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Chapter 243 physical combat techniques

 Chapter 243 physical combat techniques

Inside a tomb in the creep area.

Chu Yunsheng suddenly opened his eyes. What happened earlier was just as illusory as a dream. However, the stele which was slowly raising at the bottom of the tomb also reminded him, everything was real.

:"Bring it up here!"

Through baby Min's conscious, Chu Yunsheng gave the tomb a simple order. With the help of a long tube, the stele was sent all the way to Chu Yunsheng.

This time the stele didn't seem to have a lock. Chu Yunsheng just opened it straight away and took out the map and the energy tube. The stele was then slowly turned into powder and disappeared.

The energy tube was thrown into the storage talisman straight away. Nowadays, the storage talisman he had was a level three talisman. Chu Yunsheng no longer needed to worry about the talisman would explode after it used up all its energy. However, as Chu Yunsheng stored more and more monster's body, even the second storage talisman also almost ran out of space.

What he was concerned the most was the map. He didn't really believe what the divine realm had told him which was the five heaven's messengers were the humanity's only hope. However, it didn't really matter much to him whether he believed it or not. Besides, the permission he had could access to any useful information he wanted. To them, he was just a human that had a special ability and that was all.

The reason why he needed a map was for one of the candidates who he was familiar with, it was Yu Xiaohai's cousin Tan Ning who he just met not long ago.

He was also very confused. Tan Ning was a weak girl, she was not awakened nor did she have any special abilities. Apart from her pretty face Chu Yunsheng didn't really find anything special about her.

According to the shadow in the mirror, it probably had something to do with the hidden information in the genetic fragment inside her gene. However, Chu Yunsheng didn't understand those things and the shadow in the mirror would not tell him anything more.

But Chu Yunsheng didn't really care much. He didn't want to waste time on studying those things. Now, the method of leaving of yellow mountain area was in front of him, so as long as the heaven's messenger successfully returned, then, his mission would be finished. At that time, he could get hell out of this place and carried on his journey.

He didn't want to stay in this place a single day longer. Whether it was the aliens, the huge birds or the shadow in the mirror, Chu Yunsheng wanted to get as far away from them as possible.

Moreover, he also didn't want Tan Ning to become that heaven's messenger.

As an ordinary man, she would not attract much attention. All she needed was nothing more than food. With Chu Yunsheng's ability, he believed that he wouldn't have any problem to take care of her for Yu Xiaohai.

But once she became a heaven's messenger, then she would attract everyone's attention. She would be in a much more dangerous situation at that time. Chu Yunsheng couldn't fight with many people, he did not have that kind of time and energy either, so if that really was the case, then her life would be in God's hand.

If the shadow in the mirror was not lying, from a psychological point of view, the task she needed to complete was extremely heavy. It was so heavy that even Chu Yunsheng himself did not dare to face it!

So he needed to find Tan Ning as soon as possible, and tell her everything she needed to know. Chu Yunsheng did not like to impose his idea or thought to someone else, because he thought that his thought might not be in line with others, so he needed to let her decide by herself.

But Chu Yunsheng would only give her two options, if she chooses to let it go, then Chu Yunsheng would take her with him; but if she wanted to become the heaven's messenger, then Chu Yunsheng would leave her and carry on his journey without her.


Chu Yunsheng glanced at the watch on his wrist and stopped thinking. This time, he only spent three hours in the divine realm, the land outside the tomb was still covered in the dark and the insects were still chirping non-stop in the creep.....

The tomb had also stopped producing new meatball for three hours. The liquid energy that had been sent up from the ground below was split into two by Chu Yunsheng. One was used to feed the baby Min, and the other one was used to produce culture fluid.

Based on Chu Yunsheng's observation three days ago, the liquid energy that his tomb gathered from the outside and the ground below was roughly enough to produce 40 red shell insects every day.

This was an extremely scary breeding speed. It meant that the tomb could produce 14,000 insects in a year! And the most important thing was that it was just one tomb!

No wonder when he saw the insect's world through the golden shell's memory back in Jin Ling city, the whole planet was almost drained by them.

Of course, this calculation was just based on the energy consumption. In fact, a red shell needed three days to hatch. The time he had was just a little more than three days, so it was just enough for him to find out a red shell's hatching period.

Chu Yunsheng had also done a rough calculation using an absorption talisman. Hatching a full grown red shell would consume an energy equivalent to three units of Yuan QI, and it surprised him!

However, he could only harvest 2 unit of Yuan QI from every single red shell once they were killed, even he calculated the energy losses after the insect died, but the total losses were up to one-third of the total energy!

On the other hand, based on those figures, he was able to find out that after taking out the energy consumed by the tomb itself, the energy his tomb gathered could be converted into 120 units of Yuan Qi every day!

Comparing to Chu Yunsheng's own cultivation status, with his Rong Yuan body second substage's ability, he was only able to store 60 units of Yuan Qi in his body and if he did not use absorption talismans or just used the cultivation method to gather Yuan Qi, the fastest time he could achieve was 4 days which was 15 units of energy a day.

Although comparing it to what he could do in Yuan Tian stage one, it was already an incredible speed, comparing it to the tomb, the speed he had was very sad.

The tomb could gather 8 times more energy than him every day! And this was just a small tomb, what if it was the gigantic tomb in the insect's worldChu Yunsheng did not know what it would look like.

He had also calculated the energy usage based on other insects as well, soon he got a list of data:

A green shell, provide 18 units of Yuan Qi, requires 27 units of Yuan Qi to hatch it, 120 unit of Yuan Qi only allows him to hatch 4-5 a day.

A golden shell, provide 36 units of Yuan Qi, requires 54 units of Yuan Qi to hatch it, 120 units of Yuan Qi could only hatch 2.

And there were worker worms... the long worms that spit fire and purple flame monsters.....

But this type of calculation was definitely not accurate!

At least, when he was in Jin Ling city, apart from many red shells, he did not see that many golden shells and green shells. Something must have restricted the hatching speed of the high-level insects.

After a careful observation, Chu Yunsheng finally confirmed it was the culture fluid that slowed down the hatching speed.

Once the supply of culture fluid was stopped, the process of high-level insects hatching would also stop immediately no matter how much liquid energy there was.

It was due to the existence of the culture fluid, plus there was no way for a tomb to hatch just one type of insect, hence the high-level insect's number was greatly limited.

In terms of specific numbers, Chu Yunsheng couldn't calculate it just yet. He just took over the control of the tomb less than 4 days, the amount of culture fluid was not a lot.

So he still needed to carry on the experiment.

But before the Min was fully grown, he needed to use all the resources that this tomb gathered to feed Min and produce culture liquid. Besides, the other two tombs were also able to hatch enough new insects,

Once the Min was fully grown, then Chu Yunsheng could use it to control the entire swarm. Unlike now, he could only use his purple flame monster to suppress the swarm.

Chu Yunsheng estimated that when he came back from the castle of Snowstorm, the amount of culture fluid was enough to support him to breakthrough Rong Yuan body stage three!

Before he went to sleep, he also practised the 16 diagrams he got from the divine realm. It was a set of physical combat technique. Although it was less powerful than his sword and during the actual combat, it could be quite helpful when he didn't have any weapon with him.

Chu Yunsheng was already very tired, so he didn't have the energy to use the rule of the ancient book to modify the combat technique.

After a quiet rest, at the next day early morning when there was a hazy shimmer outside the tomb, he took out old clothes from the storage talisman and put it on. When he took off the balaclava his long grey hair was instantly flying around in the wind.

Looking at the small broken mirror again, he let out a bitter laugh, there was no way Edgar would be able to recognize him now.

He then took out a dirty bed sheet, warped around a few clothes and carried it at his back. He made himself looked like a refugee who just fleeted here.

According to the map that the shadow in the mirror provided, his first target was at a corner of the castle of Snowstorm, but Tan Ning was in the centre of the castle.

Chu Yunsheng summoned a golden shell and crawled into the back of his golden shell then slowly moved outside....

The castle of Snowstorm was located in the west, Chu Yunsheng was in the south, so there was still some distance he needed to travel.

On the way, he met a group of refugees, and when he was planning to join the group to get into the castle with them. Those scrawny refugees quickly flocked towards him like a pack of hungry wolves. They instantly took away the bag he used as a disguise and the bag was quickly ripped into pieces.

:" Fu**ing old man, doesn't have any food!" a skinny woman who had a rather intimidating appearance threw away Chu Yunsheng's dirty bed sheet and cursed.

:"Motherfu**! Stop waiting time, quickly move that old fu** here! I have not eaten any meat for a very long time. Quick, quick, set up the campfire!" a skinny man with moustache said loudly.

The refugees around Chu Yunsheng instantly changed the way they looked at Chu Yunsheng as if they found something delicious.

:" You want to cook me?" Chu Yunsheng said coldly. He took out a pistol from his pocket and pointed at a young man's head who was trying to restrain him.