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Chapter 237 a strange meatball

 Chapter 237 a strange meatball.

Chu Yunsheng was constantly ordering the green shell to dodge the incoming tubes. Just when he was about to reach the top level of the tomb, the tomb seemed to lost its "mind" all of sudden, all the tubes including the ones that attached to the meatballs were quickly retracted and flew to the center of the tomb, they formed a net attempting to stop Chu Yunsheng from going up higher.

Chu Yunsheng didn't want to go back, the situation below him was even worse, so he quickly unleashed sword Qi to make a gap in the net.

12 sword Qi were spinning rapidly when it hit the net which was made of countless tubes, however, it only made a small gap in the tube net, and it seemed like the gap was about to close very quickly.

Chu Yunsheng instantly cast out the second sound of sword Qi again, this time, the gap was widened, but many tubes from the side of the wall were still trying to reach the centre of the net to fix the gap.

Chu Yunsheng didn't want to wait any longer, he instantly ordered the green shell to ascend and break out from the net.

When they just went through the net, many tubes instantly shot outward trying to catch them.

Suddenly, the green shell roared loudly. It was its legs, they were wrapped around by some tubes and the green shell was being pulled down by those tubes.

Chu Yunsheng immediately unleashed one more round sword Qi downwards to clear the tubes which were grabbing the green shell's legs.

Then, he ordered the green shell to use all its energy to ascend again.

When they finally reached the top level, the tomb suddenly fell silent, all the tubes also stopped chasing them, but those tubes didn't retract either, all of them were crowded at the edge of the middle level, squirming nervously.

In such big tomb, all Chu Yunsheng could hear was just one noise...

thump! thump! thump!

Chu Yunsheng raised his head to find what cause the sounds. Above him, a small red sticky meatball, size as big as a basketball was expanding, shrinking, jumping like a human heart in the centre of the tomb's top-level.

Is this its core? Chu Yunsheng thought, he controlled the green shell to fly around the strange meatball to take a close look.

The closer he got to the meatball the slower those tubes below him squirmed, he could sense that they were nervous.

Around the meatball, there were many tiny transparent tubes of varying sizes were attached to it. Inside of those tubes, endless streams of liquid were constantly injected into the strange meatball, with such large quantities, Chu Yunsheng didn't know why it did not explode.

Above the meatball, it was the "exit" Chu Yunsheng was looking for, there were many tumour-like organisms protruded on the internal wall of the exit, the "smoke"-like substances he saw from outside were produced by those organisms.

Chu Yunsheng didn't like to touch anything that was out of ordinary, his rule was always trying to avoid anything that was not necessary. Since the tomb had already given up chasing him, he didn't want to provoke it any further. So Chu Yunsheng ordered the green shell to fly towards the exit.

However, just when they flew past the meatball, Chu Yunsheng's heart suddenly skipped a beat.

He suddenly felt the force of "Min"!

However, when both the green shell and he stopped, the force was gone.

Chu Yunsheng had a cold shudder, there was a "Min" here, but he didn't realize it.

Was it a deterrence? Warning? Or was it something else? Chu Yunsheng didn't know what the force meant, but he didn't dare to make one more move.

He was looking around trying to find anything might help him to understand what was going on. However, apart from the beating meatball, it was very quiet in the top-level of the tomb.

That definitely was not an illusion. Chu Yunsheng thought.

Suddenly he had a crazy theory.

No way! The theory was so crazy that Chu Yunsheng didn't even believe it himself.

He ordered the green shell to approach the meatball one more time. Just when the green shell got roughly 10 centimetres away from the meatball, Chu Yunsheng sensed the force again.

He immediately ordered the green shell to fly away in panic, and the force was instantly disappeared.

This time, he clearly felt it, and it came from the meatball. Is it a newborn? Chu Yunsheng guessed.

Is it because the communication from outside was cut off, so the tomb was producing a new leader? Chu Yunsheng thought again.

Then he quickly got rid of that thought.

To him, what he should be thinking was to find a way to remove this thing from the tomb and kill it!

If it was "Min", then he definitely should not allow this thing to continuously grow any bigger, even if it wasn't "Min", this thing could affect the tomb's defence mechanism, he definitely would not allow this thing to exist when he was hiding in the creep area.

Looking at the crowded tubes near the edge of the middle-level of the tomb, Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth and swung the sword.

He cut off all the tubes that were attached to the meatball and grabbed it, at the same time he immediately ordered the green shell to fly up!

The entire tomb was enraged by Chu Yunsheng's attack, the "exit" was instantly closed and all the tumour-like organisms also stopped emitting the smoke, instead, those organisms started to gash out a highly corrosive sticky liquid.

All the tubes below Chu Yunsheng no longer crowded at the edge of the middle-level, all of them shot upwards instantly.

Chu Yunsheng cast out many glacier talismans to stop the highly corrosive liquid, at the same time, he also constantly cast out sword Qi to attempt to make a gap above his head.

But his speed was still slowed down, and the tubes below him quickly seized the opportunity to grab the green shell.

Chu Yunsheng immediately decided to abandon the green shell, he jumped up and summoned another green shell and landed on the top of the second green shell and flew upwards.

However, there were many tubes, and they seemed to know where Chu Yunsheng was, whenever Chu Yunsheng changed the green shell the tubes would follow him, Chu Yunsheng continuously summoned new green shell, third... fourth...

Chu Yunsheng's heart sank deeper as he summoned more green shell, however, he still could not get close to the exit .....

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