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Chapter 233 Fully prepared

 Chapter 233 Fully prepared

Location: A warm room inside the Castle of Snowstorm.

A beautiful and flirtatious woman was relaxing on a long soft sofa, she slight moved her tender body to make herself more comfortable, then she put her slender right leg up across her right leg and used her right toe to point a woman, while her fair-skinned left hand was slowly shaking the glass which had wine inside.

"Did you find it?" the woman asked mildly, but her soft and charming voice seemed to have a seductive power, it even made the hearts of four female senior commanders who were standing in front of her jumping rapidly.

:"we have checked everyone on the list, only two people were the most suspicious." Xu Qingshu said while knitted her brows, she was the only one who could stay calm, but she didn't seem to like the castellan's action at all.

:"Oh? Tell me? how is it the most suspicious?" the woman smiled, she pretended to be curious, however, her eyes were staring aggressively at Xu Qingshu's body from head to toe.

"The first person was a man whose surname is Zeng, he entered the yellow mountain area two days ago, our record shows that he once killed three skywalkers from the castle of raging fire in one breath, he is a powerful ice element skywalker and a disagreeable and perverse person. He denied that he was was the person who broke the first floating island chain's record. We had secretly arranged eight of our skywalkers, to pretend to be the Skywalkers from the castle of raging fire and attacked him, but he defeated them all, so his real strength is still unknown." Xu Qingshu said calmly.

:"I don't like men, next! Don't tell me it's a man again!" the woman moaned in a flirtatious tone then took a small sip of the red wine.

:"I'm sorry, it's a man again, and it's a black man!" Xu Qingshu still didn't change her expression.

:"OMG! a B-----lack man!" the woman drew her voice out then suddenly covered her mouth like a little girl who was not familiar with the outside world and who just heard something incredible.

"yes, castellan, a genuine black man!" Xu Qingshu confirmed what she said.

:"huh? Genuine? Little Qingqing, you tried?........ Hahaha!" the woman suddenly started giggling uncontrollably.

But in the next second, she stopped giggling all of sudden.:" wait! I shouldn't be laughing, it's my loss!?."

:"Castellan!" Xu Qingshu said sternly.

:"Joking .... It's just a joke... why you have to be so serious... You can carry on..." the woman's face was covered with a grin, but this time she didn't giggle.

:"Name: Edgar, male, 35-ish years old, American, was a biologist, nickname: doctor, entered the yellow mountain area 8 days ago, was attacked by the castle of raging fire's armour division. Suppressed the attack just using a gun." Xu Qingshu carried on.

:"That's all? Boring..." the woman drawled.

:"All the information was traded from the people who came to the castle with him, according to their information, he used to kill four skywalkers in a split second. Also, have a look this toxin, we have tested it, it could cause ordinary people to pass out and skywalkers to lose their strength, however according to those people, the black man was the only one who was not affected by it!

Based on this information, we suspected that the doctor might be very powerful. But when we tried to do the same thing as we did to Zeng Kexing, the black man ran away! He was begging to us to release him when he was caught!" Xu Qingshu said.

:"Oh? Interesting man, little Qingqing, what do you think, who is most likely to be that person." she asked while playing with the wine glass in her hand.

:" We don't have enough information," she shook her head.

": No, no, no.... you have already made a choice!" the woman took a sip of the wine and suddenly look at Xu Qingshu sharply.

Xu Qingshu was dazed for a second, then her brows were twitching slightly.

The woman put down the glass and smile at Xu Qingshu:" little Qingqing, did you not realize that when you reported Zeng Kexin's detail, you have to look at the file, but you can remember everything about the black man."

Xu Qingshu suddenly broke out into a cold sweat, she had been following the castellan for sometimes now, she knew deeply that the castellan might act flirtatiously, however, her punishment towards traitors had always been ruthless.

She had seen a female traitor was being stripped naked and hung outside the castle until she was frozen to death.

What was more frightening was her power, even all of the five senior commanders attack her together, they would not defeat her.

The warm room suddenly fell silent, all other senior commanders were holding their breath.

The woman slowly got up and walked towards Xu Qingshu whose nerves were stretched to the limit. She lifted her long and fair-skinned arm and fondled Xu Qingshu's face with her hand. She raised Xu Qingshu's smooth chin and said:" look this pretty face, don't lie to me next time."

Xu Qingshu quickly moved back several steps and shook her head:" I never lied to the castellan, and I don't dare to."

The woman stared at her sternly for a few seconds, then broke into a smile:" Isn't the word sister sounds nicer than castellan? My dear, why do you have to call me that...It's so boring..."

Then she turned around and glanced at the other female commanders and said sternly:" anything information about Chu Yunsheng?"

:"No, not yet!" a female commander replied carefully.

:" Have you thought about that maybe they are actually the same person!" the woman said.

:"Yes, we have, but....." the female commander stammered.

:"There is no but, I can smell him... only he is able to do that. From now on, gather all our forces just focusing on searching Chu Yunsheng! He must be hiding somewhere!" then she said arrogantly:" No one is able to get away from her excellency the messenger of ice and from my hand!"

:"Yes!" all the five female commanders including Xu Qingshu responded at the same time.

:"Yes!? So, You all know what to do? Si Xing, you first, tell me how you are going to do it?" the woman randomly pointed a female commander and asked.

:"Spread out all our forces, search every corner we can reach, use every man we got!" Si Xing immediately replied.

The woman nodded her head then looked at Xu Qingshu again. :" what about you?" she asked her.

Xu Qingshu thought for a second and said:" ice messenger had used a flying machine to search for Chu Yunsheng before. According to their information, Chu Yunsheng was not a smart man, and he prefers to do things alone, so my guess is, he is most likely to change his plan and join other groups!

And based on the information we gathered, if Chu Yunsheng is the person who broke the rule of the first floating island chain, it is most likely that he just entered the yellow mountain area no more than eight days, otherwise, he wouldn't still be at the first floating island chain!

So we need to focus on the people who entered the yellow mountain area in the past eight days, even we couldn't find him, we will still be able to find his group members, then we could use their group members to force him to come out!"

The woman seemed to be extremely happy, she resumed her flirtatious expression and laid back on the sofa and said happily:" Oh, my little Qingqing is the best! From now on, you are in control of this matter, the rest of four people are temporarily listening to you, her Excellency the messenger of ice and I are looking forward to hearing the good news from you!"

:"I'll not let you down." Xu Qingshu said calmly.

:"Okay, okay. Now the business is over, come to drink with sister." the woman waved her hand to signal Xu Qingshu and said:" little Qingqing, how about you stay here tonight......"

Xu Qingshu instantly ran away in panic, all she could hear was the woman's giggles.

A half-hour later, the castle of Snowstorm was locked down by the senior commander Xu Qingshu, everyone inside the castle was not allowed to go out and whoever entered the castle in the past 8 days was locked up in the centre of the castle.

An hour later, the armour division, the infantry division and the horsewomen division were all fully prepared and ready to go!

While the castle of Snowstorm was on lockdown, all the information about their movement were sent into the castle of raging fire, everyone in the castle of raging fire was asked to prepare for the incoming war.

Meanwhile, in a remote place inside the yellow mountain area, Chu Yunsheng just came back to the snow cave after emptying his bladder. Since when he got the strange energy liquid and after he felt that there was a tremendous energy inside the blue tube, he had spent all his time converting the energy into every talisman he could make.

But even after 3 days, he noticed that the 10 bars on the side of the tube only decreased one bar, it meant that it still had 90 percent of the energy left!

Chu Yunsheng was both shocked and terrified. If this kind of energy container was embedded into a weapon like a freeze gun, then how powerful that weapon would be?

Three days later, Chu Yunsheng was fully prepared, he had made all the talismans he needed, all he needed now was to find a safe place to hide in four days. But when he just about to leave. He heard someone shouted:"You, check there, You, check there! Rest of people, follow me!"