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Chapter 229 Air battle

 Chapter 229 Air battle

Why there were so many horses in this place? Chu Yunsheng was confused.

However, the fact was in front of him, so he had to believe what he saw, even though it was as strange as the floating mountains above his head.

He also realised why the leader of the motorbikes group was nervous, perhaps the leader was worried about those people from the castle of Snowstorm.

But that was not what Chu Yunsheng was concerned, what he was worried about was those people's appearance, they looked very similar to the woman in the white dress he saw back in Jin Ling city.

The female riders trotted the horses around the student's group, they had too many people, almost twice the size of the people on the motorbikes, so without using the armour and sword, Chu Yunsheng did not have any confidence to defeat them.

"Who is your leader?" one of the white-dressed female riders asked, her voice was clear and sweet-sounding, it seemed like she was very young.

:"I am" Jiang Qianqin took a deep breath and said.

:" I'm Xu Qingshu, a rank 1 commander from the castle of Snowstorm, whoever entered this area only has only two choices, join the castle of raging fire or join us." the female leader said.

:"what's the difference? What about the yellow mountain city?" Jiang Qianqin said calmly, she also gave up the idea of fighting back, this group had a lot more people than the previous one. Fighting them was the worst decision she could make.

:" Yellow mountain city already became the insect's hive, if you don't want to live, you can go there!" Xu Qingshu pulled the rein to steer the house around and carried on:" in terms of the difference between us and the castle of raging fire is very simple, their master is a man and their castle is practising slavery. Our castellan is a woman and we are practising hierarchy"

Qian Qianqin knitted her brows, she was struck by the word slavery, she thought for a second and asked:" Is there any way to leave here?"

Xu Qingshu cracked a smile and said:" did you not hear what I just said? Whoever entered here only has two choices, there is no third one. Maybe one day you will find it, at that time, please remember to tell us..."

"If I joined you, can you guarantee those student's safety? They are just ordinary humans." Jiang Qianqin asked.

"We not only need skywalkers, we also need all kinds of talent people, as long as they can prove that they are useful, even if they are students. I think they would rank up from lower class citizens to middle-class citizens very quickly." Xu Qingshu nodded her head and said:" not only just us, even the castle of raging fire also will not waste their precious food on useless people, unless someone is willing to use their own supplies to feed them."

"Ok, I'll join you." compared to the castle of raging fire, joining them was much better, so it did not take Jiang Qianqin very long to think.

"Good, now get ready and follow me." although she was talking to Jiang Qianqin, however, her eyesight did not leave Edgar's roaring flame gun at all.

"We might have a bit of trouble, we had a dream last night, a few people still have not woken up, do you know anything about this?" Jiang Qianqin asked.

"How many?" Xu Qingshu asked, she seemed to be very interested.

"Originally there were 7, but then, one of them died when we tried to get out. " Jiang Qianqin did not want to hide anything.

"Congratulations! apart from Skywalkers, those people will be immediately ranked as upper-class citizens, you don't need to worry about them, once we got back, we will arrange some people to get them out. " Xu Qingshu smiled, however, because her face was covered with a veil, no one could see her face very clearly.

Xu Qingshu then took out a light blue ice arrow, she shot the arrow into the sky and it exploded like a firework.

Soon, there was another "firework" exploded in the sky from a distance, it seemed like someone was responding to her.

While the woman was talking to Jiang Qianqin, Chu Yunsheng quickly whispered to Edgar and told him what he planned to do.

Chu Yunsheng did not want to get into the castle!

The reason was very simple, those people looked like the woman in the white dress, even if they were not her people, they were definitely related to her, so if he entered a castle that had hierarchy social system, it meant that the ordinary human beings would need to be categorised into different classes, so they would definitely require a thorough check which means that he would definitely be asked to remove the baklava.

Without reaching the third stage of Rong Yuan body and without having clearly understood those people's relationship to the aliens, Chu Yunsheng would not allow himself to take this risk.

He had roughly estimated his cultivation progress. Under normal circumstances, if he wanted to break through the third stage of Rong Yuan Body, he still needed twenty days.

Although he did not know if he could beat those people when he reached the third stage of Rong Yuan body or not, at least, it was much safer than the current stage he was in.

There was also one thing that he was very concerned, which was Yu Xiaohai's cousin, if he did not recognise her, then everything would be fine, but since he recognised her, Chu Yunsheng just could not let it go.

However, there was not much Chu Yunsheng could do, so he told Edgar to look after her when Edgar entered the castle and no matter what happened, Edgar needed to hold for at least 20 days.

Edgar was panicked after what Chu Yunsheng told him, he was used to having Chu Yunsheng this powerful man next to him. Leaving Chu Yunsheng made him feel a deep sense of insecurity. However, he was also scared of Chu Yunsheng's deadly stare.

At the end, he gritted his teeth and promised that he would take care of her.

Chu Yunsheng secretly cast a level 2 energy shield on Tan Ning shortly after, then he went to the back of the RV, hid himself in the snow and waited until everyone left then summon the green shell.

Chu Yunsheng needed to find a way to leave this place, but before he did that, he needed to know more information about this area, without any information, he would be just running around the area blindly, he might even end up exposing himself, so he was planning to capture one of those people on the motorbikes.

He used a binocular to scan the area to find where those motorbikes might go, soon he found the trace and quickly head towards the direction where they went.

But when he was chasing those motorbikes, a colourful giant bird flew out from one of the floating mountains all of sudden, its size was five times bigger than the green shell Chu Yunsheng was riding.

The giant bird spread its wind and dive at Chu Yunsheng, it's body almost covered the sky above him

Its speed was also very fast, from the time Chu Yunsheng divorced it until it got near Chu Yunsheng, it was less than 3 second, its speed was way faster than the type 2 green shell insect.

Chu Yunsheng could clearly feel that the green shell underneath him panicked, he hurriedly adjusted his position and took out the raging flame gun to shoot the colorful giant bird, at the same time, he quickly ordered the green shell to land.

At the same moment, the giant bird already opened its beak, a blazing fireball was shot out from its mouth and flew towards Chu Yunsheng.

Energy bullet and fireball were smashed into each other and exploded! the flame was burst everywhere!

Some sparks were falling onto the green shell and burning many small holes on its body, and shockingly the green shell was screeching in pain.

The gain bird's fireball was much stronger than an energy bullet!

Seeing it flew closer and closer, Chu Yunsheng immediately decided to change the roaring flame gun to the freeze gun, however, he also did not dare to stop shooting the giant bird. Even small sparks could do such damage, what if they were hit by the fireball directly? Chu Yunsheng did not dare to imagine the result.

In that critical moment, Chu Yunsheng glimpsed a small gap between two floating mountains to his left, the gap was very narrow, it was so narrow that even the type 2 green shell might not be able to make it.

Chu Yunsheng could not think of other ways to get rid of this giant bird, so he took a deep breath and ordered the green shell to fly towards the gap.

When the green shell arrived the gap, Chu Yunsheng immediately ordered the green shell to fold its wings, legs, and stretch its body into a thin long line, he himself also leant against the green shell's body to reduce the body size.

The gap was not deep, it took them less than a few second to flew out of the gap. When Chu Yunsheng came out of the gap, he immediately changed the gun!

However Chu Yunsheng forgot to order the green shell to spread out its wings, its carried on descending like a crashing plane, and in front of them were the motorbikes from the castle of raging fire.

The giant bird did not give up chasing, it flew over the floating mountain and dived at them again.

One of Chu Yunsheng hand's was tightly gripping the shell of the green shell to make sure that he was not falling off, the other hand was holding the freeze gun to shoot the giant bird.

Using the freeze gun was obviously much better than using the roaring flame gun when fighting this bird. Chu Yunsheng adjusted its power to the maximum and fired the shot immediately!

After a few shots, the strange giant bird was finally frozen, however, Chu Yunsheng did not doubt that it would break out anytime soon.

"Shit! Open the wings" only when Chu Yunsheng turned around, did he realised that he was about to crash. The green shell instantly spread its wings, glided over the ground and flew into the sky. It was so close to crash that green shell's feet even kicked up a lot of snow when it was sliding over the snow.

"Flying insect! Everyone! Be Careful!" the Skywalkers from the castle of raging fire shouted.

"Only one, don't panic, let's kill it!" the leader immediately drew the broadsword and shouted.

Just when he finished, another 7 green shells insects suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Everyone's face instantly turned pale, it was just one earlier on, however, within a split second there were 8!

And those were not regular green shells, their body size was twice as bigger!