cold day, he didn't even get frostbite! Do you think that is normal? Look at his clothes, although it looks old, they weren't dirty. Does he look like a refugee to you? And his grey hairs, at his age, he didn't seem to lose any hairs, do you think that's normal?"

:" Brother, you are really smart! I'm learning something new from you again!" San Fazi praised.

Brother Kui raised his eyebrows in disdain, then said to Chu Yunsheng again:" old man, I have things need to sort out, we will talk more tomorrow, please excuse me."

Although those two people were whispering to each other, Chu Yunsheng heard every single word they said clearly, and it instantly made him broke out in a cold sweat. He thought that since he had changed his appearance, no one would be able to notice anything, but he didn't expect that even a burly man outside the castle would notice three strange areas on him!

"Take your time." Chu Yunsheng replied respectfully while thinking about how to cover those three areas up.

After the dark-skinned man left, Chu Yunsheng followed San Fazi to his shack. The shack was just outside the castle, so the refugees outside the castle hardly ever encountered any monsters or insects. However, humans were far more dangerous than monsters in this kind of situation.

"Uncle, is this human flesh?" Yuan Qiyang was scared after he saw the meat San Fazi passed to him.

:" You wish. You think you can eat human flesh? This is monster's meat, our brother Kui doesn't eat human!" San Fazi said proudly.

:"Then, how do you guys survive?" Chu Yunsheng moved a few pieces of wood in the campfire and asked.

:"working for the people in the city!" San Fazi replied.

:"Working? Those people outside the castle are still useful to them?" Chu Yunsheng was confused.

:"Sorry, sorry, I forgot that you two are new here." San Fazi deftly skewered the meat and put on the campfire to grill it, then he said:" see those floating mountains? Those are truly incredible things. Think about it, such a big mountain and it is floating in the air just like that? How much power it is required to support it floating!"

He spun the skewers, swallowed hard while staring at the skewer, after a few seconds he carried on:" You probably don't know that it was because of a type of rocks that the mountains could float like that. Those rocks look just like ordinary rocks, if it was during the age of light, you wouldn't look at those rocks twice. But now it suddenly became many people's treasures. Just take this castle as an example. Before, the most frequent mission for the people who live in the castle was to collect those rocks."

:"What about now?" Chu Yunsheng unconcernedly asked. It was the first time he heard someone talking about the mechanism behind those floating mountains.

:"Now? We have to thank one person!" San Fazi replied.

:"Thank one person?" it made Chu Yunsheng curious.

:"Originally the castle has many people collecting the floating rock, they don't really need us. Until one day, a person's photo was put out at the entrance of the castle. Then, everyone started to look for this man, not only that, they also called back a lot of people who were originally collecting the floating rock to search for this man outside the castle. Because of this, they even had several fights with the castle of raging fire already! Grandpa, You tell me if this thing is strange or not." San Fazi explained.

Chu Yunsheng was speechless. Because he knew that the man they were looking for was him.

:"Because all of them were outside the castle looking for that chu Yunsheng person, so the job of collecting the floating rock was given to us. Because of that person, we have a way to get supply. Do you not think that we need to thank that person?" San Fazi said then picked up the skewer and took a sniff to check if the meat was cooked or not.

:"If that's the case. Then you really need to thank him!" Chu Yunsheng let out a hollow laugh.

:"Indeed, but the whole thing was very bizarre, the conditions that flying machine offered was extremely good, even the Castellan was also jealous of Chu Yunsheng! Look at the if they were looking their master, not looking for some small time people! I just don't understand, what made that person so special?" San Fazi moaned. However, he didn't realize the man he was talking about was just sitting in front of him.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng wasn't talking, San Fazi slightly glanced around then whispered in his ear:" there is a rumour saying that Chu Yunsheng is the most powerful Skywalker in the world! He is hiding in the yellow mountain region. Soon, he will attack the castle and kill everyone here!"

:"Huh? Why would he do that? You just said that he got a great offer, right? It doesn't make any sense..." Chu Yunsheng was shocked, when did he say that he was going to kill everyone?

:"Grandpa, you don't understand, it's very complicated, I've heard that it has something to do with the ice messenger's race. Otherwise, why do you think with such great offer, that Chu Yunsheng would not come out? There must be some kind of secrets that we small-time people don't know about... the most powerful Skywalker... just the name itself is more than enough to scare people away..... The meat is ready... those things are not our concern... let's eat... let's eat..." San Fazi was very happy, he hadn't eaten such big portion of monster's meat for quite some time.

The meat was split into three portions by San Fazi, the one Chu Yunsheng had was slightly bigger than Yuan Qiyang's, the colour of the meat wasn't great, presumably, it wasn't fresh, but to San Fazi and Yuan Qiyang, it was a delicious meat.

Chu Yunsheng swapped his portion with Yuan Qiyang, he wasn't hungry, plus he had already eaten before he left the tomb. Although insect's meat wasn't nice, he still needed to eat some.

However, his behaviour meant something else to San Fazi. San Fazi believed that the kid was Chu Yunsheng's grandson even more.

Chu Yunsheng was chewing the meat while thinking the most powerful man San Fazi was talking about. Suddenly he heard a woman's voice:" San Fazi, why are you not thinking about our sisters when you got food?"

San Fazi ate extremely fast, he stuffed the meat into his mouth and said in a muffled voice:" Finished, none, it's gone.... it's my only meal today...I couldn't even eat my fill, so don't do your business here... go... go... leave...!"

As they walked in, three people slowly revealed their faces. They were all women, one of the women who was crippled begged feebly:" San Fazi, Even just a little bit from your mouth that would also do, we are very hungry, please.... We will definitely serve you well..."

San Fazi patted his chest several times to help himself swallowing the food then said:" look, it's gone! I mean, does the cold weather freeze your brain or something. If you want to do your business, go find Brother Kui! I'm a poor man, I couldn't even feed myself...."

Three women were disappointed after they saw the last bit of meat was swallowed, then their attention was shifted to the meat that Chu Yunsheng was holding.

San Fazi was dazed for a second then laughed out loud as if he found something ridiculous:" you three lost your mind! Look at his age... How on earth he... grandpa just ignore them, those people are crazy..."

"San Fazi, you are not grandpa, how do you know grandpa doesn't want it?" the woman wasn't happy.

Of course Chu Yunsheng knew what kind of business they were doing, but he had other plans, he thought for a second and said:" San Fazi you tell brother Kui that the person he wants to kill, I'll find him a Skywalker to do it, but the price isn't just staying for a night that simple. He needs to help me to protect one person."

:"Who?" San Fazi was confused.

:"I'll tell you tomorrow." Chu Yunsheng said. Then, he told three women:" I can give you the meat, but I don't want your body, help me to take care a person, make sure he is alive! San Fazi knows the situation. After I got into the city, I'll send food out to you all as payments."

Chu Yunsheng didn't want that old candidate to die, the situation outside the castle was much more complicated than he expected. If the old candidate died, god knows how long the program would be able to find another suitable candidate!