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Chapter 236 Enter the tomb again.

 Chapter 236 Enter the tomb again.

Chu Yunsheng knew his limit, even if there was no "Min" in those three tombs, he could still only control a dozen of insects at the same time, there was no way he could really become the king of the insects.

Although Chu Yunsheng could not directly control all the insects in the creep area, he could still try to use high-level insects to affect their communications, in order to achieve indirect control.

The purple flame monster was the highest-level monster he saw in the creep area.

Every time when it initiated an attack, it usually accompanied by the swarm. When it was excited, the swarm would charge recklessly; when it was dying, the swarm would moan in sorrow.

According to professor Sun's theory, they must have had some other ways to exchange information, it was a shame that they did not figure it out before Jin Ling city disappeared.

Therefore, if Chu Yunsheng wanted to hide in the creep area safely, he needed to deal with all the purple flame monsters in the area first, and he had to get it done within four days!

Of course, this was all based on the premise that there were no more higher level insects in this area.

Chu Yunsheng quickly hid into a golden shell's back and started to order the golden shell to crawl around the tombs, after some time, he was surprised to find out that there was just one purple flame monster in this creep area.

"If there was just one purple flame monster, he could easily deal with it, but why both castles did not want to take the city back?" Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows and thought.

But then he thought about the conflict between two castles, and the size of the swarm. Although there was just one purple flame monster, there were still a lot of low-level insects, unlike Chu Yunsheng who had talismans to protect him, if they dare to enter the creep area, what they were facing would be just death.

There was also one more thing he discovered which was that this creep area was not isolated, the creep area was extended all the way to the southern edge, but it did not disappear there.

It seemed like the creep was also trapped in the yellow mountain area by the force of the divine realm, however, Chu Yunsheng still noticed some red shells running into the creep area from outside, from time to time. Same as them, those insects also could not go out.

So Chu Yunsheng suspected that the tombs he saw were just the tip of a huge iceberg, the entire southern region outside the yellow mountain area might have already been covered by the creep like the spore forest.

Since there was just one purple flame monster, and Chu Yunsheng still did not sense any "Min" in the area, he quickly summoned one purple flame monster as vanguard and three golden shells behind the purple flame monster and lastly eight type-two green shells to assist them from the sky.

With such powerful battle formation, not a single insect dared to stop them, they all moved back quickly as Chu Yunsheng approaching forward. But Chu Yunsheng still did not dare to come out of the back of the golden shell, because he knew for sure that once he came out, those insects would not move back like what they were doing now.

Based on Chu Yunsheng's previous experiences, he knew that every purple flame monster had their own territory in a creep area, they would usually stay in their territory all day long, unless they were called by a higher level insect such as "Min", they also dislike other purple flame monsters to enter their own territory.

The only purple flame monster in this creep area was currently roaring loudly at Chu Yunsheng's group, it was waving its antennas like whips making loud cracking sounds in the air to warn Chu Yunsheng's group that they were crossing the line.

Chu Yunsheng peeped outside through the hole at the back of the golden shell, he noticed that the size of that purple flame monster was much bigger than his, presumably that all the resources gathered by three tombs were allocated to it.

All the insects were staying far away from Chu Yunsheng's group and the "native" purple flame monster to observe the incoming battle.

Looking at the size of the native purple flame monster, Chu Yunsheng didn't think his purple flame monster would win this fight by fighting alone.

So he ordered two golden shells to dig into the ground to disrupt the native purple flame monster from the ground below, and he himself was riding a golden shell to move around the native purple flame monster to seek for opportunities to attack, leaving only his purple flame monster and 6 type two green shells facing the native monster at the front.

The golden shells below the ground initiated the attack first. The attention of the native purple flame monster was attracted by Chu Yunsheng's purple flame monster, so it didn't notice the cracks were appearing on the ground. The cracks were quickly widened and until it could no longer support the weight of native purple flame monster anymore.

The native purple flame monster's legs were sunk into the ground, it instantly made the monster lose its balance.

Chu Yunsheng took the opportunity to fire the freeze gun, and the monster was frozen within a second.

Chu Yunsheng immediately ordered all his insects started to unleash their most powerful attacks.

The type-two green shell's fireballs, the purple flame monster's fire energy ripples and golden insect's fire pillars were all shot out at the same time. The entire creep area was instantly lit up by the explosions.

The native purple flame monster didn't expect other insects would join the fight, it was constantly blocking the attacks while roaring for help after it broke out of the ice.

The swarm was agitated. Just when the insects in the swarm were about to charge, Chu Yunsheng's purple flame monster also roared under Chu Yunsheng's command, the swarm was stunned, all the insects inside swarm didn't know what to do.

Without any help, the native purple flame monster's energy was decreasing rapidly. It couldn't move, nor could it get any help, all it could do was roaring constantly until it used up all its energy to block the attack.

This was probably the most successful seal Chu Yunsheng had so far, none of his insects was injured, and the native purple flame monster only had a minor injury.

Chu Yunsheng planned to use the rest of four days in the creep area to heal the native purple flame monster, the sooner the native purple flame monster recovered, the safer he was in the creep area.

While the native purple flame monster was recovering its injury in the talisman, Chu Yunsheng ordered his purple flame monster to drive all the insects out of the tombs and chase them into a place roughly 100 meters away from the tombs.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know if the tombs had consciousness or not, but based on the past experiences, he knew that as long as he didn't attack the tomb, the tombs would be constantly working like a robot.

That was why he dared to ride the golden shell all the way into a tomb through one of its giant tubes.

As Chu Yunsheng got into the tomb, he started to notice many tubes were crossing each other above his head, they were like the giant rattans he saw back in the fog city. But in here, those tubes had an uncountable amount of meatballs hanging underneath it. There were so many of them that even Chu Yunsheng knew it was safe at the moment, he still could not help but having a cold shudder all of sudden.

This was the second time ChuYunsheng entered the insect's tomb, last time, he was in a rush, so he did not have time to observe the internal structure clearly, but now he had plenty of time.

Apart from exploring the internal of a tomb, Chu Yunsheng also wanted to find the golden and red culture fluid, he wanted to find out which one could improve his cultivation speed, and then harvest this kind of fluid.

After exploring the bottom level of the tomb, Chu Yunsheng did not find anything, so he summoned one green shell to send him to the middle level of the tomb. The meatballs in the middle level of the tombs were much bigger than the bottom level, they were a lot less as well. Unlike the meatball he saw in the bottom level, Chu Yunsheng was much familiar with them.

After he was sure that they were the meatballs of the golden shells, Chu Yunsheng began to cut off two small tubes that attached one of the meatballs.


Both golden and red liquids suddenly gashed out, however, Chu Yunsheng was prepared this time, he quickly used two empty barrels that he had taken out from the storage talisman earlier to store the culture fluids......

Suddenly, he received the purple flame monster's warning signal.

The insects outside the tombs started to gather again and it seemed like they wanted to rush back to the tombs.

At the same time, both tubes suddenly retracted back into the internal wall, then, many thicker tubes were shot towards Chu Yunsheng aggressively.

Chu Yunsheng did not collect many of them, but it was more than enough for him to study them, so he quickly stored the barrels and jumped off the tube he was standing on earlier. A green shell was already waiting next to the tube when he jumped off. When he landed on the back of the green shell, it instantly flew up towards the top of the tomb.

Meanwhile, the purple flame outside the tomb roared loudly once again, the swarm stopped one more time and slowly moved away from the tomb again.

Although the insect in the swarm could easily kill the purple flame monster, not a single insect dared to challenge the purple flame monster. It seemed like the insect was a type of creature that was rigidly stratified.

If "Min" was here, then Chu Yunsheng and the purple flame monster would probably be dead already.

But there weren't any creatures like "Min" here, so the purple flame monster was at the top of the command chain.

It was a shame that the purple flame monster only had deterrence, expel and leading ability, it did not seem to have abilities to order other insects to do different tasks like "Min"

Just like now, the purple flame monster could only deter the swarm and expel them from the tombs, however, it could not order them to spread out or to go back to do their own things.

The swarm outside was currently suppressed by the purple flame monster, but inside the tomb, Chu Yunsheng was busy dodging the tubes' attack on the back of the green shell.

He planned to escape from the top of the tomb, it was the nearest exit to him, and there were fewer tubes coming from the top. He had never fought with a tomb before, so he did not know what ability it had. However, just by looking at the many tubes that were shooting out from the bottom of the tomb, Chu Yunsheng did not want to go down the tomb at all.