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Chapter 227 Floating mountains

 Chapter 227 Floating mountains

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:" know my cousin?" Tan Ning gasped in surprise. Her cousin's university was in the capital, so She couldn't believe that she was able to meet someone who knew his cousin here.

:"So, don't worry that much, I'll try my best to escort you to a safer place." Chu Yunsheng picked up a biscuit and put it in his mouth, then he turned around and wanted to get back to the driver seat.

:"Major Du, wait! is my cousin's family still alive?" Tan Ning suddenly raised her head and asked with full of hope.

:"Don't know, we lost contact after the sun disappeared." Chu Yunsheng didn't want to tell her that Xiaohai's family including Xiaohai had all died. Sometimes knowing too much wasn't a good thing at all.

Her head dropped with disappointed, however, to her it was not a bad news at all. At least it didn't mean that they were dead.

She quietly picked up a biscuit and started to chew it, she then hid the rest. The experiences taught her that no matter what, she shouldn't finish the food in one day.

There were many students on the RV. Including Bi Fangting this Skywalker, everyone was staring at that box of cookies, however, no one dared to do anything. This was doctor's RV, and last night Doctor just killed three other Skywalkers.

Without Ren Sanbao this trouble, the group's travelling speed was increased a lot. When they arrived at the yellow mountains area, they were ahead of schedule for almost 5 days.

The roads near the yellow mountain area began to become rugged and dangerous, and the nearby mountains were shrouded in gloomy light and mysterious mist.

Chu Yunsheng immediately felt energy fluctuations when they entered the area, the Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi in the area seemed to be stirred and also constrained by something, however, when he tried to used his spirit to sense it, he couldn't detect anything.

Chu Yunsheng immediately stopped cultivating Yuan Qi. He started to focus on the environment around them.

:"Look, what's that?" a boy pointed outside and shouted after the vehicles slowly passed thin mist.

:"Oh my god!" Edgar who was sitting next to the driver also shouted.

Chu Yunsheng was alerted, he approached the window and looked outside, above them a huge mountain slowly flew by. It was floating in the air and shrouded in the mist, the scene was so spectacular as if it came straight out of Xianxia novel.

All the vehicles had stopped, all the people rushed out of vehicles to see this miracle.

:"It's like the mountains in the movie Avatar!" Cheng Daiyou was amazed by the view.

:"No, it's straight out of The Legend of Sword and Fairy ." another body said.

:"No, it is from The Legend of Zu." another girl argued.

:"Look, there are many more! Oh my god! So beautiful!" Yu Zhixuan pointed at the sky in the distance and praised.

Through the mysterious mist, they could see that there were many floating mountains of different sizes flying around the main peak of the yellow mountain in the distance. Some were not moving, some were floating upwards and downwards, and some were even moving around the main peak of the yellow mountain. There were even several huge blocks just separated from the main mountain.

Beautiful? Chu Yunsheng didn't think so, he climbed onto the top of RV and used the binoculars to search around the area, he didn't want to miss anything that was suspicious.

He didn't believe that a strange place like this, did not have any monsters.

However, his visibility was limited, he couldn't see places far away from him.

Just when he just put down the telescope, Suddenly a bolt of lightning crackled through the dark sky and hit the main peak of the yellow mountain, instantly many colourful halos appeared out of thin air and expanded from the centre of the mountain peak and rippled outwards.

In that split second only Chu Yunsheng who had seen the fog city, a nuclear explosion and the disappearance of Jin Ling city could stay calm. However, the rest of people seemed to be forced by something, and they all started to kneel down one by one while facing the mountain.

Chu Yunsheng's face was even more stern. Through the energy in those halos that rippled from the main peak in the distance, he felt that the light contained some kind of unknown ancient power.

At this moment, there would probably be another hour before the sky went completely dark, so Chu Yunsheng asked Jiang Qianqin to stop moving any further and just encamp in the nearby area for a night. He felt something was not right, so he wanted to observe it for a night then decide if they really needed to carry on this route or not.

Jiang Qianqin didn't really want to encamp in the wild. Yellow mountain city was not far from them and no matter how ruined the city was, it was still better than the wild.

However, Edgar insisted, so she didn't have other choices.

When the night finally arrived, Chu Yunsheng not only asked Edgar to double the manpower to guard the camp, he also guarded the RV himself.

The night was still very quiet, there were not any monsters around them, they could only hear the sound caused by huge mountains flew over their head from time to time.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know why when it got to the late night he started to feel that his eyelids became heavier and he was more sleepy every second. He tried to force himself to stay awake, but he would always fall asleep repeatedly and inadvertently.

He didn't know how long it had passed, but when he woke up, he discovered that he was in a strange place. The place that was immeasurable vast.

And he was standing on the top of a square-shaped floating rock. When he looked around, he almost had a heart attack. There was nothing underneath the floating rock, he did not know about his current altitude because he could not see the land below, he could not even see the skyline. However, there were a lot of rocks with the same shape slowly floating around him.

In the middle of this strange place, there was a colossal pillar that seemed to be there for a very long time. At the top of the pillars floating an egg-shaped object that glowing a golden light and constantly shooting the golden rays outwards.

It seemed like there was something inside the golden light object, however, it was too far, so Chu Yunsheng could not see it clearly.

While Chu Yunsheng was thinking what to do next, another piece of small square rock slowly floating toward the one he was standing. It stopped for a second when it touched the rock he was standing then slowly flew away towards a floating mountain not far from him.

Chu Yunsheng did not move, when facing the unknown he was always more cautious than usual.

Once in a while, there was one square rock floating towards Chu Yunsheng as if it was some kind of transportation tool. There were many "paths" made by those floating rocks and mountains he saw and they were spread outwards from the centre of the colossal pillars.

What is this place? Chu Yunsheng still did not move.

Suddenly, the black rock underneath him started to flashing red, it flashed three times continuously, then the rock started to fade out until it turned into fog.

Chu Yunsheng did not know what happened, but he started to fall, he was falling faster and faster until he suddenly woke up in panic. Then he found himself still on the top of RV, what he experienced earlier seemed like a dream.

Chu Yunsheng shook his head and thought that probably the pressure he received from the new environment made that dream, but it was truly a bizarre dream!

When he was awake and he did not find anything wrong with his body, so he was relieved, however, when he tried to concentrate on the surroundings again, he heard students whispering in the RV.

"You also had that dream?"

"Yes, very bizarre!"

"Everyone had the same dream!"

"Look, Cheng Daiyou woke up, let's ask her if she had the same dream!"

Chu Yunsheng was startled, so, it was not just him had that dream, everyone else also had it.

He quickly jumped off from the Roof of RV, just when he tried to open the door, he bumped into Edgar. :"Len... Major Du... what happened just now?" Edgar sounded very concerned.

"I also had that dream!" Chu Yunsheng nodded his head. "Did major wake up?" Chu Yunsheng asked. Maybe this major from that mysterious department knew something about this. He thought.

:"She is awake, she also had the same dream!" Edgar said.

Chu Yunsheng quickly got into the RV, then he noticed that it was much noisier inside the RV now, all the students were talking about the dreams.

Not only them, even Jiang Qianqin also came over to ask the situation.

:"Do you know what's going on?" Chu Yunsheng whispered in Qin Qiying's ear.

She shook her head.

Chu Yunsheng was disappointed, then he suddenly heard someone shouted:" some people haven't woke up!"

:"Tan Ning also hasn't woke up." Cheng Daiyou said.

:" Something isn't right, Do you think she got on those floating mountains?" Yu Zhixuan asked, all the people who woke up didn't get to the floating mountains in the dream, they either fell off when they trying to move to the other floating rocks or they didn't move like what Chu Yunsheng did.

Chu Yunsheng slightly shook Tan Ning's head, however, she still didn't wake up.

:"Did anyone got to those floating mountains?" Chu Yunsheng asked after he got off the RV. After he tried all kind of methods but he still couldn't wake up Tan Ning, he decided to ask around to see if he could get some more information.

:"No one. But we also have a few students who still haven't wake up !" Jiang Qianqin shook her head.

:" Most likely they got on those floating mountains!" Ga Zi said while staring at Tan Ning who was still "sleeping".

"What about that Mr.Zhuo" Chu Yunsheng noticed there was one person missing from Jiang Qianqin's group, so he asked.

:"He... also hasn't woke up!" Jiang Qianqin paused for a second before she answered Chu Yunsheng's question.

:"They are definitely still in the dream, we need to get them out as quick as possible!" Ga Zi said nervously.

:"How? We don't even know what's going on." Edgar asked.

:"Wait, two of the students said that they saw each other in the "dream", so I think, we are not only having the similar dreams, we are actually in the same dream! Probably we are too far from each other, so we couldn't see each other!" Jiang Qianqin suddenly said.

:"I don't think it's a dream!" looking at the dark sky Chu Yunsheng said slowly, It was definitely some kind of spiritual world created by the power he felt earlier.