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Chapter 241 return of the heavens messenger

 While Chu Yunsheng was still in the divine realm, rumours started to spread in the castle of Snowstorm. Some people said that Chu Yunshang was trying to warn the castle of Snowstorm, other said that it was a sign that he was going to come to the castle and kill all the people here.

As the time passed time, the many versions started to appear, and those versions became more and more exaggerated. However, the people who believed rumour not only did not reduced any. Instead, it increased a lot.

Chu Yunsheng did not know that his action caused a lot of commotion in the castle of Snowstorm, just like he did not know that there was no need to kill the golden shell on the second island chain.

But that was not important to Chu Yunsheng,

He just wanted to get to the colossal pillar as soon as he could.

The blue ripple was raised from the ground at the centre of the platform once again. Chu Yunsheng pressed the next button and jumped on to the floating rock which was moving towards the third platform.

There were still people who had not been kicked out by the divine realm yet, some of them were on the platforms around Chu Yunsheng. All of them were staring at Chu Yunsheng, as long as their challenge had not started.

Suddenly, the glowing object above the colossal pillar shot out a bright beam at Chu Yunsheng.

It happened all of sudden, and it was already too late when Chu Yunsheng noticed the beam. Chu Yunsheng wanted to jump off the rock, but the rock was already wrapped by the green grid energy shield.

:"What happened?!" not only Chu Yunsheng didn't know what happened, everyone around him also did not know either.

:"He must have done something!" some people said.

:"What happened to the divine realm?"


After the beam touched the green shield, it instantly wrapped it around, pulled it up and moved it towards to the colossal pillar.

:"Look! He is going to the pillar!" looking at Chu Yunsheng passed one floating mountain after another floating mountain, a person shouted.

:"what did he do? How?"


:"Mr.Lennon, I finally saw you again, please hurry up, I can't hold it any longer!" on one of the mountain platforms, a black man murmured.


The colossal pillar was much bigger than Chu Yunsheng imagined. The closer he got to it, he was amazed by the size of it even more.

The rock was moved all the way towards the glowing object. When it finally got near the glowing object, it suddenly vanished. Chu Yunsheng was on a high alert since the rocked was pulled upwards, so when the rock vanished, it didn't scare him, he landed on the colossal pillar smoothly.

However, he didn't think the whole thing was going to stop here. He was still keeping his guard up.

The glowing object slowly dimmed down its bright light to reveal the things inside it.

It was a dark green, seemingly ancient sword and a black cubic, they were rotating each other creating the light that Chu Yunsheng had seen earlier.

Chu Yunsheng's heart instantly skipped a beat. A cubic! The thing that the cloaked man was looking for!?

Just when Chu Yunsheng was thinking about what those things might be, many 3 meters long transparent slabs were raised from the ground and surrounded him.

Then the strange white noise appeared. The noise was like an old radio player trying to find a right frequency.

A few seconds after the noise appeared, a strange shadow that looked like a human figure appeared on the surface of one of the transparent slabs. Then the shadow started to walk from the first slab to the second and third... It stopped in front of Chu Yunsheng until it walked one circle around him.

:"Modern man, don't panic, I've just checked genetic fragments of your gene, you are not the man we are looking for." the shadow in the slab that looked like a mirror, shook its head and said.

:"Who are you? and what's this place?" Chu Yunsheng asked cautiously. At the same time, he was shocked that this thing had just analysed him, but he didn't even realise it!

:"Modern man, you are not the man we are looking for, so based on the protocol, you don't have the permission to access this information." the shadow in the mirror said.

:" Then, why did you send me here?" Chu Yunsheng asked.

:"Modern man, I need your help!" the shadow said.

:"Help? What do you mean?" Chu Yunsheng might look curious, however, he was actually trying to distract the shadow and find a way to get out of here.

:"Modern man, based on the analysis, we are sure that you are a human. This is why we did not attack you. Otherwise, based on the protocol, you would have already been eliminated from here. Your body outside this place would have lost your consciousness and become a walking dead." a touch of a creepy smile flashed by the black shadow's face. :"However, since you are a human, and we also need your help, we will grant you the permission to access some basic information."

:"Okay, tell me what I need to know first!" Chu Yunsheng secretly moved his right hand behind his back and started to make an energy talisman.

:"Modern man, I know you understand some special rules of using the energy, and you are stronger than other people, this is also why I need your help not them. However, do not try to attack us during the conversation. Otherwise, the program will misunderstand your intention.... You should know that whatever you do is under our watch." the shadow shook its head again.

Chu Yunsheng instantly stopped making the energy talisman. :"you may say it now." he said.

:"Modern man, In order for humanity not to be extinct, every human being has the responsibility and the obligation to work hard for it. It's not that we are forcing you." the shadow started to move again:" The dark age is not a coincidence. We already knew it was going to happen tens of thousands of years ago. And the future and the hope of humanity lie with five people and that. "

The shadow knocked on the slab, then five bizarre weapons and a large cubic appeared on the slab.

:"What does this have to do with me? You said that I am not the man you are looking for?" Chu Yunsheng frowned.

:"Yes, you are not any one of those five people, but you have a powerful ability. " the shadow put its hands behind its back and said.

:"what do you need from me?" Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows.

:"Those five weapons were locked to five genetic fragments, and the fragments were hidden inside some humans' gene, so, only the people who have the genetic fragments will be able to use those weapons and combine with the cubic to guide people to survive the apocalypse.

My job here is to select and test one of those five people. The people who met the requirements have appeared now. But the program has not yet decided which one is the chosen one. so we need you to protect them until The Heaven's Messenger safely returned!" the shadow said.

:"Someone wants to kill your candidates?" Chu Yunsheng wanted to know who he was dealing with, if they were those aliens, then, it was too risky for him.

:"Our candidates are not just... You call them Skywalkers right? They are not just skywalkers....some of them are just ordinary human beings... before we met you, three candidates had already died because of all kind of reasons..." the shadow said.

:"Why do you want me to protect them, why not those ice and fire castellans?" Chu Yunsheng was suspicious about what it told him.

:"Because you are CHU-YUN-SHENG!" the shadow suddenly raised its voice a little.

:"so, you knew what happened outside." Chu Yunsheng was not surprised, in fact, he was pretty calm at the moment.

:"Of course. Are you not curious that why I am in the human form, and why I know your language? " then it lifted its hand, a yellow mountain area's map appeared in the slab next to it:" everyone here, including the castellans you mentioned, are now enslaved by aliens, but you are not. They are searching for you everywhere. However, they didn't know that you are hiding in here!" the map was zoomed in and zoomed in until it locked onto one of the tombs which Chu Yunsheng was hiding.

Chu Yunsheng's heart instantly dropped. Although the shadow didn't say it, Chu Yunsheng knew that it was threatening him.

:"We can't let those aliens know about the things regarding The Heaven's Messenger, you are a human being, so, you are the only and the best person. Of course, we will also give you something in return!"