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Chapter 242 A familiar candidate

 Chapter 242 A familiar candidate.

:"Tell me more about it." Chu Yunsheng said calmly.

Since they needed him to protect those candidates, and potentially, he might have a fight with those aliens, So just for the sake of humanity's survival was not enough for him.

Although the lives of those candidates were important, his life was as important as them.

Besides, who knows if the shadow was lying or not. So, at the moment he needed to know if he could get some information about how to escape from the yellow mountain area from this figure first.

:"According to the program's protocol, every Heaven's messenger will have three followers, I can recommend you to the program, that's the first benefit we are able to offer. it is also the rarest opportunity you can get from us; the second benefit is, as long as it is within the program's permission, we can conditionally provide you with some follower's weapons and resources in advance" the shadow said slowly.

Chu Yunsheng was not interested in those followers. However, he was curious about what it could provide him with. If it could provide him with some of those blue energy tubes, then he would not have any trouble restoring his Yuan Qi in the future.

:"I can take the task, but you will need to promise me a few things and answer me a few questions." Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and said.

Chu Yunsheng was paying attention to every single word the shadow said. Although the shadow claimed that the program could see everything, there was one thing it didn't mention which was the ancient book.

Since the book could avoid the divine realm's detection, then, it meant that the ancient book's level was definitely not lower than the divine realm. Chu Yunsheng boldly assumed. That was also the reason why he dared to negotiate with the divine realm.

:"if it is within the program's permission!" the shadow said.

:"Okay, first question, since you are confident at killing me, why don't you just kill those aliens instead? I've heard that they have also entered here before." Chu Yunsheng said.

:"We have no right to kill any creatures that comply with the rules of the program. They are intelligent creatures from a higher technological civilization and they know how to follow the rules in this space. " the shadow said.

"Then, why do you want to kill me, at least, I am still a human!" Chu Yunsheng snorted.

:"Because you broke the rules. Since the second time you entered this space, you kept breaking the rules. The purpose of the program is not to kill aliens, but to ensure that the suitable candidate is found and the safe return of The Heaven's messenger. So, the program will only eliminate the creatures that violated the rules and threatens the stability of the space." the shadow explained.

:"Aliens? You also call them aliens?" Chu Yunsheng caught the word the shadow used and asked.

:"From the human's point of view, they are aliens. However, from the program's perspective, they are no different than the simulated insects you killed. So, when they entered this space, their positions are slightly different. They will only exist as monsters." the shadow explained.

:"So, you belong to the human side? You were built by the human?" Chu Yunsheng asked.

:"You don't have permission to access to the answer to this question, only The Heaven's Messenger has permission to access it, we can't answer you." the shadow said.

:"Okay, how long have you existed?" Chu Yunsheng asked.

:"You don't have permission, we can't answer you." the shadow said coldly again.

": How long is this dark age going to continue?" Chu Yunsheng asked again.

:"You don't have permission, we can't answer you." the shadow still refused to answer.

:"Do you have the ability to create a space channel between the earth and the insect's world?" Chu Yunsheng was annoyed by its uncooperative manners. So, he asked something that he most wanted.

:"Yes, we have, but you don't have permission to access the knowledge and the resources...." the shadow said. However, his answer meant nothing to Chu Yunsheng.

:"There was a back stone stele, do you know anything about it? What is that?" Chu Yunsheng asked.

:"Yes, we know, but you don't have permission, only the..." the shadow hadn't finished his answer, but it was immediately interrupted by Chu Yunsheng.

:"Heaven's messenger, Heaven's messenger, you can stop there, next question... The origin of the monsters and the aliens... Ah... Forget about it. I know what you are going to tell me. But I am going to ask you one last question. If you are still telling me that I don't have any persimmon, then even I am dead, I will not help you!...

How do I get out from this yellow mountain area?!" Chu Yunsheng was tired of this shadow's repeated answer. All it was able to tell him was that he had no permission to this and no permission to that.

:"After The Heaven's messenger safely returned. The divine realm will be closed forever. At that time, you may leave freely, but until then, all creatures are only allowed to get in, but not leave!" the shadow said.

:"I have finished my questions. You can talk about what weapons and resources that you would be able to provide to me." Chu Yunsheng said.

The shadow pointed at a mirror next to it. Then, a virtual shelf with many types of equipment slowly appeared on it.

:"Due to the program's restrictions, I can not give you the resources unconditionally, and all the weapons are required you to complete the task that the program assigned to you, in order to obtain them;

And what I can do for you is, firstly, I can increase the level of the weapons you can access to the level that matches the follower's candidates; Secondly, as long as it is within your level of permission, you can choose weapons freely, program will not randomly give you a weapon; Thirdly you are no longer required to complete the five island chains to obtain those weapons. instead, your job is to protect those candidates of The Heaven's Messenger.

You have already received the reward for the first island chain. Now you can choose the reward for the second island chain."

Looking at so many weapons that the shadow listed out Chu Yunsheng was confused:" since you have so many weapons, why don't you give to those candidates of The Heaven's messenger directly? In that way, they can just protect themselves!"

:"One month ago, the program tried to give a powerful weapon to a key candidate whose life was in danger. However, it was noticed by an alien and the alien attempted to use force to take it away. Although the program's defence system was activated, the alien still managed to escape while it was heavily injured. The alien was very clever, it knew how to utilise the rules of the program.

That is also the reason why we need your help, the candidates are not powerful outside of the divine realm. Before they safely returned, any weapons could bring dangers to them." the shadow explained.

Chu Yunsheng heard about the injury of the fire messenger from Tian Yi(1). Presumably, it was the alien that the shadow was talking about.

However, Chu Yunsheng was still speechless. What kind of stupid program was this, which dumbfuck designed this shit? Making so many useless rules, was only able to restrict the program itself. It could not even stop the alien from using the loopholes.

However, since he was not The Heaven's Messenger, he was not qualified to know the details, maybe there were some other reasons.

"I don't need weapons at the moment, you can give me the energy tube like the one you gave me last time," Chu Yunsheng roughly looked at the weapons on the virtual shelf and said. There were so many kinds of weapons, however, he did not know how to use them. Besides, he did not really need a weapon now, he already got one and the most powerful one which was his Yuan Qi energy,

"Okay, but I can only give you one more. The energy tube has some other uses as well, but you don't have per..." the shadow thought for a second and said.

"Stop there, don't mention the permission again, I am not interested, also you need to give me a copy of the diagrams on those platforms, I need to study it" Chu Yunsheng immediately interrupted it.

"Here is the diagram on the third island chain, but for the fourth and fifth, we will need to wait for the program's decision." the shadow was drawing the diagram while talking. After the diagram was completed, it suddenly flew out of the mirror.

"Okay. Now let's talk about the candidates you want me to protect, I need to know who they are." Chu Yunsheng noted down the diagram and said.

"The program has confirmed 10 candidates, those are their images..." the shadow pointed at a mirror to its left then 10 moving images started to appear one by one. Some people in those images were still struggling the divine realm's challenges, but some already left the divine realm.

"Since you have their locations, do you know the locations of those aliens?" Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and asked. If he knows those aliens locations in advance, then the level of his safety will be greatly increased.

"No. Although they could not leave the yellow mountain area like you, they have their own way of avoiding the program's detection. Unless they were in this space which you called divine realm." the shadow answered.

"Wait! Zoom in that one! Quick!" Chu Yunsheng suddenly saw a familiar figure at the last moving image.

"Why is she!?" Chu Yunsheng squinted his eyes and whispered...

"She was not in danger at the moment, your first mission is to find the other female candidate who was imprisoned in the castle of Snowstorm." the shadow enlarged one of the moving images and said.

"Zoom out, I need to know her specific location." Chu Yunsheng glanced at the images and said.

"You will receive a map with their locations after you leave this space. I will send the map and energy tube over to you through the mountain device. Remember, this space opens once in seven days, so the locations on the map will only be refreshed once in seven days. During those days, they might change their locations, so you need to be extra careful." the shadow reminded him.

"Now I am sending you out!" the shadow said.