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Chapter 245 The ice messenger was shocked.

 Chapter 245 The ice messenger was shocked.

:"Daddy said that grandpa would protect me and help me to find sister...." little boy raised his head and looked at Chu Yunsheng with his pitiful red eyes.

Because of the freezing weather, the little boy's cheek was red with cold. His red and swollen little hands that were hidden in his dirty sleeves were already frozen, leaving only a few fingers were able to move.

There was a big hole in between of the sole and the vamp on his right sneaker. Chu Yunsheng didn't know whether it had already been like that or it was broken while the kid was trying to keep up with his pace clumsily.

The hole was partially filled with soil and dirty snow, and a few little toes could be visibly seen through the gap, perhaps Chu Yunsheng's constantly staring made the boy felt nervous, his little toes instinctively shrunk back.

:"Even if I found your sister, it..." originally Chu Yunsheng wanted to say that it would not work. After all, the person who makes the decision in the castle was not his sister. Moreover, those horsewomen were only interested in his sister not him, and their rules were not to keep the useless people.

But he couldn't bring himself to say it. Looking for his sister probably was this boy's only hope in this world.

:"Eat something first, don't let other people see it." Chu Yunsheng took out a piece of cooked meat that he had prepared before he left the tomb and shoved it into the boy's dirty sleeve.

The hungry boy didn't have any meat for a very long time, so he was wolfing it down quickly. Fortunately, he still had some risk awareness, he was hiding behind Chu Yunsheng while eating the meat.

It didn't take the kid very long to finish a small piece of meat. Then, he used both of his hands to hold the snow from the ground deftly. He used the tip of his tongue to melt the snow and started to drink it....

While the boy was busy drinking the snow. Chu Yunsheng still hadn't figured out how to get into the castle. The castle was heavily guarded. All the useless people would be removed from the castle, it was something different to what he thought would be.

Unless he could take the advantage of the darkness and sneaked into the castle. However, it was very risky. It wouldn't be a problem if there were just some skywalkers in the castle, but the main concern was those aliens and their aircraft.

He couldn't even find out how many of them exactly in the castle. Normally, one aircraft was more than enough problems for him to deal with, what if there were more than one, then it would be too risky.


"Young man, can I ask you something?" Chu Yunsheng said slowly. His voice was already changed. However, he still needed to control his talking speed.

:"New here? What do you want to know? Wait... Look at you two, a young and an old. how pathetic! I know what you want to ask! But first, you need to tell me if you got some food? " the young who only had one hand glanced at the kid and Chu Yunsheng then said feebly.

Chu Yunsheng put his hand in his pocket pretending to get some food for him. But he was immediately interrupted by the young man.:" okay, that's enough, I know you don't have any food, so you may stop acting now. look at you two, probably cannot even live through this evening! Just take my kindness as your last gift." The young man intentionally drew his voice out slowly.

"People here also eat human?" Chu Yunsheng frowned. This was just outside the castle, and based on those horsewoman's action, Chu Yunsheng didn't think the castle would allow this kind of behaviours here.

:"When it gets dark, anything can happen. It is considered a blessing if they just eat you... Sigh... why do I need to explain this to an old man, I'll make it short. If you want to live, there are only two ways, and it is going to depend on your luck." the man sighed.

:"Which two?" Chu Yunsheng asked humbly.

:"The first one is also the best one, see the entrance over there? You have a grandson, right? Take him there, if he is under 12, those women might be able to test out his... his... some kind potential... I don't know much in detail...


If he is qualified. Then, congratulations! At that time, don't forget about that it was me who provided you with the information!

Once your grandson gets in. Although he will be able to eat some delicious food, he will be at least a lower-class citizen. He will be able to send out his supplies to you and you will not die of starvation!

But don't have high expectations, that's one in a hundred, sometimes they couldn't even find one person in a day. But you can still try your luck there." the man said condescendingly.

:"The second one is the one you should be considering. Look at those old, weak, sick and young people outside the castle. There are mainly two categories of those people, the people in the first category are the people who related to someone in the castle, it doesn't matter how close their relationship is, as long as they are related, those people will not die easily,

then the people in the second category are the "white people". All the people who don't have any contacts in the castle will be listed under this category, it is also the category that had the most people.....

But no matter what category they fall in, they all need someone to protect them from outside. Without the protection, no one can live through the evening.... What do you think they live on? Human flesh... " the young man poked the boy's head and said evilly.

The boy was so scared that he instantly hid behind Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng just needed to consider the first one. The second one was no use to him. At worst, He would just try to sneak in during the night, he really didn't have the time to hang around outside the castle.

It would be great if the boy was selected, then he would have an excuse to get into the castle.

:' Thank you, I'll take my kid to try it first." Chu Yunsheng looked at the boy and said.

": Go, try it out, there is only one chance!" the man casual said as if he had seen too many people like them.


After leaving the gathering point for all the refugees, Chu Yunsheng told the little boy straightforwardly:" I don't want to lie to you. If you got into the castle, not only will it help your sister, it will also help me as well. Besides, we don't have other choices."

:"Grandpa, I'll listen to you, I'll let them check me. " the little boy said bravely.

:"What's your name?" Chu Yunsheng asked.

"Yuan Qiyang, 7 years old." the boy answered.

"Qiyang... Qiyang... it also means looking forward to the sunshine...." Chu Yunsheng murmured while walking.

The checkpoint was not far from them, it didn't take them very long to arrive there. There were already a few groups of adults with their children in a queue waiting to be checked.

:"How many times I have told you, every kid only has one chance, stop coming back! The result will be the same!" a middle-aged woman in a white uniform said sternly.

:"Please, I'm begging you, one more try... Please! Let us try one more time!" a skinny woman was on her knees begged. There was a kid on her side.

:"If you are not leaving I'll call the guards!" the woman in the white uniform pounded the table and said loudly. It instantly scared the kid and the woman and made them sit on the ground.

Suddenly. Three horsewomen in white dress galloped out of the castle and then stopped at the checkpoint:" Commander's order, everyone back to the castle immediately with all their equipment!" one of the horsewomen said with an arrogant and eagerly tone.

The face of the woman in the white uniform was instantly filled with respect when she saw those horsewomen, and when she realised why they were here, she immediately asked her people to start packing the equipment.

"Sister Shi anything happened in the castle?" she asked cautiously.

The white horsewoman probably was familiar with her. She hesitated for a second then said in a low voice:"We brought back a little girl today, extremely talented, even the ice messenger was also shocked, we need your equipment to do the test...."

When the woman in the uniform heard the ice messenger three words, her legs instantly shook uncontrollably. At the same time, she immediately urged her people to hurry up packing the equipment.,

Although Chu Yunsheng was not near them, with his eyesight he could still see those machines clearly. Those machines were clearly not made by humans. It looked very strange, it was as strange as the machines that the cloaked man made in Jin Ling city, so it was most likely made those aliens.

Those people left in a hurry with the equipment, leaving Chu Yunsheng cursing "shit luck" silently on the side.

Chu Yunsheng thought that there was no way he could get into the city today, so he decided to find a place to stay for a night and come back tomorrow to get Yuan Qiyang tested.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng came back with the kid, the young man who only had one arm had an "I told you so" sarcastic expression all over his face. But what Chu Yunsheng said next almost sacred the soul out of him!

"I know some of the Skywalkers inside. They were my students, they were quite far away from me inside the castle when I saw them.... So... you think this kind of relationship would help us to get someone to protect us for a night?" Chu Yunsheng pretended to be excited...

"You? Are you sure that they are Skywalkers?" the young man instantly jumped up from the ground and said loudly.

"Yes, we were originally together, but I got lost!" Chu Yunsheng replied confidently.

"Okay, wait here, I will get brother Kui here, this is a serious matter, why don't mention it earlier?" the young man said in a respectful manner, his face was filled with smiles.

"Grandpa, do you really know Skywalkers?" the little boy asked after the one-armed young man left.

"Yes." Chu Yunsheng did not know if it was a good time to get contact with Edgar, so he was trying to think the pros and cons of meeting him.

The little boy suddenly kneeled down at him and said firmly:" Grandpa, could you ask the skywalkers you know to teach me martial art? I want to kill the insects and the monsters to avenge mommy and daddy's death.... "

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second. Just when he was about to tell the kid that the self-awakening could not be taught, he heard a loud voice came from his back:" Where? Where are they? If I found out that you are lying, I will remove your other arm!"

"Brother Kui, when did I lie to you? Look, over there, an old man and a kid, I already felt that they are very special!" the one-armed man boasted