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Chapter 216 I don’t want to sleep with him

 Chapter 216 I don't want to sleep with him

Chu Yunsheng just glanced over the hall, then returned back to the RV.

"You are back." Qin Qiying opened her eyes and said, her voice was still very weak. It seemed like it would take quite some time for her to recover.

"Did Edgar prepare the meal?" Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and asked. he was indeed feeling a little hungry after the hunt.

"It's on the stove, probably not ready yet." Qin Qiyin responded while staring at Chu Yunsheng. Since Wu city, she was already curious about this Skywalker, just like what happened earlier, everyone was trying to run away in panic, but he chose to go near the monsters.

"Who is she?" Chu Yunsheng asked when he saw a girl sat on the sofa opposite the stove.

"Your friend's student, she fell off the roof of a bus when we retreated, her leg joints were dislocated." Qin Qiying leant back tried to stretch her body. Then she turned around and said:" I helped her to move her joints back to normal already."

"You know that?" Chu Yunsheng was surprised, at the same time, he recalled the battle he had with the red shells back in horror city, he broke his bones several times, if it were not that Yuan Qi inside his body helped him to heal the wound and bones, he was probably a disabled person now. He had no idea how to set the broken bones.

While Chu Yunsheng was talking, he already walked into the back of the RV, the girl whose leg was broken earlier instantly stood up in panic while holding the dining table. "It's the doctor who let me in, he asked me to watched the pot..." the girl stammered.

"Okay, he is a doctor? Why does he not look like a doctor? He could not even figure out a "mushroom"! " Chu Yunsheng opened the pot's lid and said. Looking at the red insect's meat were moving ups and downs in the boiling water, Chu Yunsheng felt sick, he instantly lost his appetite.

It was not hard for anyone to dislike the meal if they were having the same meal every day.

"Almost ready." the girl was very nervous. Looking at the man who entered the RV cheekily without any concerns, who was also very condescending towards Edgar, she did not know what to say.

She thought that the doctor Edgar was a Skywalker, so Edgar should be the owner of this RV, and the female soldier at the front was probably also saved by Edgar.

"Wasting my fucking gas!" Chu Yunsheng lost his appetite, so he was not on a good mod. He took out a cigarette and returned to the driver seat and lit it up. :"major Qin, I want to ask you something."

"What is your question, since I promised you, as long as I knew, i will tell you." Qin Qiying said.

Since the beginning, Qin Qiying knew that Chu Yunsheng was not friendly to the uniform she was wearing, she was a smart woman, she did not need anyone to tell her what to do. In order to gain this man's trust and asked this man to help to escort her to a military base, she needed to remove this type of unfriendliness from this man first.

"Is it true that the military or the government had already known about the apocalypse? " it seemed like Chu Yunsheng was asking it casually, but then next second, he was staring at Qin Qiying's eyes.

"It is difficult to explain it, we knew about it, but we also did not know about it." she paused for a second and said:" from the incidents we gathered, we knew the apocalypse was coming, but we don't know when, and how bad it was."

"But you caught a live one, didn't you?" Chu Yunsheng flicked the cigarette ash outside the window and said, even Shan Yuxiong had also guessed the apocalypse was coming, so what she told him was useless.

"We did not catch it, it crashed itself. When the sun disappeared for the first time, all the telecommunications were being cut off at the same time, it was very strange. Then when the communication was finally restored, our intelligence agency had received many secret messages around the world regarding the crashing of UFOs.

So it was not just happened in our country, the one we found was in Fu province, the creature was very timid, it was very scared and panicky at that time, we don't know why it was so scared, but it hoped that we could save its life. In exchange, it would tell us some advanced technological information. We did anything we could, but it still died." Qin Qiying sighed.

"The information you gave to Wu Weijian also came from it?" Chu Yunsheng asked.

"Yes, it was a shame that it only lived for a short period of time, and the information it told us was incomplete" Qin Qiying nodded her head.

"So, you are actually using Wu Weijian as a test subject?" Chu Yunsheng suddenly changed his subject.

Qin Qiying dazed for a second, then she gave him a helpless smile:" then, what else I could do? You know what would happen to me if I don't tell him the information."

Chu Yunsheng did not respond to her immediately, no one would feel sorry for Wu Weijian's death. After a while Chu Yunsheng said:" wait until you are fully recovered, sort out the information you know, I need to take a look." then he was disrupted by some noises.

Apparently, a few people had already walked out of the house and approached the RV. "Hi, brother, can I talk to you for a second." a fat man who was dressed in leather clothes said. He was with a woman who had a decent appearance.

Chu Yunsheng looked at him not saying anything.

The fat man pointed at the cigarette Chu Yunsheng was holding and said:" brother, do you have any more cigarettes?"

Chu Yunsheng shook his head.

The fat man laughed awkwardly and pushed the woman against the RV's half-opened window and said: "Come on! Brother, I am not asking for a free cigarette, I will use her, one cigarette for a night, How's that sound?"

The woman instantly panicked:" brother Xiang, please! I don't want to sleep with him! I don't..."

"There is no place for you to make a decision, I say do it, then you just do it!" The fat man was still smiling but his tone was not eased at all.

Before Chu Yunsheng replied, another group also came out of the hall, the person that led the group was the woman whose hair was in a bun.

"Qian Xiang! Are you going to break our agreement!" the woman said coldly.

"Fuck off, they chose to follow me, you can ask them, have I ever forced them?" the fat man did not seem to be scared at all.

"Even you are a Skywalker, you think you can do whatever you like?" a female student said angrily behind the woman.

"This pretty girl has such a bad memory. Without us, do you think you can get food? " it was the man with the mask who had an argument with the woman whose hair was in a bun before. He moved the crowd away and said sarcastically.