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Chapter 217 The Doctor’s face

 Chapter 217 The Doctor's face

Just when the masked man finished his words, the girl whose leg was broken earlier opened the RV's door, she was searching Edgar in the crowd and said:" Doctor, the meat was ready!"

Her shout instantly made all everyone stopped arguing, instead, all their stomach were growling.

Edgar was at the back of the crowd. When he saw Chu Yunsheng was on the RV already, his heart was jumping rapidly. He secretly allowed the injured girl to get on the RV without even asking for Chu Yunsheng's permission, so he was not sure if Chu Yunsheng was angry at him or not.

To him, although Chu Yunsheng was not a ruthless and ferocious man, he also wasn't a man easy to talk to. At least he knew that Chu Yunsheng had a strange and special hobbit which was that he always liked to stay alone.

Edgar gritted his teeth and walked towards the front of the crowd, however, he accidentally walked in between the masked man and the girl whose hair was in a bun.

""Jiǎng Qiānqìn, for the sake of the doctor, I will ignore the things happened this afternoon, but I have to remind you that you should mind your own business, otherwise I will not work with you anymore!" the masked man's sinister expression only appeared on his face for a split second, then he smiled once again. He patted Edgar's shoulder and said in a "friendly" tone:" doctor, once you finished the meal, remember to come upstairs to have a chat with us!"

Then he intentionally said loudly:" brothers have already arranged some beautiful girls to relieve your boredom"

Jiǎng Qiānqìn's face instantly turned livid:" Scum" she cursed.

However, Edgar did not dare to answer him, his mind was filled with Mr.Lennon, he only felt that his face was so hot and he was so embarrassed.

Seeing Jiǎng Qiānqìn's expression was not so happy, the masked man laughed out loud, he waved his hand and said:"let's go!"

The fat man Qian Xiang quickly knocked on the RV's windows and said:" brother, do you want to exchange or not? give me an answer."

Chu Yunsheng threw away the cigarette butt and said:" no.2 then he opened the map and ignored him.

The fat man's face instantly changed, he was not happy about Chu Yunsheng's attitude, so he spat on the ground at said:" fuck, who do you think you are, if it weren't the doctor, I'll kill you, you stupid fuck!"

Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows, he closed the map and opened the RV's door:" you can try it now" he said coldly.

"Fat Xiang, what the hell are you doing! Get the fuck back in here!" the masked man instantly pulled the fat man back and said to Edgar:" I'm sorry, doctor, but tonight, you must remember to come over!"

Edgar's heart was jumping rapidly, he was looking at this fat man in shock, how dare this man wants to challenge Mr.Lennon, did he want to die so badly?

"Doctor, Ren Sanbao was an asshole, please don't join them..... Your students are still respecting you!" Jiang Qianqin saw the masked man let, so she quickly said to Edgar in a worried tone. It wasn't easy for them to meet someone powerful on the road, if Edgar was recruited by Ren Sanbao using that disgusting method, then the power gap between two Skywalker's team would be widened again.

"We will talk about that later, let me introduce you, this...." although it was still very cold, Edgar was still sweating.

Chu Yunsheng immediately interrupted him:" there is no need to introduce me, doctor, we can start meal now."

Hearing what Chu Yunsheng said, Jiang Qianqin immediately looked at the man. Apart from the man's face was covered and his strange behaviour, there wasn't anything special about this man. However, this man had a strong and tough attitude towards the fat man Xiang and Edgar. Something was not right about this man, she thought.

"Doctor, I am not delaying you from enjoying your meal, if you have time, can we discuss in detail tonight? " Jiang Qianqin sincerely asked.

"This.... We will talk about it later... later..." Edgar quickly got into the RV without looking at Jiang Qianqin.

"Sister Qin, foreigner always like to talk about the benefit and profit, they are not reliable, and it's not going to be easy, if you want to recruit him!" a hippy young man was smiling, no one knew where he got another thin branch from, at the moment he was chewing it in his mouth.

"He is a foreigner, but he is also your teacher." looking at the RV's door was closed, Jiang Qianqin turned around and said.

"Teacher? There is also a teacher upstairs, but that teacher still joined Ren Sanbao!" the young man dismissively said.

"There aren't just bad people in the world, some will join Ren Sanbao to do dirty things, but some will protect you and die for you just like Lao Li....." Jiang Qianqin stared at the young man and said.

"Bah! How could you compare him to teacher Li? He is not worth it!" the young man instantly changed his lazy expression and said coldly.

"Since last time they recruited a new Skywalker, their strength is equally powerful as us now, recently they violated our agreement several times, if we don't get the doctor to join us, we will be in a very bad situation, those people... they can do anything, so we have to get the doctor to join us, at least, make him stay neutral. " Jiang Qianqin sighed.

"Sister Jiang, if they want to go, just give them a car, at worst, we just travel by foot. besides, there are so many cars on the road, I don't believe that we can't find a working one." the young man's cold face only last for a few second then he returned back to his hippy expression.

"What if they want our gas and food? And those girls? Today they even tried to forcibly take Xiao Tang away." Jiang Qianqin asked.

"Today they might need to use force, but tomorrow, those girls will probably beg them to take them(girls), not just girls, even the boys.... Looked at the female Skywalkers in your team....and the boys around them(female skywalkers)... in this world, you can not take care of everything. " the young man shook his head and hummed a song while walking into the house. Then he suddenly stopped at the entrance, turned around and said." you are playing with fire, you want them to protect everyone, but you have to remember, they are not dogs, they are wolves...."

Jiang Qianqin just smiled at him, she did not reply anything. Looking at the RV, she slowly knitted her brows.

Inside the RV.

On the dining table, in front of the sofa, there were four big food boxes, and there were a few pieces of monster's meat in each box. It was a simple meal.

"Mr.Lennon..." Edgar said cautiously.

"Doctor, in China, we don't talk while eating. " Chu Yunsheng picked up a small piece of meat and started to recite an "incantation" in his mind: This is not a monster's meat.... This is not a monster's meat..... This is a delicious steak... this is a delicious steak...

Then he opened his mouth and quickly swallowed it in.

Although he was tired of eating the monster's meat, he still needed to live.

Edgar and Qing Qiying did not know why Chu Yunsheng had to stare at a meat for a very long time and then it, compared to Chu Yunsheng, Edgar only started to eat the monster's meat not long ago, however Qing Qiying and the girl who was injured never had this kind of meal before, so apart from Chu Yunsheng, the rest of people were actually enjoying the meal.

Chu Yunsheng did not speak, so no one dared to talk, everyone was chewing the meat, the atmosphere was very awkward.

No matter how slow the injured girl was, she also started to realize that the man sat opposite her was in control of this RV.

"Oh right, doctor, who is she?" Chu Yunsheng quickly finished the meal and pouted his lips to signal Edgar who he was referring to.

The girl and Edgar were both still eating the meat. When Chu Yunsheng suddenly asked, they were dazed for a second and almost choked by the meat.

"She was my student during the age of light, I was an English teacher, her name is Yu? Yu? I'm sorry I can't remember your name" Edgar put down the fork and apologized.

"It's alright doctor, my name is difficult to remember, I am Yu Zhixuan, you can call me Xiao Yu." the girl quickly swallowed the meat in and said.

"Doctor, are you planning to let her stay in here tonight?" Chu Yunsheng asked again.

Edgar felt extremely uncomfortable and nervous that Chu Yunsheng was kept calling him "Doctor", so he quickly replied:" I'll send her back later."

"No rush, we need to stay here for a night anyway, you and she can take turns to guard the RV, let Major Qin have a good rest tonight. " Qin Qiying needed to recover her strength quickly. Chu Yunsheng still needed the alien's information she had.

In terms of Yu Zhixuan could be trusted or not, it doesn't really matter now, she just needed to watch out for the insects, not the Skywalkers in the house.

Even a simplified roaring flame gun could make them think that Edgar was a powerful Skywalker, so their overall strength was not going to be very strong.

"I am going out to do something." after Chu Yunsheng arranged everything, he got up.

It was just around 6.00, it was way too early to sleep, besides, he also just sealed four regular green shells, so he needed a quiet place to level them to the second form.

"knock" "knock" "knock"

Suddenly, there was someone knocking on the RV's door.

"Doctor, are you there?" a soft voice came from outside of the RV.

"Do not let more people in!" Chu Yunsheng stared at Edgar sharply and said sternly. Then he opened and quickly disappeared into the darkness.

Edgar suddenly had a shudder, he had been following Chu Yunsheng for more than two months now, so he knew what the consequence would be if he let more people in.