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Chapter 218 the hormones

 Chapter 218 the hormones

The dark night was unusually cold, the freezing air that inhaled into people's nasal was like skates slicing through the nasal and air pipe, it even made the nerves on the back of head twitching in pain.

The silence was always the main theme in this world, no matter when it was the night time or the time there were hazy shimmers, and no matter it was a remote wasteland or an abandoned city, it was always quiet and silent. Sometimes there were some noises made by some unknown monsters, it would resound in the air and reverberated to a place far, far away.

Chu Yunsheng did not leave very far from the RV, he went into a house opposite to the low building which other people were staying.

At this moment, Chu Yunsheng could hear women's soul-shaking moaning and men's heavy panting noise coming from opposite building.

Chu Yunsheng was not a saint, during the age of light, he also had some porn videos on his computer. however, whenever he was trying to relax, the death would quickly approach him.

Originally after he finally levelled up four green shells, he wanted to sort out Yuan Tian stage two's cultivation method and study it again. However, the noise of copulation could always get into his ears, no matter how he tried to shift his attention and ignore it. it was just like Yuan Qi energy that broke all his "barriers" and went into his head, messing with his thoughts.

Chu Yunsheng was so irritated, he wanted to take out the roaring flame gun, point at the other building and pull the trigger. The world would return back to the quiet state instantly if he did it.

No one would be able to stop him and no police would be there to arrest him, there was no punishment, no prison. He just needed to pull the trigger without worrying anything.

But eventually, he still did not pull the trigger. When the moaning sound slowly faded out in the air, his irritated feeling also quiet down.

Chu Yunsheng knew the problem came from himself. He suspected that when he saw Jing Mouyou's naked body, it might have accidentally triggered the sexual desire that was hidden deep inside his mind, and since then the desire started to grow inside his mind.

At that time, he could suppress it, because he just escaped from the danger, but now the moaning sound was like mutated viruses Jing Mouyou had, it became even stronger.

Chu Yunsheng quickly put out the fire, left the windows and hid in the dark again, when the desire shrunk back into his mind, he also stopped thinking about it.

He just thought that the sudden impulse he had, was probably because that he hadn't touched a woman for a very long time, If he remembered it correctly, since he broke up with his girlfriend, until now, it was already a very long time. As a healthy grown-up man, it was normal to have a sudden sexual urge once in a while, so he did not pay much attention to it.

However, he did not realize that it was just a start, it was still growing, although at the moment it was hiding in his mind, it was waiting for the third time, at that time, no one knows if he would still be able to stop it.

Chu Yunsheng stifled a yawn then adjusted his cloth, he went out of the building and returned back to RV, in front of the RV the girl with a decent appearance was still harassing Edgar this "Doctor".

Seeing Chu Yunsheng returned or probably the girl was running out of the patience, she immediately changed her strategy. While Edgar was distracted by Chu Yunsheng, she took the opportunity and immediately threw herself into Edgar's arm, at the same time, she grabbed Edgar's left hand and pressed it against her tummy and said in a delicate and touching tone:" Doctor, I am cold and I am very hungry, do you not pity me? "

The girl eagerly looked inside RV, in there, Yu Zhixuan was just about to take out some cooked meat from the pot to pack them. In order to use the most of daytime to travel on the road, Chu Yunsheng had asked the girl to prepare some meat during the night.

Edgar was shocked, he immediately pushed the girl away, however, the girl was holding onto him tightly, so he did not succeed. At the same time, his was crying inside his mind:" let me go... OMG, why you holding onto me so tight, I am nobody.... it was MR.Lennon who not letting you in, it's not me..."

But he did not dare to tell the girl, he knew that he should not lead the problem back to Mr.Lennon, otherwise, he would be in a huge trouble.

"Cheng, I can't let you in, there is no more space on the RV, seriously. " Edgar finally took back his hand and raised his both hand up high, so he could show Chu Yunsheng that he was innocent.

"Then, why she could stay on the RV, what's better about her? Is she prettier than me? Or she has bigger boobs than me?" the girl said jealously while throwing back her shoulders to show her pretty curves.

Yu Zhixuan's hand suddenly shook a little.

In fact, not only just one person who was jealous of Yu Zhixuan. During the escape, Edgar had secretly agreed with Jiang Qianqin and helped many girls to escape from the highway.

However, when they arrived at Xu Jia Ying town, most people were asked to leave the RV except Yu Zhixuan whose leg was broken at that time.

The degree of safety and comfort in the RV were unimaginable to them. When they entered the town, the female soldier did not stop the RV in time and it crashed into a wall, however, the wall collapsed but the RV was completely fine, even the windshield did not break, as if there was something protect it.

Apart from that, there was food, although it was not many, it was meat! There was clean waters, thick and white bedsheets, a place to take shower, they even saw the toothpaste.

Compared to the broken buses they had, this RV was a paradise.

So all those people who were asked to leave the RV were extremely jealous of her. They all thought the doctor liked the girl. although the girl was indeed with a dedicated look and lovely personality, it still did not stop other girls gossiping about her.

But they only dared to gossip it privately, everyone knew that Skywalkers had bad tempers, so no one dared to say something bad about the doctor.

"Because she was luckier than you, sometimes we need to depend on luck. " Chu Yunsheng walked past them and helped Edgar to answer the question.

"Doctor, I need to talk to you." Chu Yunsheng said while walked straight to the back of the RV, he didn't even wait for the girl to say anything.

Although Chéng Dàiyōu wanted to get into the RV so badly, she still did not dare to disrupt Edgar's discussion. So she reluctantly let go of Edgar.

"Mr.Lennon, i...."

"You don't need to explain, I am very tired, I will need to take a rest. you can give monster's meat which was in the luggage storage area underneath the RV to the woman whose hair was in a bun, this is all I can help them, you don't need to mention me. I don't want to get involved in any of their business. We will set out tomorrow." Chu Yunsheng patted Edgar's shoulder and said.

The situation in that group was complicated, and Chu Yunsheng did not have time to concentrate other things. Since they thought that Edgar was a Skywalker, so Chu Yunsheng just let Edgar deal with everything. In the meantime, he needed to hurry up reaching the Rong Yuan Body stage three.

What if the spore forest was endless, if he could not go around it, then he had to break through it, he needed to get the rest of maps. Only when he gathered all the map would he have a chance to find out how to bypass the restriction of the sky track and then find Jin Ling. (refer c191.)

Edgar nodded his head, he was already used to the things that Mr.Lennon told him to do, no matter it was right or wrong, he had to do it, although he was very sympathetic to his students.

"go!" Chu Yunsheng said then turned around and about to return to the RV.


He noticed there was a light dot in the sky far away from them in the north, and it was coming towards them quickly.

"Fuck!" Chu Yunsheng's heart immediately skipped a beat, he rushed into the RV and held Major Qin who was still in the rest using both of his arms, then he quickly moved her out of the RV and passed the binoculars to her. He pointed at the light dot and said with a stern expression:" look, Is that an extraterrestrial aircraft!"

The cold wind made Qin Qiying had a sudden shiver when she was moved out from the RV. When she finally realised what Chu Yunsheng wanted her to do, she immediately used the binocular to take a look.

"That's right, this is not ours!" Qin Qiying said calmly;" it had 6 thrusters or the energy machines at the found us! It's coming!" "