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Chapter 230 The ancient divine realm

 Chapter 230 The ancient divine realm

Chu Yunsheng only intended to catch one person, moreover, there was still a giant bird chasing after him, so he did not dare to stay there for long. The eight green shells spat out fire together at those Skywalkers while they flew over their head. It instantly broke those Skywalkers' combat formation.

While they were in chaos, Chu Yunsheng immediately ordered a green shell to hook one person and flew away.

"They left!"

"Huh? Strange, why they left so quick?"

"Quick! count the numbers!"

"One missing, Tian Yi was taken away!"

"Motherfu****, look!, Banlan Bird! Find a place to hide, quick."


While other people were busing trying to find a place to hide, Chu Yunsheng took a Skywalker and flew as low as possible and as far away from them as possible.

When he finally get rid of the colorful bird and got to a safe place inside a mountain, he landed.

" what is your name?" Chu Yunsheng threw the Skywalker on the ground and asked.

"Thank you for saving me, my master - the messenger of fire, my name is Tian Yi, in Red Flame armour division." Tian Yi passed out earlier on, he woke up with a slight dizziness when he was thrown onto the ground, he was panicked when Chu Yunsheng asked him the question, however, when he looked up saw a familiar figure he was relieved. Banlan bird was no match for the messenger of fire, let alone some flying insects. He thought.

"Fire messenger?!" Chu Yunsheng repeated in secret. He was confused at first, then he looked at himself, realised that he was wearing the cloak man's cloak:" Motherfu**! I knew they must have something to do with this! " he cursed silently.

Since this guy might be the cloak man's associates and they did not seem to be on good terms with the castle of Snowstorm, it meant that the woman in the white dress must be behind the castle of Snowstorm as well.

Luckily I did not follow them, otherwise.... Chu Yunsheng thought.

"Does the castle of Snowstorm have any movement?" Chu Yunsheng did not want to kill him straight away, he wanted to use this fake identity to get out as many information from this man as possible.

"Since you were injured in the ancient divine realm, those bitches over the castle of Snowstorm became more aggressive, all the divisions more or less suffered from losses in the fight with them." Tian Yi did not seem to suspect Chu Yunsheng at all.

In fact, his position in the castle was not very high, he did not get to see the fire messenger a lot, besides in his mind, only the fire messenger could kill 8 flying insects alone.

It was the castellan who told him about the injury of fire messenger, however, the castellan also told him that although the fire messenger was injured, he also got very powerful stuff from the ancient divine realm, so once the fire messenger recovered his strength, then it would be the end of the castle of Snowstorm.

Ancient divine realm? What is that? Chu Yunsheng wondered, was it the strange spiritual world he entered before?

"what about the current situation of the ancient divine realm? " Chu Yunsheng knew that he should not have asked this question, but he could not help himself. He needed to know more about it.

As he expected, Tian Yi was dazed for a second. Tian Yi understood why fire messenger would ask him the movement of the castle of Snowstorm, but he did not understand why he would ask him the information about the ancient divine realm, he should be asking the castellan.

Tian Yi started to wonder: is it because that I have potentials? Is he going to promote me? Am I going to get powerful cultivation methods and weapons? Am I going to be powerful now!.....

He could not control the feeling of excitement, his body even started to shake, it was much more intense than when he was caught by the green shell. He knew what this meant... his time has come!

Power! Food! Women! Privilege!.... And everything!

"Huh?" Chu Yunsheng did not see any response from him, he couldn't tell if this guy sensed something or not, so he snorted to test out the man's reaction.

Tian Yi had a sudden shudder. He just realised that he forgot to respond the question:" every time when the divine realm was activated, the castellan will organize the most powerful people in the castle to enter the divine realm to find treasure, in terms of what items they found, only the castellan knows."

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head, as he expected that he needed to meet with some certain conditions in order to enter the spiritual world, but he could not ask what conditions were they, otherwise he would definitely be exposed, so he asked another question instead:" any other movement from the castle of Snowstorm, apart from being aggressive towards us? For example, looking for something or maybe someone?"

Tian Yi thought for a second then suddenly remembered one thing:" a few days ago, one of our sources in the castle of Snowstorm told us that they were looking for a human. They even released his portrait, the reward is huge, it even attracted some of our brothers as well...."

Chu Yunsheng was 100% sure now that the castle of Snowstorm had information about him.

Those bastards were still looking for me. He cursed

Then Chu Yunsheng asked some unrelated and less important questions, Inadvertently, he was told that the underground food granary he was looking for was already looted by the people from those two castles.

He was told by Tian Yi that the information about the underground food granary was leaked out by the local people who had participated in constructing the bunker. They could not open the bunker, so they sold that information to the Skywalkers in exchange for some food.

"You may go back first, I still have other things to do!" Chu Yunsheng said after he asked all the information he needed.

Of course, Tian Yi did not dare to ask if he could help him in any way, he just turned around and tried to leave the place as quick as possible!

However, just after he turned around, Chu Yunsheng lifted his word and cut Tian Yi's head off.

"I am sorry, I am not the real fire messenger, so you have to die." Chu Yunsheng sheathed the sword and said.

After Chu Yunsheng killed the man, he then carried on cleaning the scene. he needed to make the body disappeared.

He put the head and the body together, then took out the roaring flame gun; just when he was about to pull the trigger to burn the body into ashes, an evil idea suddenly arose in his mind: why not letting the green shell to eat Tian Yi's brain? No one would know about it anyway!

This evil idea comes and goes very quickly, however it made Chu Yunsheng broke into a cold sweat. Killing people was not a problem for him anymore, he had already killed many people now, but eating people was something he would never do! That was the dividing line between the animal and the human.

Although it was not him who eats the brain, the spiritual connection between him and the green shell would make him feel like he was actually eating it!

No wonder why the ancients people would say that Vigilant in solitude, watchful over yourself when alone! Although he never considered himself as a person who has a high moral standard, whenever he was alone he would always have some crazy ideas.....

Chu Yunsheng was scared that his mind would collapse one day, and at that day he would become something neither humans nor monsters.


The energy bullet lit up the body instantly, the distorted flame was burning the body and making a burnt smell, but soon the body was burned into the ashes and the smell disappeared.

He kicked up the snow to scatter the ashes and cover the traces, then he covered himself with a white bed sheet while walking deep into the mountains, at the same time he also used a thin tree branch to clean his footsteps.

He found himself a narrow cave as a secret hideout, and used a stone to block the entrance of the cave. He was very close to the woman in the white dress, and based on the information he gathered, he was most likely very close to the associates of those aliens as well.

He needed to hurry up increase his own strength to reach the third stage of Rong Yuan body and activate the first sword form of the sword fighting technique.

Cultivation was a dull and boring activity, apart from sleep, he spent all his time to cultivate Qi like a robot, all he felt was a mental torture.

Around 7 days later and without any sign, Chu Yunsheng entered the spiritual world once again.

The floating square rock underneath him was still moving back and forward slowly, the object on the colossal pillar was still glowing in the golden light.

It seemed like nothing had changed since he left last time.

He quickly glanced over the area around him, this spiritual space was very vast, he still did not see anyone.

As he was watching the surroundings, another floating rock was slowly moving towards him. Chu Yunsheng hesitated for a second then jumped onto the rock when it started to move away. He wanted to see if he was able to find any information about how to leave this place on the colossal pillar.

The floating rock suddenly turned upside down at the halfway, lucky Chu Yunsheng already heard how other students were kicked out of the dream earlier, so he was prepared this time.

He held onto the floating rock tightly until it approached a floating "mountain" which was as big as a half size basketball court.

He quickly got on the "mountain" and realised it was not actually a "mountain". Its surface was very flat like a platform, and there were many patterns laid out on the platform. Before he had time to take a close look, a red shell insect suddenly appeared on the other side of the platform.

"Do I need to kill it, in order to get to the next platform?" Chu Yunsheng thought for a second. A red shell insect was not a threat to him now, he just needed to fire one shot, it would be dead.

However, when he tried to take out the gun from his storage talisman, he was almost scared to death.

There was no response from the storage talisman at all. He couldn't take out the gun!

At this moment, the red shell insect had already started to charge, but Chu Yunsheng was still trying to recite the incarnations to take out sword, armour, monster seal talismans...

But the talisman still did not have any response.