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Chapter 239 Repairing the tomb

 Chapter 239 Repairing the tomb

Chu Yunsheng examined his body once again. His power still remained, it made him feel relieved. The appearance was not important, as long as he still had the power to protect himself. he tried to comfort himself...

In this kind of world, it was already fortunate enough for him to stay alive, so he had nothing to complain.

At least he was still able to move!

Chu Yunsheng decided to accept his fate and went back to the back of the golden shell again, the spiritual battle made him exhausted, he did even realise when he had fallen asleep...

When Chu Yunsheng woke up again, it was already the next day morning. He picked up the broken mirror to check if what he saw last night was an illusion. However, the old man was still in the mirror...

Chu Yunsheng's mind was mixed with all kind of thoughts while riding the golden shell back to the tomb which he escaped.

Inside the tomb, all the wounded tubes had already recovered, even the wall that Chu Yunsheng sliced open also healed. The tomb's recovery speed was truly incredible.

By following the big tube at the tomb's entrance, Chu Yunsheng carefully ordered the golden shell to crawl into the tomb. He only had 2 green shells left, if the tomb noticed him, he would be in a huge trouble.

Luckily it was a smooth ride and Chu Yunsheng found a huge tube which golden shell could use to climb up to the top-level.

Many thin transparent tubes were still hanging in the air and the place where the meatball was, was still empty Chu Yunsheng suspected that if he didn't return this meatball, then the tomb would be most likely creating a new one.

However, he didn't know if the tomb would still accept this strange meatball or not. So he was holding the sword while slowly placing the meatball in the empty area.

When the meatball got near the tubes, the tomb seemed to sense it. All the thin transparent tubes started to squirm rapidly towards the meatball.

Until Chu Yunsheng placed it on a hollow area, all the tubes immediately inserted themselves into the meatball.

At the same time, Chu Yunsheng suddenly had a strange "view". In that view, he was able to "see" all activities that the tomb and the swarm were doing.

Is this the view from the higher dimension? Chu Yunsheng thought,

However, Chu Yunsheng still didn't know how to produce the fluid he wanted. Within just less than a few minutes he had already messed up the tomb's controlling system.

Some energy fluid was injected into many wrong meatballs and it instantly caused a massive meatballs rupture....

Chu Yunsheng immediately stopped his blind control and ordered his "Min" to make the tomb to go back to its normal operation. at the same time, he was quietly studying how Min was operating the tomb.

Probably because his min was still very young. It was only able to control one tomb. The other two were running automatically outside its control.

But Chu Yunsheng had already thought of a plan, he wanted to allocate all the resources gathered by this tomb specifically to his Min, so it could grow faster; the other one to produce the fluid for him and the last one to create an air force for him.

The resources were not unlimited, so he needed to maximize the usage of the three tombs.

But before that, Chu Yunsheng still had a lot to learn. He needed to learn how to produce the fluid, how to produce the insects... how much resources those tombs could gather in a day....

Luckily he was an engineer. Although killing was not his profession, but this was his speciality.

After Min gained the full control of the tomb, Chu Yunsheng no longer needed to hide inside the back of the golden shell. Finally, he could stay inside the tomb without worrying about anything.

The tomb now became his fortress!

After everything was arranged properly, Chu Yunsheng didn't start to cultivate Yuan Qi straight away. instead, he rode the golden to check the rest of two tombs.

Based on his own theory, there should only be one "Min" in each creep area. However, he still wanted to make sure that his theory was correct.

The distance between three tombs was not close, only when Chu Yunsheng got to the second tomb did he just realized that the tomb he was in earlier, was much bigger than the second one.

He didn't know why there would be a huge difference in terms of the size of the tombs, but that was not what he was there for. He just needed to find out that if the second tomb was creating any creatures like "Min" or not.

When he got to the top-level of the second tomb, he found that the place was empty, he had searched the second tomb thoroughly, but he still couldn't find anything.

Then he headed towards the third one....

After he confirmed that his Min was the only Min existed in this creep area, Chu Yunsheng returned to his tomb. He only had three days left to cultivate Yuan Qi, but he had the insect's culture fluid to speed up this cultivation speed, so he was not that worried.

Times passed by quickly in the swarm.

To Chu Yunsheng, three days seemed to have just passed within a blink of eyes. In the past three days, Chu Yunsheng spent most of the time observing the operation of the tomb.

And after three days, he finally and roughly figured out the usages of the different tubes. Before he entered the tomb, he had cut off all the energy supplies to all the meatballs inside the tomb. He wanted to make sure that before he came out of the tomb, there weren't any new insects being produced! Especially at the time when he was not controlling of the tomb.

All the energy had been gathered to use to feed Min to speed up its growth.

And when he just arranged everything, he entered the Divine realm without any sign, once again.

Where he was standing was still the platform which had nine movement diagrams. The blue ripple screen was still there, but the next button was highlighted already.

The floating rock was slowly moving towards the platform which Chu Yunsheng was standing.

But Chu Yunsheng didn't jump onto the floating rock immediately, instead, he was checking himself excitingly. His appearance returned back to normal, hair returned back to black colour, his skin, and even his "little brother".....

Chu Yunsheng knew that this was a spiritual world, he knew that his real appearance outside this world would still be an old man, but he still could not help being excited. Besides, this was also a good new, it meant that at least, something important to his life was not damaged.