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Chapter 219 A Familiar Figure

 Chapter 219 A Familiar Figure

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The speed of the flying object was extremely fast!

It violated the basic physic rules of aerodynamics flying in an irregular pattern through the sky.

Within a split second, Chu Yunsheng quickly hid into the building next to him with Qin Qiying, it was the building that Chu Yunsheng used to level up his green shells earlier.

Whether it was the cloaked man's associates or the woman in the white dress's associates, Chu Yunsheng didn't want to have a conflict with them at the moment, once they started to fight him, he would either be heavily injured or dead.

They were too strong for him to fight at the moment.

His first objective was to find senior practitioner's treasure first, then find a way to go through the mirror wall and find out where Jin Ling city was. It was not to spend time and energy fighting those aliens.

:"don't make any sound!" Chu Yunsheng took Qin Qiying to the third floor and whispered sternly.

Qin Qiying nodded her head, although it was dark in the building and she could not see Chu Yunsheng's expression, she could feel that Chu Yunsheng was nervous from his tone. She did not doubt that the man would kill her if she makes any sound.

In the sky, the flying machine was just one bright spot, only when it approached the ground did it revealed its size. It was almost as big as a half football field.

It was not a circular or oval-shaped like what rumour said during the age of light, it was the pentagon shape. There was a thruster at each angle of the Pentagon, plus the bigger one in the middle, there were 6 thrusters in total.

The surface of the flying machine was black, coupled with the angular outline. Although the appearance of this flying machine might look old, in the eyes of those humans, it was truly the ultra-advanced technology!

The aircraft was descending rapidly like it was free-falling from the sky, it was descending straight down until it reached the high of the 10th floor. Then it stopped right there all of sudden as if there was no inertia, the thruster in the middle was shut down and the power of other thrusters around the edges also seemed to reduced a lot, then it slowly and continuously to fall vertically.

It appeared all of sudden, and it was also very mysterious, since the earth plunged into the darkness , it was the first time for everyone to encounter the alien's aircraft, it was also the same for Chu Yunsheng, he was hiding in the dark behind the window and staring at the flying machine, however he did not know what exactly the flying machine wants.

Capture humans? Or save humans?

All the Skywalkers and students in the building ran out of the hall and raised their head to look at the flying object.

"Hi! Please save us!" A boy full of fantasy waved his arm and shouted.

"We are humans, earthlings, not monsters, please help us!" one females student shouted excitedly.

"Are you sure they will help us?" a student asked his classmate.

"Maybe they will use us to do some experiments!" the student said coldly.



The flying object was descending lower and lower when it reached the high around 4-5 storey high, it stopped descending anymore, all the rest of thrusters were shut off at the same time, no one knew why it could still levitate in the air. Then at the place next to the five thrusters, five extremely bright light probes were put down, and it was shining around seemed to search for something.

"What are they doing?" fat man Qian was holding a girl in the hall and asked timidly. The rampant behaviour he had when he was in front of Chu Yunsheng was gone, it was replaced by fear and ignorant at the moment.

"It seems... It seems like it was searching for something?" the girl in his arm said quietly.

"There is nothing here, apart from humans." the fat man Qian murmured.

"Maybe it is looking for someone, or maybe some Skywalkers!" someone in the student group suddenly said.

:"you probably right, after all, we don't have research value, but Skywalkers are different...."

Qian Xiang had a sudden shudder, those two people's conversation made him wanted to find a place to hide.

Suddenly the flying object made a beeping sound, then a loud and clear machine voice appeared in every corner of the street.

:" Humans! Humans!

All the humans inside the houses need to come out, do not try to hide, and do not try to resist, our machine could detect where you are!

I repeat! we don't want any conflict, but if you hide, you'll be killed!

You have one minute!"

Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows, the creatures on the flying object could speak mandarin just like the woman in the white dress. However, he still didn't know if it was with the woman in the white dress or the cloaked man.

:"Major Qin, I'm sending you downstairs." the place he was hiding was the third floor, Qin Qiying was very weak that there was no way she could go down to the ground floor by herself. But she also couldn't stay with him on the third floor, although chu Yunsheng didn't know if the creature was lying or not, he didn't want to get this major killed.

Qin Qiying was also very scared, she and Chu Yunsheng were thinking the same thing, they both thought the flying object was coming for them, because in her hand, she had another huge secret that she did not tell Chu Yunsheng.

So when Chu Yunsheng hid into the third floor with her, she didn't think too much about it.

But now she had to come out, right now, probably she was the only one knew how powerful they were apart from Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng held her while walking down the stairs and put her down when they arrived at the building's entrance, then he just stayed in shadow behind the door, since the wall couldn't block their detector, Chu Yunsheng did not bother to go upstairs again.

He had a level two energy shield which could help him to hide his life signal, so as long as he was not standing outside underneath the light, he didn't think those aliens would be able to find him. However it was just his guess, he didn't really know if the energy shield would work or not.

One minute quickly passed.

Once the time was up, three beams of light instantly shot out from the side of the flying object. The light beams went into the building opposite chu Yunsheng, instantly three blood-curdling human screams rang out in the silent night.

Fat man Qian was standing next to the hall, it instantly scared the soul out of him, if he didn't come out, he would have probably ended up like them.

The five light probes then started to slowly scan everyone's face and body one by one.


This is the penalty for not following the instruction!

As long as you are cooperating with us, we can guarantee that you will be safe.

Now, please have a look at this image!"

Just when the voice disappeared, the biggest thruster in the middle of the flying object was rolled over, then it projected a dim green fluorescent light beam downward, in the light beam, a three-dimensional holographic image slowly appeared.

Chu Yunsheng instinctively stepped back into the building, his face was twitching, that image was not someone else, it was him.

"Those bastards are really looking for him." Chu Yunsheng was trying to think of a plan quickly in his mind.

At the same time, qin Qiying was finally relieved, although she didn't know the man in the three-dimensional holographic image, she finally realized that they were not here for her, otherwise she didn't really know what to do.

However, she found that the figure was very familiar....

It was not only her had this kind of feeling, there was another person who was even more familiar with the person in the three-dimensional holographic image, that man was Edgar. At the moment Edgar's heart was jumping rapidly.

Then the image was suddenly switched, a streamlined red crimson armour was displayed with a sharp sword!

Chu Yunsheng gasped in shock and moved back a few more steps, he was totally hidden in the darkness and the armour was immediately activated, he was ready for the fight!

He realized which side this flying object belonged to, he had only encountered two aliens when he was in Jin Ling city, the cloaked man was killed and only the woman in the white dress was still alive.

At that time, his armour was still at tier two level one, and the colour was red crimson, not the one he had right now which was slightly green, so the only person could remember his appearance and his red combat armour would only be the woman in the white dress.

He did not know if the woman in the white dress was in the flying object or not, so he needed to prepare himself for the possible fight, he had already taken out the monster seal talisman as well.

Then the image was switched again, it was split into two, one was him when he was wearing the armour, the other one was him when he deactivated the armour, the images were big and clear, they were spinning in the air so everyone could see every detail of the images.

Suddenly the robotic voice appeared again:


Please look at these pictures carefully, he is also a human, using your naming system, his name is Chu Yunsheng, from Shen Cheng City and he just left Jin Ling city. If anyone could provide us with any information about him, we will provide you with enough food and advanced weapons!

If your information is valuable, or if it could lead us to find him, we will provide you with a lifetime protection and the power you are dreaming of!

Moreover - you will be allowed to join us!

Now tell us, have you ever seen him?!"

Just when the robotic voice stopped, the people on the ground instantly became tumultuous. No one would expect that this huge advanced aircraft that only existed in the science-fiction novel would land here, spend so much time, and even shot three people dead, just to find a human being like them!

Who is this man? Why do they want to find him so badly that they have to search him during the night time? Why would they give out such huge price just for some information?

Looking at a tray that had many various types of food and weapons slowly flew out of the flying object, everyone was slobbering. However Chu Yunsheng did not look at those rewards, instead, he was staring at Edgar, because amongst everyone here, only Edgar knew who they were looking for.

Although Chu Yunsheng tired to be as cautious and prudent as possible, and since the first day he met Edgar, he never mentioned his name or did he revealed his true face, and his face was always covered by his balaclava hat, even when smoking and eating, he never once revealed his face before.

But Edgar knew his figure, not only that, Edgar also saw his armour, his sword before. Chu Yunsheng could guarantee that Edgar had already realised that the person in the image was him - Mr.Lennon!

The reward that those aliens gave out was deadly tempting, as long as Edgar pointed out who he was, he could receive a huge reward. Chu Yunsheng still remembered the condescending attitude the woman in the white dress had towards humans, she even allowed humans to join them in exchange for his information, so Chu Yunsheng knew exactly how heavy the reward was.

At the same time, Edgar's body was constantly shaking underneath the searchlights, it seemed light he was struggling......