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Chapter 232 Making a talisman in the air

 Chapter 232 Making a talisman in the air

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Chu Yunsheng was inspired by the nine diagrams, many ideas came to his mind one after another, he was so eager and excited to test out those ideas that it made him forgot about he wanted to get out the divine realm earlier, it even made him pressed the return button once again.

When a red shell appeared on the platform, Chu Yunsheng immediately forced Yuan Qi to come out from his index finger, then he started to draw the pattern of a glacier talisman in the air.

However, it was not as easy as he thought, without any medium, the energy pattern would either change its shape easily or the energy itself would dissipate very quickly before the pattern was formed.

Chu Yunsheng was dodging the red shell's attack while drawing the talisman in the air. When the red shell wanted to charge forward, he would quickly lead the red shell to other places and then come back to complete his talisman.

The key of the process was the speed, he needed to be fast, very fast!

Chu Yunsheng's hand was moving fast in the air, it started to have after-images, soon even the after-images also became blurry. He was no longer looking at the pattern which he was drawing, he started to draw the lines based on his feelings.

Almost! I sensed it!

Almost! Just a little bit more...! Chu Yunsheng was still concentrating on the feeling, even the red shell started to charge towards him again.

But Chu Yunsheng didn't want to dodge this time, the talisman was almost complete, and every time he failed, it would consume it a lot of energy, so he didn't want to fail this time.

He kicked on the red shell's head when its charge arrived, he jumped up high while drawing the last line of the talisman all the way to the top of the green energy shield that was cover the platform, then he turned his body upside down with his both feet touching the top of the energy, he pointed his index finger downwards at the red shell that also attempted to jump up to bite him.

Talisman completed! He hissed.

Suddenly, The time on the platform seemed to be frozen. However, the light on Chu Yunsheng's index finger didn't seem to be slow down at all. It shot outwards and followed the line that Chu Yunsheng had drawn went through the pattern of the talisman again. When it reached to the dot where Chu Yunsheng started, the talisman instantly burst out bright light.

The red shell was still in the air and its mouth was wide opened, but its rising speed was slow down viability, the temperature around its body was also dropping rapidly that there was frost appeared everywhere on its shell. The speed of frost that spread across red shell's body was way faster than the speed of red shell going up. It was completely frozen before it could touch Chu Yunsheng's finger.

In the next second, both of them started falling, Chu Yunsheng had used up his Yuan Qi, so he could only sit on the ground when he landed.

The red shell's ice sculpture was rolled over to the other side of the platform.

However, It was not over yet, the ice started to crack unleashing its powerful crashing energy, the red shell was crashed into pieces then exploded, while the ice pieces that contained the body parts of the red shell shot outward, they quickly disappeared. At the end, all the ice were faded out before they could hit Chu Yunsheng.

At the time when the red shell disappeared, the floating maintain suddenly started to shake intensively as if it was attacked by something, then the entire floating mountain including the green energy shield was flashing a red warning light. the blue ripple screen once again raised up from the ground, however this time, the screen was displaying something resembled "corrupted code"!

A bunch lines of symbols were constantly appearing on the screen and disappearing from the screen as if the blue ripples was a computer that was affected by virus.....

What's more shocking was that there seemed to be one eyeball suddenly appeared on the glowing object on the colossal pillar, and it was staring at the platform which Chu Yunsheng was staying.

All the floating platforms throughout the divine realm were actually moving around the colossal pillar in a specific order, it was just like planets in the solar system rotating around the sun.

But when Chu Yunsheng blasted the red shell into pieces, all the floating platforms and rocks in the divine realm were temporarily moving in disarray.

At the same time, a Skywalker who was at a floating platform that was closer to the colossal pillar was staring shockingly at the floating platform that was flashing in the red warning light far below him.

This was the first time he saw someone could achieve a perfect kill in the first floating island chain!

Although he could not see the person clearly and how the person actually killed the monster, he didn't think he was mistaken about the red warning sign, it was the sign that indicated the rule of the divine realm was broken.

He had never heard of anyone could complete a perfect kill in the first floating island chain. The rule of the first floating island chain was to use the nine diagrams of body movement method to dodge a red shell's attack within a limited time, so even though a red shell was not very powerful, but no one would want to waste too much energy on killing it.

There were a few cases where some powerful Skywalkers attempted to kill the red shell as quickly as possible, however, they still couldn't do it perfectly.

He didn't know the reason why exactly, but there was one well-known theory which was that the rule simply didn't allow anyone to kill the red shell. The red shell on the platform had a powerful recovery ability, unless someone could destroy the energy grid pattern inside the red shell at the same time when it was killed, however, that was not possible at all.

The Skywalker was first shocked, Then he immediately realized that it was an extremely important information, he needed to report back to his castle.

He jumped off the platform without any hesitation, even it was a rare opportunity for him to enter the divine realm and got to this far...

After the Skywalker woke up in the castle of Snowstorm, the information was quickly sent to the higher-ups. Later on, the five senior commanders were summoned back to the castle to conduct a secret meeting.

A huge secret search was carried throughout the castle of Snowstorm after the meeting was over. All the spies from the castle of raging fire were trying to find out what exactly was going on....

Edgar was trying to be as discreet as possible inside the castle, however, he didn't realize that a report which contained his name and other 9 suspects was already handed to the castellan of the castle of Snowstorm....

The floating platforms slowly stopped shaking after a short period of time, the yellow button was now replaced with a red button and return button turned grey.

However, the grid-patterned energy shield still had not disappeared yet. Chu Yunsheng was staring at the blue ripple didn't know what to do, the excitement was replaced by tiredness after the talisman was completed.

Suddenly, a 3D hologram appeared in the blue ripple, although Chu Yunsheng didn't know what the hologram meant, he still tried to remember it. he wanted to study it later on.

The hologram existed only for a short period of time before it disappeared, then the next button was lit up and all the grid-patterned energy shield around the platform was deactivated.

This time Chu Yunsheng didn't hesitate, he jumped off the platform straight away.

In a freezing cave, Chu Yunsheng suddenly opened his eyes, he slowly sat up and adjusted his body to warm up. Luckily the energy shield was still working. Otherwise, he would already be frozen to death.

Just when Chu Yunsheng was relieved that he finally came out of the divine realm, the wall to his right suddenly started to shake, soon a strange rectangular sculpture was revealed in the wall.

The sudden change made Chu Yunsheng instantly activated his armour and drew the sword. However, apart from a layer of dust was removed by the shake at the beginning, there was nothing else happened.

Chu Yunsheng squinted his eyes to take a close look at the sculpture, he noticed that there were many strange symbols carved on the surface of the sculpture, one of them was exactly like the one he saw on the blue ripple.

Is it still not over yet? Chu Yunsheng thought. He hesitated for a while then decide to use the sword to poke the symbols he saw before.

In the next second, all the symbols on the sculpture started to move and it seemed like they were rearranging their order, then after a click sound, the sculpture was slowly split open from the middle like a door.

Accompanied by some white smokes, a transparent tube filled with light blue liquid, slowly flew out and stopped in front of Chu Yunsheng.

Liquid energy? Just when Chu Yunsheng grabbed the tube, he instantly felt a tremendous energy came from inside the tube.

Then the sculpture was closed and slowly faded out in the wall. Later on Chu Yunsheng used the sword to dig the side wall of the cave several times, however, all he could see was just some soil and stones.

What is that?! If it came from the divine realm, how did the divine realm know where he was?

Looking at the blue liquid tube in his hand, Chu Yunsheng was even more confused. Questions after question flashed through his mind, but suddenly he was shocked by one of the theories he had in his mind.

All the areas around the yellow mountain city were controlled by the divine realm, only that could explain how it was able to find him.

Then it meant, the mist trapped them inside this area also had something to do with the divine realm. Chu Yunsheng thought again. He must find out more information about the divine realm.

From the first time he entered the divine realm until he entered it again, the gap 7 days, Chu Yunsheng had a strange feeling that after another 7 days, he would be able to enter the divine realm again.

So, in this 7 days, he needed to find an absolutely safe place and figure out a way to bring his weapon into the divine realm. In the next entry, he wanted to approach the colossal pillar as close as possible. He believed that the solution of getting out this area must be on the colossal pillar.

Chu Yunsheng had thought about that if he could make a talisman in the energy form inside the divine realm, it meant that he might be able to make an energy talisman outside the divine realm. However, it was just a theory, he needed to test it out, but if he could really do it, then he could make talismans in the energy form in advance and then seal them onto his body before he entered the divine realm. He would not have any trouble in approaching the colossal pillar if his theory really works.