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Chapter 225 Night Change

 Chapter 225 Night Change

Chu Yunsheng instantly woke up, Rong Yuan cells were circulating rapidly inside his body, at first he was startled, because he thought that his cultivation method went wrong again, but soon, he realised that Rong Yuan cells were actually trying to remove something out from his body.

Huh? Wood element poison? Where did it come from? Wait? What's this smell?

Chu Yunsheng immediately held his breath and quickly came up with more than three possible scenarios, the most dangerous one would be that there were strange monsters around them.

All the students seemed to have fallen into deep sleep, even the student in the driver's seat who was supposed to watch out for the danger also constantly dropping his head.

Chu Yunsheng held the gun and approached windows, he slowly and slightly moved the window's curtain away and took a quick peek outside the window, at the same time, he also pushed Edgar to wake him up.

However, Edgar didn't wake up, his push instantly made Edgar fell to the other side.

Chu Yunsheng was startled again, he immediately turned around and shook Edgar's head, "Edgar?..." he whisper-shouted.

But Edgar still dropped his head as if he were dead.

Poisoned? Chu Yunsheng quickly released him and checked his breath, then Tan Ning's breath as well.

He was relieved when he found out they were still alive.

However, there wasn't any energy fluctuation in the area, if there were monsters around them, there must have been some energy movements.

Just when he wanted to go outside the RV to check what happened, he heard some noises came from the house which other students were staying.

Chu Yunsheng immediately stopped, he used the gun to move away the curtain slightly again. Then he saw a few shadows were moving near the campfire.

Then he heard someone talking.

:"Brother Sanbao, we got them all, lecturer's poison was sick!" said by a fat man who wanted to use a woman to exchange for Chu Yunsheng cigarette two days ago.

:" Search everyone, I want all the food they got!" said by a man who was originally facing the other side, but after he finished his words, he turned around and looked at the RV.

"Bastards! it was them, almost scared the shit out of me!" Chu Yunsheng cursed silently, because originally he thought that they had encountered some powerful monsters.

So that's what they want? Food? Chu Yunsheng thought again. He had seen similar things happened so many times before, it was so many that it would not make him feel angry anymore.

Everyone was unconscious at the moment, so he had no concerns, but just when he was about to get off the RV again, he saw a person was thrown outside the house.

The person fell to the ground and attempted to get up several times, but he failed. :" asshole Ren, you will die miserably sooner or later." knowing he could not get up, the man cursed.

With the light came from the fire, Chu Yunsheng recognized the person was Ga Zi who was also a Skywalker. Chu Yunsheng thought for a second then cast one talisman of cure poison onto Edgar.....

:"Hehe, wanna bite me? I don't know if I will die miserably or not, but I know you will!" Ren Sanbao's face was filled with an evil grin, then he told the fat man:" Go, check that black man, let's deal with them together!"

:"You incompetent fu**ers only know to poison people, come at me, fu**ers!" although Ga Zi was on the ground couldn't get up, he was still cursing constantly.

:"Are you fu**ing seriously?" the fat man walked past Ga Zi then stepped on Ga Zi's face. He spat on the ground and said.

:"Reb Sanbao let go of Xiao Ga, you can leave with the food...." Jiang Qianqin appeared near the campfire, she was still followed by the hippy young man.

:" Oh! Beautiful Jiang, there is no point to resist, I knew what the young man behind you is capable of, so I smoked you longer, don't you feel very weak now? You think you can fool me, haha... what else can you do?" Ren Sanbao laughed out loud.


The young man behind Jiang Qianqin fired a shot without any warning, within a split second a frost arrow hit Ren Sanbao.

Fire instantly burst out from Ren Sanbao's body. In the blazing fire, he was knocked back three steps.

:"Mr.Zhuo, you have a bad temper, but it doesn't mean that you are powerful, I admire that you still have a strength to fire the shot! " Ren Sanbao lifted his hand to catch the frost arrow which was still spinning in the air, the raging fire instantly swallowed the frost arrow and within a moment the arrow was burned into ashes.

The hippy young man sneered:" Ren Sanbao you just getting shittier and shittier, If you have time talking nonsense, why don't we just fight each other!"

Then he whispered to Jiang Qianqin:" I'll try to stop him, you leave first!"

:" There is no need to hurry, I'll deal with you later. But beautiful Jiang, without Lao Bi's cure, you might be fine, but those students might not be able to survive it." Ren Sanbao shrugged his shoulders and said.

": what do you want?" Jiang Qianqin said coldly.

"you know exactly what I want." said Ren Sanbao while playing the fire in his hands.

:"Ren Sanbao, you think this is a movie? You think she will accept it? Are you fu**ing retarded? No... actually, you are fu**ing retarded!" the hippy young man quickly interrupted their conversation.

:"Oh, is it? I'm really disappointed in you! But Mr.Zhuo, I was not talking to you. Since you are eager to die, let me help you!" Ren Sanbao seemed to be very confident that he would win.

Just when he was about to attack, Jiang Qianqin shouted:" wait!" she pulled the hippy young man back and said:" you will need to cure them first."

Jiang Qianqin didn't think that they would let them go, however, they couldn't win the fight the fight either, so what she did was just trying to buy time. She hoped that she would be able to find a chance and attack them by surprise, she might even be able to find a chance to kill the leader....

:"Jiang Qianqin, I don't think you understand the situation here, you are in no place to negotiate with me! And do you really think you are that great? I have a plenty of girls! It is just that we still have some time until the next hazy shimmer appeared in the sky and I'm curious that if a noble and virtuous woman like you would become a slut on the bed or not."

While they were talking, Chu Yunsheng quickly removed the poison out of Edgar's body, luckily Edgar didn't seem to inhale a lot of poison gas, so it didn't take long until Edgar woke up.


:"Mr.Lennon, I.....I... I can't beat them, they are the real Skywalkers!" Edgar panicked after he heard what Chu Yunsheng wanted him to do.

:" who said that I want you to beat them? That fat man is coming, we don't have much time, you just need to get off the RV and shoot him. I'll handle the rest!" Chu Yunsheng picked up Edgar and pushed him next to the door.

If it were not for the fact that Jiang Qianqin and other skywalkers hadn't fainted, Chu Yunsheng would have just done it by himself, he didn't even need to force Edgar,

:"Mr.Lennon, please no.... No..." Edgar was constantly shaking. He believed that Chu Yunsheng had that kind of power, however, he didn't believe himself.

Seeing the fat man was getting closer and closer, Chu Yunsheng suddenly opened the door and kicked the Edgar off the RV.

The fat man was scared when he saw Edgar staggered off the RV all of sudden.

:"Hi !" Edgar had no choice but said hi while pointed the gun at the fat man, in the next second, he pulled the trigger.


The fat man flew all the way back while his body was covered with blazing fire. while he was still in the air, he was smashed into the door and tumbled all the way into the house.

:"It's doctor!" Ga Zi was the one who was nearest to the RV, he shouted with excitement.

A few people in the hall were dazed for a second, they didn't expect that even after the doctor was poisoned, he still had this kind of power. Ren Sanbao knitted his brows, he didn't have time to deal with Jiang Qianqin at the moment, she would not be able to run away anyway, so he picked up the fat man Qian and shouted at his men who were still busy searching for the food:" big head, you stay here watching them, rest of people follow me to kill this doctor!"

Jiang Qianqin and other people were very excited, at the same time, they were also worried that doctor couldn't defeat them.

Looking at the people stormed out of the house fiercely, Edgar's legs were constantly shaking.

At this moment, Chu Yunsheng already turned off the fluorescent light in the RV. From the gap of the RV's door, he quietly pointed the freeze gun outside, the power of the gun was adjusted to the minimum, he fired three shots continuously, there were no milky beams of light, but the three campfires were put out instantly, and the surroundings were suddenly plunged into the darkness.

"What happened?" Ren Sanbao was startled, and he immediately stopped.

"What the fu.....ah!!!" the fat man who was already injured let out a blood-curdling scream.

"Fat man?" Ren Sanbao reached his hand out wanting to grab the fat man, at the same time, he used another hand to unleash a cloud of fire, however, the fat man was already gone.



Another two horrible screams came out continuously, then they heard the sound of something was blasted into pieces.

"Lao Yang? Da Zhou?" Ren Sanbao panicked, he was throwing out the clouds of flame everywhere, however, everyone all disappeared.

Then Edgar was suddenly poked by Chu Yunsheng from his back, he was instructed by Chu Yunsheng to quickly fired a few shots into the sky, suddenly a pile of burning bodies were falling down from the sky, Ren Sanbao was shocked: how powerful is this black man, how could he killed his men within a split second!

However, whatever he was thinking, he still did not dare to stay here any longer. The fire instantly burst out from his body once again, and he was using his maximum speed to run into the darkness.

But he was just a fire warrior, there was no way he could compete with 8 type 2 green shells which were already waiting for him to escape. Ren Sanbao could not see the green shell in the dark, but it did not mean that those green shells could not "see" him.

He did not get very far before he was shredded into pieces by those green shells.

Then Edgar fired another shot, at the same time, one of the green shells used its ability to lit up the body and threw the body onto the ground.

There were not any campfires, however, there were some burning bodies. Green shells were wheeling in the sky at a high altitude, so no one was able to spot them. Then Chu Yunsheng ordered those green shells to landed on the back of the roof, however, he did not seal those green shells immediately, because just now, he encountered an accident that he never had before.

In order to kill Ren Sanbao's people as quickly as possible, Chu Yunsheng had let loose of the control of those green shells. But he did not expect that the monsters would instinctively slice open the back of their heads and started to suck their brain out. Their instinctive action instantly made Chu Yunsheng felt like he was the one actually eating the brain.

"We surrender, we surrender!" the rest of the Ren Sanbao's men were scared to death, they all kneeled down and begged.

Soon, Jiang Qianqin lit up the campfires in the house again. Chu Yunsheng had already retreated into the darkness. There was no need for him to kill rest of people, In terms of how Jiang Qianqin was going to deal with them, it was no longer his problem.