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Chapter 240 Blue screen of death?

 Chapter 240 Blue screen of death?

Chu Yunsheng no longer felt nervous after he entered the divine realm for the third time. Instead, He started to exam the surroundings even more carefully this time.

But he still didn't dare to stop moving, because based on his experience in the past, if he stopped moving for a certain period of time, he would be kicked out of the divine realm.

The size of the floating mountains or the floating platforms that were near the colossal pillars were much bigger than the ones that were further away. They were rotating around the colossal pillars and formed many circles.

Chu Yunsheng was not alone when he entered the divine realm this time. A girl was staring at him at a floating platform not far from him when he appeared. She seemed to be shocked.

Chu Yunsheng knew why she would act that way. His appearance didn't change in the divine realm, and the girl probably knew he was the man that those aliens were looking for. Since the time that the castle of snowstorm started to search for him, it had already been quite some time, so probably everyone in the whole yellow mountain area knew what Chu Yunsheng looked like now.

The floating platform that the girl was staying seemed to be in a different circle. Chu Yunsheng couldn't jump over and there was no floating rock he could use to get over to the other platform.

Sigh... Just let them see, what could they possibly do to me? I am an old man outside the divine realm, there is no way they can find me. Chu Yunsheng sighed.

Suddenly, Chu Yunsheng remembered something!

He immediately started to recite incantations to check the energy talismans which had already been cast on his body before he entered the divine realm.

He was facing the other way, leaving only the back to the girl while checking the talisman one by one.

As the incantation completed, the talismans started to float in front of him one by one.

Chu Yunsheng was thrilled. As he expected the energy formed talismans were still working.

He was confident that as long as he had enough Yuan Qi to trigger them, he was able to get to the colossal pillar now.

Suddenly, the platform he was at, started to flash in red. He needed to move now! Otherwise, he would really be kicked out by the divine realm.

Chu Yunsheng quickly jumped onto a floating rock and clung onto it, in order to avoid falling off the floating rock like what happened to him last time, his arms enclasped the floating rock like an octopus. Although it did not look nice, at least it was much safer.

Surprisingly the floating rock was gliding steadily without any bumps this time, it stopped when it touched another floating rock to form a small landing platform.

What Chu Yunsheng saw next was not floating mountains. There were around 10 floating rocks moving left and right rapidly, the distances between each floating rock were also quite far.

If anyone came unprepared, they definitely would not be able to pass it. It looked like this was used to test people's agility. Chu Yunsheng examined the floating rocks and thought.

Chu Yunsheng didn't think that it would be difficult for him to pass just a few moving rocks, especially he had the heavily modified nine diagrams of body movements.

So he took a deep breath then jumped out instantly, he was hopping from one rock to the other without any stop, his speed was also getting faster and faster. In the end, he even jumped over several rocks at a time.

The girl was gasped in shock to see what Chu Yunsheng did. Passing this level was not a strange thing. In fact, she had seemed quite a few people passed it already. However, no one could jump over the rock easily like Chu Yunsheng. No wonder her excellency the ice messenger was looking for this man like a mad person.

However, what she didn't know was that the speed she saw was not Chu Yunsheng's full speed, if Chu Yunsheng was wearing the armour, his speed would be much faster!

Although the girl envied Chu Yunsheng's power, she still needed to move as well. Otherwise, she would be kicked out of the divine realm soon. When she just stepped on the first rock, the rock instantly flashed the yellow light, it turned red after the light flashed three times and then the rock started to spin, and it was spinning faster and faster....

The girl was not lucky, she only jumped over three rocks then fell off the floating rock. But before she fell off, she seemed to shout at Chu Yunsheng.

However Chu Yunsheng was concentrating on jumping the rock, he did not seem to hear what she shouted.

Soon, Chu Yunsheng arrived at the second floating platform without any problem, and just when he landed on the second floating mountain, the green grid energy shield was instantly activated like the first platform, the strange diagram on the ground also slowly appeared.

Originally Chu Yunsheng thought that based on the insect's power level, what he encountered this time, would probably be a green shell insect. However, he did not expect that appeared in front of him was a golden shell which was one level higher than the green shell insect.

But Chu Yunsheng was not scared. Instead, he was distracted by the strange situation on the ground. It was very strange that even after the gold shell appeared, the diagrams on the ground still hasn't stopped changing as if there were some kind errors.

The first set of diagrams only appeared a few seconds, then it was replaced by the second set of diagrams. Then a few seconds later it was changed to the third set, then the fourth set and right after the fifth set, it started to loop from the first set again.

In the beginning, Chu Yunsheng thought that those diagrams were just a single set of diagrams but the platform split them into 5 parts. However, while he was dodging the golden's attack and analysing the diagram, he started to realise, it was not like that.

Those diagrams seemed to be five sets of dark energy cultivation method, and those five sets seemed to correspond to five different elements.

Just when Chu Yunsheng tried to find out if those diagrams would benefit him or not, the speed of the change instantly increased rapidly. Even Chu Yunsheng had a really good eyesight, he still couldn't catch up with the speed of the change.

After a few seconds of rapid change, the platform suddenly shook violently, and the green grid energy around the platform started to distort. Both Chu Yunsheng and golden shell were staggered to the ground.

Then a new set of diagram appeared on the platform and it stopped changing. However, the diagrams this time were completely broken like a set of corrupted codes.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know what was going on, he jumped onto the back of the golden shell before it could get up and tried to analysis the diagram. However, he still couldn't understand anything from it.

What the hell are those? Chu Yunsheng wondered.

Then he suddenly thought of the distorted energy shield... The five elements? The strange change patterns? Loop? Frozen? Crashed? Blue screen of death?... huh?!... Chu Yunsheng's mind was trying to process all the information as quickly as it could. Eventually, he came up with the most probable assumption.

The theory was that the platform was supposed to display one set of diagrams only, and the diagrams need to match the challengers' element attribute. However, Chu Yunsheng's energy didn't belong to any one of those five major element categories. The platform probably couldn't decide which set it needed to display, thus it ended up in a loop and eventually crashed.

Chu Yunsheng waited for a while on the back of the golden shell to see if anything was going to happen. However, the time seemed to be frozen on the platform. Even the golden shell also stopped moving.

He jumped off the golden shell and decided to kill it straight away. Although he wasn't sure the rules of those platforms, he knew for sure that as long as he killed this golden shell, he would be able to get to the next platform and he would be one step closer to the colossal pillar.

He didn't want to waste time here to study something which he couldn't figure out.

So he cast out three glaciers talismans at once, and the golden shell was instantly crashed into pieces.