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Chapter 224 Milk candy

 Chapter 224 Milk candy

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Since there were more people inside the RV and Edgar was considered as an important person, so he didn't need to be a lookout anymore.

When the hazy shimmer just appeared on the second day Chu Yunsheng was wakened up by the rustling sounds outside the RV, he pushed away the girl who was sleeping on top of him and stretched his body then got off the RV.

Edgar got up earlier than Chu Yunsheng, he seemed to be discussing something with Jiang Qianqin on a map they were holding.

Jiang Qianqin nodded her head to greet Chu Yunsheng when she saw he came out of the RV.

:"The nearest city from here is Tong city, it is a small city, so most likely it was already abandoned, and the spore forest is blocking the way to there, so we can't get through. We should take the highway G205 and try to get to yellow mountain city in two days. We need to gather all the necessary supplies there, then head west to Yu Zhang city, that is a big city, so we will probably be able to find troops there." Jiang Qianqin pointed at the map and said.

:"I am not familiar with the geography of China, you can decide it." although Edgar said that she could decide it, Chu Yunsheng and he had already decided where they wanted to go. The billionaire's underground granary just happened to be near the yellow mountain city, so of course, Edgar didn't object this decision.

In fact, the yellow mountain city was not far from Xu Jia Ying town on the map, however, the obstacles on the road, the monster's harassments and the limited time they could use for travelling when there were hazy shimmers made their moving speed very slow.

What Jiang Qianqin said was already an optimistic estimation. When Chu Yunsheng was escaping from Shen city all the way to Jin ling city, he didn't remember exactly how many days it took him, all he could remember was that the swarm was almost everywhere, and he was seeking for places to hide the most of the time.

The situation at the moment was slightly better, the insects were no longer spread out, it seemed like they were gathered in the creep area, the battle between the monsters in the spore forest and the insects also seemed to restrict the insect's movement, so as long as they could bypass their battlefield, there would not be any problems for them to escape from this area.

After two buses plus Chu Yunsheng's RV were stuffed with people, the group once again backed on the road moving cautiously along the highway G205.

In the dim obscure light cast down from the grey sky, they could see dead bodies and abandoned vehicles everywhere on the crooked highway, it was like a dead dragon falling from the sky and its body extended to the distant horizon....

And as if there was a voice kept sighing gently: give up, give up, the world has become a hell, the mankind has perished, everything was ruined!

The vehicles were moving slowly on the highway, many pairs of eyes were staring blankly and numbly at the bodies outside the cold windows. The feeling of despair had already gone through the stages of spreading, triggering and venting, all it left now was numbness and indifference.

No one wanted to talk once they were back on the road. To the students who only had one meal a day, speaking was an activity that would consume their body energy, moreover, they needed to reserve their energy on the road, if they encountered any monsters, they would be able to run away, so most of the time they were silent.

Chu Yunsheng had already forgotten what date was it right now. The winter was supposed to be finished two months ago. However, two months had already passed, not only it didn't have any sign of getting warmer, it was getting colder and colder every day.

It was snowing again since they left the town and it seemed to be getting heavier and heavier.

When the hazy shimmer was about to disappear, they arrived at an unknown town in the heavy snow, many students quickly moved out of the bus gathering around the campfires which were just lit up.

Only the students in the RV were lucky, even the group stopped at the unknown town, none of the students in the RV wanted to come out. Everyone was scared that once they got off, they wouldn't be able to get on the RV again.

:"We can't keep travelling in this condition, we are going to freeze to death!" Ga Zi was the first one who broke the silence amongst the Skywalkers, he tucked the gun under his armpit and facing campfire to warm his hands.

:"Without any food, stopping here also means death!" the fat man Qian said loudly.

:"Look at this snow, the road will definitely be blocked by tomorrow."

:"We can't leave, and we can't stay either, what the fu** are we going to do?"

:" I'm still keeping my old plan which is to abandon those students and leave here just by ourselves." Ren Sanbao said while playing with the flame in his hands.

:"if you want to leave, then, just leave, no one asks you to stay." the young man took out the thin branch from his mouth, it instantly became an icicle, then he flicked his index finger, the icicle flew out immediately.

:"Doctor, what do you think?" Jiang Qianqin turned her head to the left to face Edgar.

:" We also don't have much food left, and it is true that the weather condition is bad. How about staying for one more day. If it is still snowing, then even if it means we need to walk, we will have to keep moving. The fat man is right, sitting here is as the same as waiting to die." Edgar slowly told them what he had discussed with Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng still had a quite a lot of insect's bodies in the storage talisman, but those insect's meat contained poison, he had to use the talisman of cure poison to process the meat before they could eat it.

However, there wasn't many the poisonless meat left in his storage talisman and talisman of cure poison would cost him a lot of Yuan Qi, he didn't even have that many of absorption talismans left to allow him to process that meat. So there was no way he could help everyone here.

The most important point was that there wasn't any creep near them, and he didn't dare to mess with flying centipede monsters, otherwise, he would have already left the RV. After all, hunting was something he was quite good at.

So the best solution right now was to get to the yellow mountain city and find the underground bunker that billionaire built and dig out all the food he stored.

Probably because Edgar made the suggestion or maybe Ren Sanbao decided to give in, eventually, the final decision was to wait for one more day to see if the snow was going to stop or not.

Chu Yunsheng didn't have many things to do, most of the things were handled by other people, so all he did was to cultivate Yuan Qi again and again.

During the time when he was busy cultivating Yuan Qi, Jiang Qianqin forced many boys to get off the RV, instead, she moved a lot of students who suffered from frostbite in the RV. Chu Yunsheng almost felt like his RV became an ambulance.

:"Xiao Tan fainted!" the Skywalker whose name was Ga Zi shouted nervously while sending another girl into the RV.

Chu Yunsheng raised his head to see what was going on, a girl who was almost frozen, instantly attracted his attention. Because she looked like a person he knew, and their surname was exactly the same!

Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows, grabbed Edgar's arm and asked:" Doctor, which school were you from exactly?"

:"University of Hang city." Edgar was dazed for a second, he thought Chu Yunsheng already knew. However, he did not know that because of alien's "APB", all Chu Yunsheng thought right now was to increase his power. Chu Yunsheng had no time to ask Edgar which university he came from.

Chu Yunsheng heart sunk, he hesitated for a second then took out some vitamin pills and some candies to Cheng Daiyou who was taking care of the students who suffered from frostbite:" use hot water to dissolve those then feed her."

"Milk candies?!" Cheng Daiyou could not help but blurt out loud.

The RV was not big, her words instantly attracted everyone's attention, everyone's eyes were wide open as if they saw something shocking.

Even Edgar was also gasped in shock, he had been following Chu Yunsheng for a very long time now, he had never seen Chu Yunsheng took out milk candies before, it made him stare at the girl who was still not conscious uncontrollably.

"There were many students suffered from the frostbite, why would Mr.Lennon treat her differently, there must be a reason, oh no... Edgar, you don't know anything.... You don't want to know anything either...." Edgar thought in secret.

Huh? Qin Qiying turned around and looked at the girl who still had freezing fogs around her, she was also shocked:" since when did this guy know that he needs to take care of girls?"

Chu Yunsheng opened the RV's door, climbed onto the top of the RV then and then lit up a cigarette, he felt inexplicable irritated at the moment. The girl reminded him a person - Yu Xiaohai. It seemed like it had been a long time since Yu Xiaohai died, and he was almost about to forget it.

Chu Yunsheng had never seen Tán Níng in person before, but he had heard of her name so many time. Because she was Yu Xiaohai's greatest pride. In the age of light, Yu Xiaohai had mentioned her name in front of him more than once, Yu Xiaohai even claimed that she was the prettiest girl in the University of Hang city...

In order to prove what he said was true, Yu Xiaohai also showed Chu Yunsheng his cousin's photos. He still remembered that day when he patted his shoulder and said:" how is it brother Chu? Are you surprised? You didn't expect a weirdo like me would have such beautiful relative, did you? Maybe one day she will become a star or maybe she will marry a rich guy, then I'll probably stop messing around, don't you think so."

That day in the horror city after Chu Yunsheng saved Yu Xiaohai, Xiaohai also stopped talking about it, Because the refugee he encountered told him that the University of Hang city had already been surrounded by the insect, everyone inside was killed.

Chu Yunsheng was hesitant when he recognized the girl, the reason why he was hesitant was that he suddenly had a desire to kill the girl, he did not know if Yu Xiaohai had told the girl anything about him, especially the things happened a few days before the disappearance of the sun.

However, he quickly suppressed his strange killing desire. He could even trust a black man and a military officer who he barely knew, why he could not trust his best friend's cousin? Not only that, why would he even want to kill his best friend's cousin? Chu Yunsheng instantly had a chill down to his spine, he instantly realised that he was not familiar with himself anymore, it seemed like he had become someone else, someone terrible.

Chu Yunsheng flicked off the cigarette butt and returned to the RV, Tan Ning had not woken up yet, so he sat next to her once again went back to cultivate Yuan Qi.

The area they were in was very quiet, apart from a few students who were guarding the buses and the RV, all other students had already fallen asleep. Everything seemed to be normal until the midnight when a strange smell started to spread in the air.....