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Chapter 206 the suspicion of human brains

 Chapter 206 the suspicion of human brains

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:"Please don't kill me, Xiao Jiang, oh no, captain Jiang. Please, for the sake of I have been working with your father for many years, please don't kill me, it was Ren Sanbao that bastard forced me to do it...." Lao Bi was on his kneel and begging for forgiveness.

:"Bi Fangting, how dare you mentioned my father, and how exactly you look like a teacher?" Jiang Qianqin frowned and interrupted him:" it's not my decision whether to kill you or not, Doctor will decide it!"

She raised her head to look at Edgar, her beautiful eyes were still filled with shock. Although she might look "fine", the poison had already spread across her body, she could barely stand up. But the doctor didn't seem to be affected by it!

She knew that the Doctor was powerful, but she still didn't expect the doctor would kill Ren Sanbao and other three in just a few minutes, this level of power was beyond her comprehension.

Meanwhile, Edgar was leaning against the RV while swallowing very hard. He didn't know how exactly Chu Yunsheng killed those men and made them looked like he killed them.

:"Mr.Lennon, what do I do?...Mr.Lennon?" Edgar slightly turned around while looking at the rest of Ren Sanbao's men, he really didn't know what to do next.

:"let them handle it themselves, but don't kill that Bi person, we need to know everything about the poison gas he made. Chu Yunsheng heard everything they said, so he also knew who made the poison gas. Jing MouYou had told him before he left the camp that there were many types of spore virus, and each type might have a special effect.

Although this type of poison gas was not powerful enough, it couldn't even damage his immunity system, but if a type of poison that could paralyze opponents on a large scale or if it could greatly reduce skywalkers' power level, it was still something he was interested in, because he might be able to use them in the future.

Edgar calmed himself down and walked into the hall. Two Skywalkers were originally keeling on the ground begging for forgiveness, but when they saw Edgar walked in, they immediately crawled back in panic.

:"Doctor...." Jiang Qianqin seemed to want to say something, but she immediately stopped.

:"I know... Let him save those people first, in terms of punishment, you decide it." Edgar said while walking towards Bi Fangting, and stopped in front of him:" Bi, I have heard of you when I was in the university,

You are a very good chemist, tell me how you did it? You know I am a biologist and I am very curious about the spore gas you made. If you tell me, I will say a few good word about you to Jiang. "

Bi Fangting immediately took out two mushroom stalks from his pocket and said:" It's this type didymous spore plants, however, their toxin is slightly different, I could use my awakening ability to mixed these two toxins together at a specific quantity, then it will become something that can paralyze the human's nervous system and even stop Skywalkers from having an effective control of their own abilities."

He emphasized his awakening ability hoping that the Doctor would want to keep him. He knew perfectly well that no one would want to kill him tonight because they need him to cure those students, but he was not sure about later. So for his own safety, he had to tie himself with this doctor. He needed to prove the doctor that he was valuable.

Edgar took over the two mushrooms stalks which had many red spots on it. But he couldn't figure out what they were, after all, he was just a zoologist, he didn't know anything about the plants or chemistry.

:"So, how do you want to cure them?" Edgar said while shoved two mushrooms stalks into his pocket. Although he didn't know what they were, he still needed to give them to Chu Yunsheng to study them.

:"Doctor, Captain Jiang. Although I joined Ren Sanbao, I did not want to get everyone killed, Ren Sanbao asked me to make it stronger, but I didn't, otherwise, a lot of students would be in the vegetative state now." Bi Fangting was trying so hard to explain himself.

:"Stick to the point, Doctor didn't ask you this." Jiang Qianqin interrupted him.

:"Right....right. point. Point... this moss." said Bi Fangting while taking out a pile of plants that had a strange smell. :" this type of epiphyte plant was grown on top of the didymous spore plants, it could completely restraint the toxin."

"I lied to Ren Sanbao that it was also the ingredients of the spore gas, so I collected quite a lot. Originally I wanted to wait until Ren Sanbao left then cure everyone.....I don't really want to get everyone killed."

:"Are you that kind?" Ga Zi staggered to his feet from a chair and spat on the ground.

:"It's true... I don't want many people to die. I......" Bi Fangting said hurriedly.

:"We all know what kind man you are, so stop wasting our time. Cure them now, if you can't cure them, you are dead." Jiang Qianqin said bluntly.

:"Most of those ingredients are still on the second floor. I'm going upstairs to make the antidotes now. " Bi Fangting quickly stood up and pointed upstairs.

:" Xiuxian, follow him. Don't let him run away." Jiang Qianqin told the hippy young man who was still able to walk.

Zhuo Xiuxian had a strange look on his face when he glanced at Edgar and then went upstairs with Bi Fangting.

:"Sister Jiang, how do we deal with the last one?" Ga Zi dragged the last person collar and asked.

Bi Fangting didn't lie, the moss-like plants soon "woke" up all the students.

Chu Yunsheng was surprised that Jiang Qianqin didn't kill Bi Fangting and big head, he understood why they would want to keep Bi Fangting, but he didn't know why they want to keep the big head.

However it was just his thoughts, because he didn't need any Skywalkers, but Jiang Qianqin was different, to her, one more skywalker means higher chance to survive, of course, she couldn't keep Ren Sanbao this kind of leader, but instead of killing his men, why not force them to work for her?

Now Jiang Qianqin's group had 7 skywalkers including the doctor, there was no way those men would dare to defy her orders.

:"Toxin, toxin... mixed together, a new toxin?" Chu Yunsheng looked at the mushroom stalks Edgar brought back and murmured, however, he also could not figure out how he could use them.

:"major Du, Tan Ning just woke up." Cheng Daiyou squeezed toward the driver's seat and told Chu Yunsheng.

:"woke up?" Chu Yunsheng still did not know how to speak to her. However, since she was alright now, he could just leave her aside first. At the moment he was more frustrated by the three green shells which ate human brains without his order.

He didn't feel that those insects had any changes after they consumed the human brain. But he still felt something wasn't right. Because the sealed insects would not act that way unless something was meaningful to them, Just like what happened when they wanted to eat leech-like monster. After the insects levelled up, they also stopped showing any interests in the remaining leech like monsters, so there must be something to cause them to act that way.

Since Chu Yunsheng met the insects from the beginning. He knew that they like human brains, but he still didn't why they like it, not only just human brains, they even like pig's brain as well.

He had also asked professor Huo before when he was still in Jin Ling, but they also did not know about it.

Whether it was the knowledge in the ancient book or the way of controlling the insects, if chu Yunsheng didn't understand them, he could repeatedly experiment it, it was the dumbest method, but the result he got would also be the most accurate.

But he still couldn't test this, he was not an animal, he could not test it on human brains, otherwise, he was not different than "Min" this kind of monsters.

Snow finally stopped on the second day.

While students were discussing what had happened last night. Big head was sent to the front of the group and was forced to use his fire ability to make a way on the icy road for the vehicles.

Bi Fangting was used as a doctor and constantly asked to cure the students who suffered from the frostbite. His energy was not that many at the beginning, so soon he used up all his energy.

But he didn't really mind at all, in fact, he liked RV's environment a lot. Although he couldn't touch the girls now, it was warm and safe in the RV, it was much better than when he was with Ren Sanbao.

His healing speeding was not fast, every time when he healed someone Jiang Qianqin would come out of nowhere and replace the recovered students with some other students who had frostbite. So he could not store his energy at all.

:"He likes you?" Chu Yunsheng asked Tan Ning after Ga Zi left the RV again.

Since Tan Ning was asked to stay on the RV, this Ga Zi would always find some excuses to see her, It seemed like he was worried about something might happen to her, so Chu Yunsheng was curious.

Then Chu Yunsheng passed a box of cookies to Tan Ning.

Tan Ning was dazed for a second then slightly nodded her head, what made her daze was not the question Chu Yunsheng asked, but the things that Chu Yunsheng passed to her.

She didn't know why this man would treat her this way, and she had also heard from her classmate saying that what this man had used to cure her. She had also seen with her own eyes that this major was telling Jiang Qianqin that she needed to stay on RV.

At the beginning, she thought that this major Du wanted her body, because it had happened too often to her. However, since she woke up, this major Du hardly ever talk to her, so she had a faint feeling that it might because of some other reasons.

"You can eat it, I don't have many left, if it were not that you were very weak, I don't want to give to you either." Chu Yunsheng said. He thought for a second and carried on:" I know your cousin Xiaohai, we were best friends, I am two years older than him, when I was in the university, his dorm room was next to mine, he used to always show off your photos to me."

Chu Yunsheng lied about his age, but he did not lie about his relationship with Xiaohai, they were indeed from the same university and they were also best friends, however, he did not want this girl to find out who he was, it might be bad for both of them.