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Chapter 222 A fight

 Chapter 222 A fight

This chapter is a non-edited preview, the edited chapter will be ready soon.

In a corner of the hall.

"Wake up, quick! The RV wants people!" a boy gently shook a girl who was sleeping next to a campfire and whispered.

"Want people?" the girl was sleepy and responded listlessly in confusion.

"Shush! lower your voice, I heard the conversation between Doctor and sister Jiang.....just follow me, don't make any sound and don't wake others up, there may not be any place left if we are late! " said the boy who instantly covered the girl's mouth and glanced around the people in the hall.

In another corner,

"I don't think we will have a chance, Doctor is a male, he will definitely choose girls!"

"How do you know if you haven't even tried?"

"Try? Look at those Skywalkers' behaviour upstairs, do I even need to try? "

"But the Doctor is different."

"You are really naive...."

Outside the hall

"Doctor, let me help Zhixuan to get on the RV first. " looking at the people started to surrounded RV, Cheng Daiyou instantly felt the pressure.

Yu Zhixuan who was the person she was originally jealous of, now became her treasure. She still remembered what Chu Yunsheng said to Yu Zhixuan, so, one of the places on the RV must be belonged to Yu Zhixuan. Looking at the people started to gather in front of the RV, she immediately made up her mind. She needed to used Yu Zhixuan to get on the RV, once she got on, probably doctor would not kick her off.

Edgar nodded his head, Mr.Lennon gave him an allowance of a dozen people, so having her on the RV would not be a problem.

Cheng Daiyou was overjoyed, she immediately helped Yu Zhiyuan to get on the RV. At the same time, some people were trying to follow them, they attempted to sneak in while Edgar was distracted by the crowd.

"Back off! Back off!" Edgar was startled, he immediately rushed towards the RV, however, some people already got on the RV.

He was scared that he screwed this thing up, Mr.Lennon told him more than once that he needed to watch out for the people who got on the RV. Once Mr.Lennon knew that he just let anyone get on the RV, he would definitely be told off by Mr.lennon.

Just when he did not know what to do, the people who were trying to squeeze into the RV suddenly stopped, then they were slowly moving backwards.

Then Edgar saw Chu Yunsheng used an assault rifle that he had never seen before pointing at the person's head and forcing the people to get off the RV.

"Doctor, anyone who are not following the rules, do not let them in! Especially those people who just rushed in, I do not want any one of them in the RV" Chu Yunsheng said sternly.

His word instantly disqualified a lot of people to get on the RV.

"Why could they get on the RV right now, but we could not?" a girl was hiding in the dark inside the crowd complained.

"Yes, who does he think he is? This is doctor's RV!" those who were disqualified by Chu Yunsheng only hoped that Edgar would get them in.

"Doctor, I was pushed forward by them, I am innocent. " one sly student instantly thought of an excuse.

"Not following the rule, of course, you will be disqualified. Hi, handsome guy, I am supporting you! " those who just arrived at the RV gloated over other people who got kicked off the RV.

"What did you say? Motherfu**, I am tired of you fucking attitude, last time, you even stole my.... " the boy who got disqualified by Chu Yunsheng said angrily, he was already not happy, but when he heard someone was mocking him, he instantly threw a punch at the person.

"Bastard, you got disqualified and you wanted to take it out on me? Lao San was killed because of you, a fucking coward, brothers! beat him! " the person who was punched immediately called his friends to join the fight.


It was originally just a small group of people fighting each other, then more and more people started to get involved, the crowd instantly lost control, the fight started to get bigger and bigger, even the girls also started to join the fight. From the words they cursed, it seemed like they were mostly the resentments that had been built from the past.

The feeling of resentment probably had been hiding inside the student's mind for a very long time, however, the cruel reality forced them to stay together and deal with the food shortage problem and the problem of monsters. So, once this type of feeling was let out, it instantly became a vent.

There were almost 200 people here, but there was not much space on RV, so getting a place on the RV became the trigger for the fight.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Jiang Qianqin heard the noise outside, she immediately woke up others and fired three warning shot. :"Stop! All of you! "

Amongst those students, she still had some authorities, of course, the warning shots helped a lot as well, so apart from a few students who totally lost their mind, rest of people already stopped and moved aside.

"Do you want to die? Do you think there are not enough dead people?" Jiang Qianqin picked up a boy whose eyes were filled with blood vessels and said loudly.

As a Skywalker, picking up a student was not hard for her.

"Ok, Sun Lian, here is the gun, if you want to kill, then kill them! Kill those who had been staying with you since the beginning of the apocalypse!" Jiang Qianqin gave the gun to a boy who was restrained by her earlier, then she pushed him to a student who was still on the ground.

"Pull the trigger, why don't you do it now? Do you not hate him now? Do you not hate him for stealing your food? Why are you shaking? Why don't you fire the gun?" Jiang Qianqin pulled up the boy whose head and face was covered with the blood from the ground and pushed the boy towards the gun.

"Ok, if you don't want to do it, then let him do it!" Jiang Qianqin took over the gun and pushed the gun to the student who was still bleeding. She held the student's hand and help him to grab the gun and pointed at the other student's head.

The student's face was covered with tears and blood, his body was constantly twitching but he also couldn't pull the trigger.

Everyone stood there silently watching them, even Ren Sanbao and his men also approached the windows to see what was going on.

"All you knew was stealing Sun Lian's food, but do you know why he wanted to keep the food while bearing the hunger? he gave the food to those girls who...." Jiang Qianqin glared at him closely.

"Sister Jiang, I'm sorry, please don't say it anymore...." the student who was bleeding, begged.

"Ok, now, who else want revenge, who else want to kill others! " Jiang Qianqin released him and glanced over the crowd and shouted.

All the students who were in the fight earlier were like a deflated balloon, everyone was silent.

:"no one?" Jiang Qianqin glared at them and asked again.

Everyone was trying to void having an eye contact with her, no one dared to say anything.

:"if no one, then get the fuck back in the building!" Jiang Qianqin shouted angrily again.


:"Edgar, we caused a trouble again." Chu Yunsheng said to Edgar.

Edgar looked at Chu Yunsheng with confusion, although he was not an expert in Mandarin, why would Mr.Lennon say again? "it was my fault, I didn't deal with it properly."

:"Just choose those people who didn't come out earlier, don't waste any more time now." Chu Yunsheng pointed at the people who were still in the hall and said.


Second floor next to a window.

The masked man shook his head and said:" this woman..... I don't know what she is doing it for?...."

"brother Sanbao?" the fat man Qian who was next to him, was confused.


In the corner of the hall.

:"what? Us?" a boy couldn't believe what he heard.

:"Yes, hurry up, Doctor is waiting for you, he still needs to tell you something before you got on the RV." the person who passed the message was the person who called Ga Zi, he didn't like those who cosy up to the Skywalkers, however, he did not seem to realise that he was also a Skywalker.

:" What did I say! the Doctor was not that kind of person, see! I am not naive!"

"did I say that you are? Why I can't remember it?"

:"you boys stop arguing, but, why is he choosing us?"


"sister Jiang, you don't have any bullets in that gun." the hippy young man who was always following Jiang Qianqin smiled playfully.

:"oh, then, I dare you to try it" Jiang Qianqin passed the gun to the young man and smiled mysteriously.

:"okay!" young man immediately grabbed the gun and pointed the gun at his head then pulled the trigger several times, however, apart from the gun clicked several times, nothing else happened.

Jiang Qianqin shook her head and ignored him, she then walked towards the RV.

Over there, Edgar was telling those students the rules inside the RV, he emphasised repeatedly that they need to keep absolutely silent in the RV.

Jiang Qianqin was waiting quietly on the side until Edgar finished his talk.

:"Doctor, I need to talk to you privately." said Jiang Qianqin.

"Jiang, I am sorry about what happened earlier." Edgar apologized.

"No, doctor, it's not your fault, you helped us, we can't thank you enough, so please don't apologize." said Jiang Qianqin while walked away from the RV.

"Then you?" Edgar slowly and closely followed Jiang Qianqin.

"I can't sleep, I need someone to talk to." she kicked away the rock on the road and said. :"your friend doesn't seem to like us, I am sorry that we made your life difficult."

"No.... no.. not at all." Edgar looked at the woman who had a pretty face and immediately alerted, why she wants to talk to me all of sudden? he thought.

"Are they also the ordinary people?" Jiang Qianqin did not seem to realise that Edgar was already alerted, she still carried on with the topic.

"They are from the military." Edgar answered carefully, he did not want to disclose where Chu Yunsheng was from.

"Oh, no wonder, I hope we could also find a military base. Oh right, I have heard from the students saying that when the apocalypse happened, you were at Jin Ling city, right? How is it over there? "Jiang Qianqin raised her head and looked at Edgar.

"I left the city on a business trip at that time, when I tried to go back it was already too late, the city was surrounded by the insect! " Edgar shook his head, he felt like he needed to end this conversation as soon as possible.