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Chapter 228 Surrender Or Die

 Chapter 228 Surrender Or Die

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It was not the first time Chu Yunsheng had encountered other dimensions, take his storage talisman as an example, it was a small pocket dimension, the anti-world those aliens mentioned when he was in Jin Ling was also another dimension. Moreover, many scientists during the age of light also claimed that the universe itself as a whole was also multidimensional.

"If it was not a dream, then what was it?" Edgar seemed to realise that Chu Yunsheng had felt something, so he immediately asked. However, only him who was always paying attention to Chu Yunsheng's opinions could hear Chu Yunsheng's murmur, all other people did not seem to hear it at all.

"I don't know." Chu Yunsheng shook his head. Only by re-entering the "dream", would he have an opportunity to determine whether it is another space or not.

"Why don't we try to get to sleep one more time?" Ga Zi suggested.

"I think this is the only way, but I don't want to be trapped inside." Edgar murmured.

Time slowly passed. Some people also did not like to go back to the dream world, and Tan Ning still had not woken up yet. Chu Yunsheng who was sitting next to the driver's seats had also attempted to sleep several times, but he still could not enter the dream world again.

Instead, Qin Qiqying who had received a proper training fell asleep very quickly, and then woke up very soon.

"How is it?" Chu Yunsheng approached her and asked.

"Nothing happened." Qin Qiying shook her head.

"it seemed like we need something to trigger it. " Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and turned around:" Did anyone else went back into the dream?"

"No, no one." Cheng Daiyou stood up and answered.

Then Chu Yunsheng pulled Edgar off the RV and said:" Tell Jiang Qianqin that we need to go back and leave this place, we need to find other ways to bypass here, something is not right about this place!"

Although the underground granary that near the yellow mountain city was not far from them, however, it was not a place he had to go. his final destination was towards the northwest.

Originally he thought that he might be able to go northwest through the yellow mountain city, and he could just take the food from the underground granary on the way. However, it seemed like this option was not viable now.

To their west, the spore forest was spread along Yangtze River, it covered the entire south-eastern area of the river. so if he could not find other ways to bypass the spore forest, he would have to cross the spore forest by force.

Yellow mountain city used to be a major city that links both sides of the river during the age of light, it was also the closest city Chu Yunsheng could use to bypass the spore forest. However, the city was so bizarre that Chu Yunsheng did not want to take a risk.

When it finally got to the second day early morning, Tan Ning and other people still had not woken up, and no matter how other people tried to get into the dream again, they still could not succeed it.

Without having other choices, Chu Yunsheng urged Edgar to tell Jiang Qianqin once again to turn the vehicles around and take the original route back.

However, just when they about to pass the thin mist, an accident happened!

One student in the first bus at the front shouted:" Sister Jiang... something isn't right... people are dying!"

Chu Yunsheng's heart sank.

:"What happened?" Jiang Qianqin was walking next to the first bus, she seemed to be calm at the moment.

:"It's Zhou Yun, he hasn't woken up since last night. When we just woke up, we saw his mouth was filled with foam and it seemed like he was having difficulty breathing, his pulse also stop...stop..stop...:" the girl next to the window fainted before she could finish the sentence.

Then many other students also started to faint one by one.

Jiang Qianqin also felt like her soul was seized by an invisible hand and it started to take her soul out of her body as she was walking deep into the mist. She immediately turned around and shouted:" Don't go back. Everyone! move away from the mist!"

At the same time, she opened the bus's door while enduring the pain, quickly pushed away the driver who was unconscious then drove the bus backwards.

When they returned to their camping area, the most of the students who fainted earlier woke up one by one. Only one student whose name was Zhou Yun no longer had breath.

Chu Yunsheng heart sank even deeper, although Jiang Qianqin didn't say anything to Edgar, he knew that it was his decision killed that student.

"This is bullshit!" Chu Yunsheng cursed silently, he didn't believe that he couldn't leave here, he could even break out from the maze in the fog city, so there was no way he would be trapped here.

While all the students were getting off the bus, and everyone was gathering together discussing the death of that student in panic, Chu Yunsheng wrapped himself in cotton clothes and left the crowd. He needed to try it one more time.

However, just when he got into the mist, he started to have an acute headache, and as if all the bones inside his body were broken apart, he didn't have any strength to support him to walk deeper into the mist. Although he didn't pass out like other students did, probably because there was the ancient book to protect him, there was a strange force pulling him back, and as he walked deeper into the mist the force was getting stronger.

Chu Yunsheng activated the armour immediately and charged out once again. However, he didn't get far before he was thrown out of the mist and went back to the place where he began.

:"Mr.Lennon, are you okay?" Edgar quickly approached Chu Yunsheng, and asked nervously. He was more concerned about if Chu Yunsheng was going to abandon him than if Chu Yunsheng was injured. That was why he was secretly following Chu Yunsheng earlier.

:"I'm ok." Chu Yunsheng deactivated the armour and slowly stood up. :"We can't get out now, let's get back and find other solutions!"

:"Since we can't get out now. Shall we go to the yellow mountain city, there might be some survivors there. We might be able to get some information from them?" Edgar suggested.

Chu Yunsheng thought for a second. Edgar was right, since there was no way to break out of the mist by force, why do they not ask the local people? They might be able to provide some valuable information.

However, before they set off again, Chu Yunsheng was alerted by the sounds of motorbike engines.

:"Someone is coming, get ready!" Chu Yunsheng immediately told Edgar who still was not aware of situations.

Soon, around 20 motorbikes kicked up the snows from the ground appearing in everyone's sight, along with noisy engine sound.

The group of motorbikes were formed in a triangular formation and everyone on the top of the bike were dressed in red, they had long broadswords hanging on their waist and guns at their back.

The person at the front of the formation was probably their leader, he lifted up the front of the motorbike and charged straight towards the students.

Once they got near the students, the first person immediately turned the bike sideways to stop the bike. No one knew If he did it on purpose or not, all the snow on the ground was instantly kicked up and flew towards the students.

The rest of the bikes were then spread out to form a semi-circle formation to surround the students.

:"All Skywalkers, stand in front of the group! Do it now! " the leader commanded while drawing the long broadsword. The sword was covered with fire once it was drawn out completely. Then he waved his sword to order his man:" take the rest of the people back to the castle of raging fire, whoever resisted, Kill!"

Jiang Qianqin knitted her brows and looked at him coldly. But she didn't move.

The sudden appearance of a group of fully armed strangers caused a commotion in the student's group, no one knew what was going on, and everyone was talking to each other in panic.

The leader of the strangers sneered, he pointed the sword at Jiang Qianqin and said coldly:" You are a Skywalker?"

Jiang Qianqin nodded her head, at the same time she started to use her hand to gather ice energy in secret. From the fire energy movement on that broadsword, she could tell that this man was much powerful than her. However, she did not panic, because she still had Doctor who was just right behind her.

:"Skywalker will receive a preferential treatment! We will provide food, weapons, safe place to live, and everything you need!" the leader took out a pack of bread then raised it up high while talking.

However, he seemed to worry about something that he immediately took back the bread and said hurriedly:" surrender or die, you choose!"

That leader didn't know that since he appeared, there were two roaring flame guns pointing at him, one was held by Edgar who was standing in front of RV, the other one was held by Chu Yunsheng who was underneath the RV's cover on the roof of RV.

"What about them?" Jiang Qianqin pointed at the students behind her.

That leader glanced over the crowd and said with disdain:" just a bunch of ordinary people, only the awakened human beings can be considered as real humans. They will live as slaves to serve the castle of raging fire!"

:"I don't think we will be joining you!" Jiang Qianqin said coldly and instantly cast out ice energy, within a split second an ice wall was raised from the ground between the motorbikes and the students.

:"Kill them all!" that leader also gave the order without any hesitation.

Boom! Boom! Boom....

Chu Yunsheng always liked to make a pre-emptive move during the fight, so when Jiang Qianqin raised the ice wall, he immediately started to fire the energy bullet before the leader of the stranger's group lifted the sword.

One shot after another, he did not want to give that leader a break.

Normally, even if that leader was as powerful as a rank 3 dark warrior, Chu Yunsheng believed that his Yuan Qi bullet would still be able to injure that man.

But the strange thing was, that leader could use the long broadsword to stop his Yuan Qi bullet, and it did not seem to be difficult for him to stop the energy bullets at all.

It must be that broadsword! Chu Yunsheng frowned.

Just when he was thinking about if he needed to risk exposing himself to use the Qian Bi sword to kill that leader, two people jumped out from the back of that leader, both of them were hacking the fiery sword down and it instantly became a red fiery cross and smashed into the ice wall.

At the same time, another two people jumped over the ice wall and headed straight toward the RV's roof, with those two people's speed, Jiang Qianqin and other skywalkers could not stop them at all.

Those people were truly powerful, they were not like Ren Sanbao and his men at all. No wonder why they were so domineering earlier on. Chu Yunsheng thought.

Chu Yunsheng immediately took out a monster seal talisman. He wanted to summon a type two green shell to assist him, no matter what happened, at least, at the moment, he still did not want to expose his sword just yet.

However, the situation suddenly changed again.

The area they were in suddenly started to snow heavily, at the same time when the snow appeared, Chu Yunsheng heard a clatter of a horse's hoofs and horse neighs.

Then, in the next second, many crystal-clear ice arrows, pierced through the snowstorm appeared in everyone's sights while making the sharp ear-piercing sounds ...

As the ice arrows stabbed into the ice wall, a sturdy white horse broke out of the snowstorm. On the top of the white horse, there was a person whose face was covered with white veils, who was also dressed in white clothes and a white cloak. The person's dress was so thin that it was flying around in the snow storm.

The first white horse was reared up by the rider and stopped at the place not far away from Chu Yunsheng's RV, then, many horses appeared one by one in the snowstorm, on the top of every horse there was a person who dressed in white clothes and white cloak, and all their faces were covered with white veils......

Two people who were originally approaching the RV immediately cast out their fire ability while they were still in the air, with the help of recoil they both did backflips in the air and returned to their bikes.

"Fu**! Brothers, let's go, the bitches from the castle of Snowstorm are here!" the leader who was originally suppressed by Chu Yunsheng suddenly shouted out loud. With the help of other two people, they immediately turned the motorbike around and drove away.