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Chapter 238 An old man

 Chapter 238 An old man

Since there was no hope of escaping from the top, Chu Yunsheng immediately changed his plan, he quickly glanced around and decided to make a gap in the tomb's wall. He wanted to drill out of the tomb!

Chu Yunsheng immediately unleashed one round of sword Qi to pierce through the wall that was nearest to him, then he jumped off the green shell. While he was in the gap, he was constantly casting out the sword Qi to make the way. He did not dare to delay a single second because many tubes followed him into the gap.

When Chu Yunsheng finally drilled out of the tomb, he immediately summoned another green shell and jumped on it. However, the tubes were still chasing him, so he immediately ordered the green shell to fly around the tomb until the tubes were entangled with each other around the tombs.

Six type-2 green shells! He sacrificed six type-2 green shells in total in order to escape from the tomb!!

But it still was not safe yet, the insects in the swarm had already noticed him. The sudden appearance of a human being caused commotions in the swarm, all of the insects in the swarm roared frantically at him, Chu Yunsheng's purple flame monster could barely control get them under control.

However, the purple flame monster could not control them all, a group of 30 green shell insects were flying towards him at a high speed...

Chu Yunsheng immediately ordered the green shell to land, then quickly hid into the back of a golden shell and dug into the ground.

After Chu Yunsheng disappeared and with the help of the purple flame monster, the agitated swarm slowly calmed down, even the tomb also "reluctantly" retracted its tubes, its wound on the wall was also slowly recovered.

There wasn't enough air under the ground, Chu Yunsheng held his breath as long as he could until he couldn't hold it any longer, then he ordered the golden shell to crawl out from a place far away at the back of the tomb.

The first thing he did when he came out was to use the talisman of cure poison to remove the fire elemental poison from his body.

The sticky meatball was not dead yet, it was still beating in Chu Yunsheng's hand.

Chu Yunsheng's golden shell which was next to it, even had a feeling wanted to protect it. Through the signal that the meatball was constantly sending towards the golden shell, Chu Yunsheng felt that it was sacred.

Is this really the larvae of "Min"? Chu Yunshebg couldn't tell, so he used the sword to stab it.

At the same time, he activated the talisman in attempting to seal it, even if it was not Min, it must be some kind of important creature to the insects. Chu Yunsheng thought.


Chu Yunsheng didn't expect that the talisman would explode, and the meatball which was lifted in the mid-air by the talisman's light earlier was instantly falling to the ground.

The wound on the meatball was quickly recovered, then the meatball immediately started to roll towards the tomb.

But Chu Yunsheng would never let it run away. He quickly picked it up and stabbed it one more time, then he used another monster seal talisman to seal it.


The monster seal talisman exploded again.

Each monster seal talisman cost Chu Yunsheng a lot of energy, even if he got the divine realm's energy tube he still did not want to waste it.

Looking at the wound was healed again, Chu Yunsheng suspected that the physical attack might not do much damage to the meatball, and if it really was a spiritually powerful creature like "Min", then he needed to find other ways to injure it.

However, apart from the energy attack and the physical attack, Chu Yunsheng still did not understand the spiritual attack, this type of another dimensional attack. The only chance when he was able to contact with the other dimension was when he was cultivating Yuan Qi.

So, the only way he could think of was to use the method he accidentally discovered last time, it was when the time when he was being dragged into a colourful channel and almost died, but that time, the spirit of the "Min" outside the Jin Ling city was already injured.

Moreover, Chu Yunsheng must be powerful than it at first, otherwise, what he was about to do would get himself killed

Chu Yunsheng thought it over and over, such attack involved a lot of risks. However, he had the ancient book, based on the last experience, if he was at risk, the ancient book would save him.

Eventually, Chu Yunsheng decided to give it a try, he pierced through the meatball and stabbed it onto the ground next to the golden shell. To reduced his risk, he also ordered a type-2 green shell to fly around the tombs and come back to take the golden shell away when it complete 20 laps around the tombs. He also stuck a glacier talisman onto the sticky meatball, if he was in danger, he could activate it in a split second.

Chu Yunsheng could clearly felt that it was seeking help, it was sent through golden shell's mind into his mind. He immediately ordered the golden shell to bite the meatball, then he felt that the signal started to change, it was the meatball was trying to stop the golden shell.

It was just like last time, they were battling each other using the golden shell's mind as a medium. However, this time Chu Yunsheng had upper hand.

As Chu Yunsheng expected, Just when the golden shell about to bite the meatball, he was instantly dragged into a colourful channel.

This time, Chu Yunsheng was 100 percent sure that this sticky meatball was the larvae of a "Min".

The battle instantly broke out in the colourful channel, a powerful suction force was quickly coming towards Chu Yunsheng's spirit.

Unlike the last time where Chu Yunsheng could not fight back, this time he was able to withstand the power of the suction. Maybe this baby "Min" was just born, so its spiritual power was still very weak.

But when he got slightly distracted, he was instantly pulled forward, then his mind seemed to lose something.... when he concentrated on the battle again, then something strange appeared in his mind.

Chu Yunsheng did not understand the information that had just appeared in his mind.


There were many blood coloured tubes; colourful tubes...

The tombs that were growing rapidly from small size to massive size; different kind of liquid came from different tubes.....

Many red shells were "created" one by one, and the creep was constantly producing and depleting....

"He" was getting bigger and bigger until covered every corner of a creep area....



Just when Chu Yunsheng tried to see more information, the green shell which had completed 20 laps around the tomb flew back and took the golden shell away, Chu Yunsheng was instantly pulled back to the reality.

Chu Yunsheng felt nausea, however, he did not have time to throw up, the chance was here, and he needed to seize it quickly. He immediately pulled out the sword and stabbed the meatball several times, then activated a monster seal talisman again.

The talisman was glowing brightly in the mid-air.

Chu Yunsheng gathered all his energy to support the monster seal talisman, the injured meatball was constantly twisting its body rapidly to fight back the sealing power.


The ancient text was projected into the mid-air, and the incarnation was completed.

The whole talisman was covered in blood colour after it sealed the "Min", it was extremely strange.

However, Chu Yunsheng's mind was filled with excitement, he quickly reached his hand out to grab the monster seal talisman.

In the next second, all the energy inside his body was gushed out and poured into the talisman until there was none left inside his body, unlike when he was sealing a golden insect or the purple flame monster where the talisman would stop sucking his energy when he did not have any energy left. but this one was not over yet, this blood coloured talisman was sucking something else out of his body when there was no more energy to consume.

Chu Yunsheng could clearly feel that the Rong Yuan cells inside his body started to wither and die. He panicked and wanted to cut off the connection, throw it away or store it back to the storage talisman. However, it was like he was not the one in control, the talisman was still sucking something out of his body.

Having failed to get rid of the talisman after several attempts, Chu Yunsheng took out three absorption talismans hoping it would help the situation, as if the talisman was thirsty for the energy, when Chu Yunsheng just held on the talismans, the monster seal talisman automatically started to suck energy through the channels inside Chu Yunsheng's body from the absorption talismans.

Three absorption talismans were not enough and Chu Yunsheng did not dare to stop, many talismans were taken out of the storage talisman and consumed one after another, but it did not seem to improve the condition inside his body at all. Chu Yunsheng's skin started to wrinkle, and his hair slowly turned grey...

This talisman was sucking his life as an energy supplement!!!

Chu Yunsheng was terrified, he had already finished all the absorption talismans, all he was holding now was the strange energy tube that the divine realm gave to him.

The blood coloured talisman was like a bottomless pit rapidly consuming the energy from the energy tube that had blue liquid inside, if Chu Yunsheng did not have this tube, he might be dead already.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know how long it had passed, but he finally sensed that the talisman started to slow down the energy consumption.

He took out a mirror from the storage talisman, with the help of the light that came from the fire on the top the tomb, Chu Yunsheng looked himself in the mirror.

:"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!..." he cursed and smashed the mirror on the ground.

There was an old man in the mirror, and the old man was him!

His mind went blank, and he just sat there staring blankly into the darkness.

After a while, the talisman finally stopped sucking the energy and fell to the ground. Chu Yunsheng took some cigarettes out of his talisman and lit them all up, he still had a hard time to accept it.

Only until the late night, did Chu Yunsheng let out a hollow laugh, probably no one would be able to recognize him now, even Edgar that damn fuck.

He was just an old man... an old ugly man.

He picked up the talisman and summoned the meatball, then started to kick and beat the meatball non-stop while curing:" fuck you... fuck you... fuck you..."


:"Now it's time to get your ass back to work!" after beating the hell out of the meatball Chu Yunsheng stood up.

He had already sort out the information he gained through spiritual battle. The meatball he sealed was indeed the baby stage of "Min"

And it was able to control the tomb through the tubes that there attached its body. So Chu Yunsheng wanted it to control the entire swarm, he wanted the tombs to produce the culture fluid just for him.

In the meantime, he wanted to study the book to see if he could get his life back.