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Chapter 221 The Seats On The RV

 Chapter 221 The Seats On The RV

Chu Yunsheng only moved away for a few steps, then he suddenly turned around and asked:" how many thrusters does your flying machine have?"

Qin Qiying's mind was still filled with shock and confusion, so Chu Yunsheng's sudden question almost made her answer the question. Luckily the years of military training helped to stop her from leaking out the information.

After thinking for a second, the question Chu Yunsheng asked was not much of a big deal, and apart from the secret she was trying to hide, it seemed like no other intelligence can still be considered a secret in this time and age.

But she was not only one who knew that secret, there were three other very reliable officers who also knew about it. In order to safely send this secret to the capital, four of them were split up and escorted by different troops from different routes. However, she didn't care about other officers, she must make sure that she was not the one who leak out the information.

She also realised that she was too relaxed around Chu Yunsheng. From the stories she had heard from Shan Yuxiong, and from Chu Yunsheng's behavior which she observed this whole time, she knew that this was not a man who would pay extra care towards others. Although she did not know whether Chu Yunsheng asking her to take a good rest was to distract her or not, she needed to pay more attention now.

However, she also forgot that Chu Yunsheng was not an interrogation expert. He was just confused when Qin Qiying said the flying machine was not theirs.

"It is not a big secret, like I said before, I will tell you anything you want to know, as long as it is within my knowledge." Qin Qiying said while adjusting the pillow on the bunk bed.

At the same time, Edgar finally adjusted his emotions and got into the RV with Yu Zhixuan.

"Wait." Chu Yunsheng turned around, passing by Edgar and Yu Zhixuan. He popped his head out and glanced outside. The decent looking girl was still outside, but she seemed to be very sad.

"You... that's right. You... could you come in for a second." Chu Yunsheng said.

Chéng Dàiyōu was dazed for a second, then answered quickly:" Yes! Of course!" she quickly got into the RV like a gust of wind, as if she was scared that someone else would take over her place.

She did not care whether it was the doctor or this man in balaclava hat who was interested in her, she just wanted to get on the RV.

"Could you do me a favor and help her to get off the RV, we need to have a meeting." Chu Yunsheng pointed at Yu Zhixuan who just sat down and said.

Cheng Daiyou gasped in surprise, her mouth was wide open and she just stood there not knowing what to say. It was like winning a lottery but to discover later on that the ticket was fake, and it frustrated her.

Yu Zhixuan looked at Edgar, hoping Edgar would say something. However, Edgar intentionally turned around and started looking for something.

"Little girl, don't worry, we still need you to guard the RV at night." Chu Yunsheng knocked on the side of RV urging them to hurry up.

Cheng Daiyou wanted to say she could also guard the RV, but as the words reached the tip of her tongue, she could not bring herself to actually say it out... Feeling helpless and disappointed, she helped Yu Zhixuan off the RV.


"Ok, let's start, major Qin, you first, then I will clarify a few things later." Chu Yunsheng said

What a strange skywalker! Looking at the girl that was kicked off the RV, Qin Qiying thought, then she said:" doctor you are from the USA, you should have heard about area 51 right?"

"Yes, that place is very famous, it was said that the government was researching extraterrestrial civilization there, but no one actually had evidence to prove that. " Edgar responded.

"But the place does exist.Before the apocalypse, researchers from the USA had discovered an ancient flying machine underneath an ice layer in Antarctica, and managed to transport it back to area 51 It was their top secret, but...." Qin Qiying smiled, she didn't carry on.

"Maybe they came to earth a long time ago, but we didn't know about it." Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and said. He could connect those flying machines to the information he learned from the ancient book, even the senior practitioner also seemed to come from the outer space.

"Not necessarily so, did you notice what the flying machine said just now? Although the students below shouted that we are earthlings, but they were persistently calling us humans rather than earthlings." Qin Qiying raised her head slightly and said.

"Prehistoric Civilization? Based on the history of the earth's biological evolution, there is no evidence to support this theory. " the topic was related to Edgar's profession, he became unusually confident about with his words.

"Regardless, we also found a similar flying machine, and we had also attempted to make it fly again However right until we left, we still could not succeed. " Qin Qiying did not want to discuss the theoretical issues with Edgar, so she returned to the subject again.

"Wait. Don't you think the one we just saw also looked very ancient?" Chu Yunsheng looked at them and said.

"Yes, I have also noticed it, but it is not the one from our lab." she paused for a second then carried on."In fact, the apocalypse itself is also very bizarre. Remember that when the sun disappeared, it did not disappear once, but disappeared several times, and each disappearance lasted longer than the one before, until the sun completely disappeared? "

Of course, Chu Yunsheng knew that, and according to what he learned from the ancient book, it was a problem with the Sky tracks. But what the Sky tracks are exactly was something that he was never concerned about...

"Destroy. From the beginning to the end, the sun disappeared 7 times in total. It seemed like something was destroying something" At this moment, Qin Qiqying was merely talking about her guess. After all, she was trapped at the scene capturing aliens when the sun disappeared. She had no clue about the classified research that happened afterwards.

"What makes you say that?" Chu Yunsheng frowned, other than the ancient book's abnormal behavior, there was nothing else that was destroyed.

"From what I know, after the first time the sun disappeared, we received a lot of report regarding the crashing of planes, not just our country, all the planes around the world seemed to be knocked down by something! It was at that time, the government and the military started to mobilise, and resources started to be allocated....." Qin Qiying looked at the roof while telling Chu Yunsheng what she knew, thinking back about the chaotic beginning of it all...

"But if I remembered it correctly, that was not what the citizens were told....." Chu Yunsheng said bitterly.

"We didn't know how bad it was going to be, and we don't want to cause a chaos. It was not just us, every country was doing the same thing, France... Russia... " Qi Qiying tried to explain...

"Forget about it, that was in the past, let's talk about the crashing of planes, what was that about? " Chu Yunsheng interrupted and said.

"I don't know, the only thing that I know is that the alien that was captured was very fearful and scared, similar to a having mental breakdown in humans. This is something that I told you last time. ." Qin Qiying shook her head.

"So, based on what you said, the flying machine we saw today most likely already existed on earth for ages, and it was fixed by them, right?" Chu Yunsheng looked at them and said.

"I think so. " Edgar said.

"Could be." Qin Qiying also nodded her head.

If this inference is correct, then regardless of the woman in the white dress or the cloaked man, the number of flying machines they have on hand should not be too much, in fact, it should be just a handful. Chu Yunsheng thought.

In that case, if they didn't have a lot of them, that meant they would not be able to search for him everywhere all the time. The thought of it made him relieved.

But It was time to change his plan, the woman in the white dress presumably got all his information from the deputy chief commander Zhu, and even knew that he prefers to act alone.

Luckily she didn't know about his monster seal talisman, although she might have seen the golden shell when he was running away, she might not know much in detail.

"Edgar, later on, tell the woman whose hair is in a bun that we could help her to transport some people, they are heading the south right? Tell her that we are going to the same destination." Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and added:" you can also tell her privately that we will support her."

Chu Yunsheng immediately decided to hide in this crowd of students, since they had already searched them, and the possibility of them searching this group again was very low. It was much riskier to travel alone now.

"Alright, there are three beds on the RV, the one at the back of the RV is mine, you need to make them understand that. The one above the driver seat belongs to major Qin, so before she recovers, do not let anyone disrupt her rest. The one in the middle is yours, and the remaining can do whatever you like. Also, I need an absolutely quiet place, do not let strange people get in!" Chu Yunsheng kept emphasizing the need to be quiet to Edgar, as he still needed the time on the RV to break through Rong Yuan body stage three. If the RV became noisy because of this, he would rather risk travel alone.

... ...

Half an hour later, in the small building.

"Really? Doctor, thank you very much, thank you.... I will gather the people right now, so you can choose whoever you like, but there was a student who has a frostbite, could you pick that student first? " Jiang Qianqin was thrilled. Early on four students were killed by the flying machine, so everyone was very gloomy, but Edgar brought a great news to her.

However, to Ren Sanbao, it was not a good news at all.

But no one expected that the news Edgar brought to them would bring about a fierce fight for the seats...

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