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Chapter 231 Change rules

 Chapter 231 Change rules

Do I need to fight this red shell with bare hand?

Chu Yunsheng suddenly had a chill down to his spine, he did not know any physical combat techniques! How was he going to fight this red shell!

Looking at the ancient book which was the only thing he could take out from the storage talisman. Chu Yunsheng was so fractured.

Don't tell me that I had to use the book to smash the red shell to death?!

Chu Yunsheng did not know what would happen if he died in this divine realm, the people who did not wake up might have something to do with this, however, unlike other people, there was no one to save him, so since there was no hope of winning, Chu Yunsheng quickly decided that he needed to jump off the platform.

This was exactly his behaviour style which was to be extra careful with the things that were unknown to him.

However, not only did Chu Yunsheng not succeed in jumping off the platform, he was knocked back by a shield and landed on the ground next to the red shell's mouth which was currently dripping the corrosive liquid!

"Fu**!" Chu Yunsheng cursed, he did not realise that the platform was already covered by a green grid-patterned energy shield. But Chu Yunsheng did not stop moving, within that split second, he who had a rich combat experience immediately turned around with his legs curled up, his back against the ground and his both hands were pushing the ground next to his ears as his legs suddenly kicked upwards. He then landed on the back of the red shell swiftly with an incredible speed.

The red shell also was not slow either, while Chu Yunsheng flipped his body trying to grab the back of the red shell, its sharp mouthparts also sliced across Chu Yunsheng's abdomen.

Chu Yunsheng felt a sharp pain, however, he did not dare to let go of his hands, he was tightly gripping the back of the red shell while bowing his head down to examine his injury, then, he was surprised to find that he did not bleed.

The wounded in his abdomen did not reveal the bloody internal organ but blurry green grid pattern?

"What the fu**? Digital life?" Chu Yunsheng was stunned. "What is this place really! "

From just a dream to a spiritual world and a pocket dimension until now the ancient divine realm, Chu Yunsheng found that the more he knew about this place, the more he did not know.

When he was attacked by the red shell, he also noticed that his Yuan Qi and his energy shield was still there, presumably it had something to do with the ancient book, but why he could not take out other talismans, he was so confused.

Although the energy shield could still be used at the moment, without any offensive talismans or weapons, his Yuan Qi energy was useless! The only thing he found Yuan Qi might be useful was that it could be used to fix the deep crumbled grid pattern in this abdomen.

The red shell became extremely irritated after it found out that it could not buck Chu Yunsheng off its back. However, Chu Yunsheng could not think of any solutions about how to attack the red shell at the moment, so before he knew what to do, he did not want to let go of his hands, luckily he had known his old friend- a red shell for a very long time, he knew about all its movements.

Time slowly passed, both of them were struggling, however, Chu Yunsheng was even more anxious because his physical body was currently still in a snow cave, he did not know how long this fight would last, but he knew that the longer it last, it would be more dangerous for his physical body.

The red shell seemed to give up bucking Chu Yunsheng off its back after a while or perhaps it was tired, It was laying on the ground make chirping sound from time to time.

Only now did Chu Yunsheng get to see the strange patterns on the platform again. Since the red shell was very quiet now, he started to exam the patterns carefully. He was then shocked to find out that it was a set of energy or Yuan Qi usage diagram!

Chu Yunsheng looked at the nine diagrams on the ground and started to harness energy inside his body, he could clearly feel that the patterns were used to change a body movement speed.

Although Chu Yunsheng did not learn any physical combat technique from the ancient book, from the energy movement inside his body, he had a strange feeling that the diagrams on the platform were worse than any diagrams in the ancient book.

No wonder why the Skywalkers from the castle of raging fire were very agile. They must have learned this set of diagrams as well, Chu Yunsheng thought. Then another question came to his mind immediately, if Chu Yunsheng could learn such shallow physical combat techniques, why would the senior practitioner ask him to learn the physical combat technique only when he reached Yuan Tian stage three?

What senior practitioner learned during his lifetime must have been very complicated and profound, with just the power of Fu, it already made two aliens fighting each other!

Chu Yunsheng always suspected that he had misinterpreted some parts of the book, especially the knowledge that the senior practitioner had. How thick of the ancient book could be and how many words could it contain? There was no way that the book would contain all the knowledge that the senior practitioner had.

So what the book contained must be the essence of the senior practitioner's knowledge, not only that, the book must have been written in a specific way that the reader of the book would be able to easily and quickly understand from the basic to complicated knowledge.

Based on this theory, Chu Yunsheng could barely explain that why he would feel that the method he learned from the platform was shallow.

At the moment, Chu Yunsheng could not use armour, so although this nine diagrams belonged to a low tier physical combat method and it could not even compare with the speed when he wore the armour, it would still increase his chance of winning this red shell.

Suddenly, the red shell below him disappeared, Chu Yunsheng instantly fell to the ground.

Then a blue ripple roughly as big as a human appeared in the middle of the platform. There was a yellow squared grid-patterned button in the middle of blue ripple screen and two arrows on each side of the grid-patterned button, one arrow was curved, it seemed like a return button, the other one was pointed at the next squared grid-patterned button, however both buttons were not highlighted or blinking, it seemed like it was not activated just yet.

Chu Yunsheng did not understand what it meant, there was no text, just pure buttons, so he waited.

After there were no other strange things happened in a while, he could not resist but pressed the yellow square grid patterned button, then two arrows were highlighted instantly, he thought for a second, wondered that the returned button might be the way to exit the divine realm, so he pressed it.

After a loud buzz sound, the blue screen shrunk back into the platform, then another red shell appeared in front of him.

"Fu**!" Chu Yunsheng cursed again, he subconsciously started to move his body by following the movement method in the nine diagrams to avoid the red shell's attack.

The red shell started to chase Chu Yunsheng while spitting the corrosive liquid after missing the first attack. If it were not that his energy shield could still be used, Chu Yunsheng's body probably already had several holes.

Although Chu Yunsheng was not as talented as self-awakened Skywalkers, since he started studying the ancient book, he was much more knowledgeable in the cultivation methods and rules than others. While he was being chased by the red shell, he sensed the flaws in the nine diagrams, every time when he felt something was not right, he would slightly change it to better suit his energy movement.

After changing the method back and forth for a while, the original method was completely changed by him, the effect of the nine diagrams body movement had also changed a lot.

Plus Chu Yunsheng energy was different than other Skywalkers, his speed was getting faster and faster and until the end, the red shell stopped chasing him and stopped in the middle of the platform did not know what to do.

Chu Yunsheng was constantly running until the floating platform once again made a strange noise, the red shell disappeared once again. The blue ripple screen also re-appeared, this time, the dark yellow squared grid-patterned button become light yellow. Other than that had nothing changed.

It had been a very long time since Chu Yunsheng felt a sense of achievement, it made Chu Yunsheng pressed the returned button again inadvertently.

However this time, he was much more familiar with both the process of the platform and the improved nine diagram of by movement method.

The new red shell gave up chasing even more quickly this time.

Then the red shell disappeared again as he expected, however, the squared button become orange coloured.

Chu Yunsheng suddenly had a thought, what if he killed the red shell, what would happen?

When he was running away from the red shell earlier on, he also had an interesting idea, if he could change other people's rules, maybe he was also able to change the incantations method as well, maybe he could try to draw the diagram of an offensive talisman without any material!