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Chapter 215 Doctor, come and take a smell!

 Chapter 215 Doctor, come and take a smell!

Edgar was holding a roaring flame gun and there was also a sword next to his waist. The sword he had was the metal sword Chu Yunsheng used a long time ago.

If there was a dog behind him, then Edgar looked exactly like Will Smith in the movie 《I am legend》.

:"Hi, foreigner, stop! One more step I'll shoot!" a boy said while pointing the gun at Edgar.

:"Ga Zi, are you dumb, can he even understand Chinese, you need to say English!" said lazily by a young man who looked like a hippy, he was holding an arrow and bow and chewing a small dead branch behind the boy. He didn't seem to worry too much about the sudden appearance of a stranger at all.

:"of course I can understand Chinese, I can even say it!" Edgar raised his hands to signal them that he was friendly.

The gun boy heard what Edgar said, immediately turned around, he quickly and slightly raised his chin at the young man.

The young man behind boy was not angry by the boy's provocative action. " okay, the foreigner who can speak Chinese, are you seeking for a team or just passing by, if you want to pass us, please go back, wait for a minute!" the tall young man spat out the dead branch and replied casually, but while his long hairs were scattered around on his face in the wind, he secretly glanced at the RV Edgar.

The Rv had been thoroughly modified by Chu YunSheng in order to achieve the strongest protection possible, Chu Yunsheng did not hesitate to use one of the few golden shells he had to reinforce all the areas around the RV, apart from the front windshield. The RV was tightly wrapped up, Even the wheels and the chassis were covered with shells.

The gaps between the shells were not problems for Chu Yunsheng at all, he used the roaring flame gun to weld the shells together, it was now seamless without any gaps, and lastly he used the gray-black paint which he found in Wu city and painted the RV including the golden shell in gray-black colour, so when driving in a dark world, it more or less provided them somewhat camouflage effect.

In addition to that, Chu Yunsheng also specially made a Yu Tu talisman and cast it on the RV. This type of talisman was used to provide an energy shield to a non-life object, it was a level three defensive talisman. As early as when he was in Jin Ling City, he wanted to use this type of talisman to reinforce the west defence line, however, the city was disappeared, later on, so he did not get to use it.

Therefore, whether it was a purely physical attack or various complicated and violent energy attacks, this RV could easily block them all. This ordinary RV had been built as a mobile fortress by Chu Yunsheng, but it still looked nothing special from outside.

Suddenly, the bow young man whistled to the people at his back, it seemed like he was signalling his group members something.

Edgar returned without success, he shook his head reluctantly and said:" Mr. Lennon, there is a broken bus in front of them. They are very vigilant, we can not get any information from them, should we wait here for a while?"

Chu Yunsheng used the binoculars he seized from the animal's group to glance over the front line, in front of the broken bus, a few figures seemed to be quarrelling with each other. the entire highway was built above the ground, there were mountains underneath and around the highway, so there were no alternative routes.

If he wanted to go around them, he needed to go to the other lane.

Chu Yunsheng put down the binoculars, looked at the sky which were gradually turning dark then said: "No, we can't wait, we must arrive Xu Jia Ying town before the dark, the wild is too dangerous, and there must be insects around this area, the wind is filled with the smell of their sticky substances!"

He was moving towards the driver's seat while said to Edgar:" Use the roaring flame gun to open a gap on the concentre fence in the median strip, I'll drive, there are many abandoned cars on the other lane, so you use the gun to blow them away."

"Do we need to check if those cars got any petrol?" Edgar suggested.

"No need, they were most likely searched by those people at the front." Chu Yunsheng closed the door and said.


Chu Yunsheng did not know if it was too powerful to use the flame monster's seed as the source of energy or it was just that Edgar did not control the muzzle direction right. the ignited fire energy flame, not only torn a hole in the safety island, the roadside had also been destroyed by it leaving a deep burning pit.

Chu Yunsheng frowned his eyebrows, his knew his driving skill was not good, there would not be a problem if the road was in a good condition, however, with the shallow pit, Chu Yunsheng guessed that if he drove the RV, it would most likely be stalled.

Just when Chu Yunsheng about the call Edgar back, he suddenly heard Qin QIying said:" let me try it."

Chu Yunsheng looked at her with doubt, Qin Qiying was very weak now, even she wanted to help, but did she have the energy?

"I don't have a problem, besides, I am also a soldier." Qin Qiying smiled, she knew Chu Yunsheng doubted her ability. However because she was so skinny, her smile looked rather terrifying.

"Ok, let's swap the seat" Chu Yunsheng immediately opened the door and let Qin Qiying drive it.

When he got out, he immediately noticed that the group of people at the front were all staring at Edgar and discussing something.

Puff, puff, puff!

Edgar was busy doing his work, after he destroyed the concrete fence he continued to blow away or destroyed the cars that were blocking the other lane.

Qin Qiying's driving skill was much better than Chu Yunsheng, with such bad road condition, she still found a route that was easy for the RV to pass, soon they passed the broken bus which was originally on his lane.

From the RV's window, Chu Yunsheng could clearly see a woman whose hair was in a bun stopped arguing a man who was with a mask, they were looking at Edgar who was constantly firing the roaring flame in surprise.

At this moment, out of a pile of shivering young girls next to the broken bus, a girl with a ponytail suddenly shouted at Edgar with excitement: "Dr. Edgar! It's Dr. Edgar!"

Edgar was dazed for a second, then he realised who they were. :"it's you, you all are still alive!?" Edgar said in an unbelievable tone.

"Doctor, you are a Skywalker now!? "

"Doctor, are you not in Jin Ling?"

"Doctor, does Jin Ling city still exist? Was it not surrounded by the insect?

"Doctor... "

"Doctor... "

A group of young people immediately surrounded Edgar, everyone was constantly asking questions, they did not even give Edgar a chance to speak.

It lasted for a while and it still did not have any signs of stopping. Chu Yunsheng pressed the horn to hint this "Doctor" to return back to his work, they still needed to destroy another concrete fence in order to go back to the original lane.

"Ok, ok, we will talk about that later. We will talk about that later..." Edgar suddenly had a shudder and said loudly, he did not dare to delay Mr.Lennon's plan at all.

Suddenly, Chu Yunsheng's heart skipped a beat, "Fuck!" he cursed, at the same time, he immediately reached his gun out and pointed it at the sky. There were many black dots flying in the air at a high speed.

"Edgar! Insects are coming, make the way! Quick!" Chu Yunsheng shouted, then he also told Qin Qiying. " get ready to dodge their attack!"

Originally there were only three of them, so as long as the RV was switched off, and hid next to other broken cars on the side of the road, those flying monsters on the sky general would not come down to check them at all. However, he was with a group of people and they were stuck here, so they could not hide anywhere, those flying monsters would definitely dive down at them.

Chu Yunsheng's shout instantly silent everyone, a group of people looked at surrounding in confusion. Only a few second later, did they realised the dots in the sky.

"Everyone, Do not panic! Find a place to hide, Skywalkers get ready to fight!" the women with hair in a bun jumped onto the bus roof lightly and shouted.

"Fuck, i already said we should have abandoned.... Why do we have to bring so many people... fuck!" the man with a mask cursed.

All those girls who surrounded Edgar immediately scattered and hid underneath the cars or inside the pit.

Edgar quickly blew away the last car that blocked the road and the fence in between two lanes. Qin Qiying quickly stepped on the accelerator, the RV instantly returned to the original lane.

"Wait!" Chu Yunsheng squinted his eyes and stopped Qin Qiying.

Whether it was green shells or flying centipede monsters, both of their speed were very fast, as of this moment, the high-speed black dots quickly became visible to them, at least, Chu Yunsheng could see them clearly.

Those dots were not only flying centipede monsters, they were green shells as well.

To be exact, they were fighting each other!

The fierce fight continued from the place far away until Chu Yunsheng could see them clearly. There were a dozen of green shells surrounded an exhausted flying centipede monster.

In the sky not far from the highway, the flying centipede monster was clearly losing its strength, suddenly it turned around and flew towards the rear of the highway, it seemed like it was about to fell.

"I need to do something, you guys wait for me at Xu Jia Yin Town!" Chu Yunsheng gritted his lips and said, to him, since there were just one centipede monster and a dozen of green shells, then there was a chance for him.

There were still hundreds of leech monsters in his storage talisman, but he did not have enough green shells.

If he was lucky, he might even able to seal a centipede monster!

Chu Yunsheng quickly jumped off the car and disappeared in the highway like a ghost.

The other group also noticed the situation in the sky, within a minute, they deiced to move the bus away together and abandoned the bus.

The people who were scattered around were quickly gathered by the woman whose hair was in a bun, people were stuffed into the other two buses, however, the other two buses were already full, so most of them had to stay on the roof of the buses.

Then they closely followed the RV....

With the help of freeze gun, it was much easier to seal an insect now.

Comparing to the roaring flame gun, freeze gun was much more advanced, on the side of the gun there was a switch which could be used to adjust the power of the gun.

But the roaring flame gun which was roughly modified by Chu Yunsheng did not have this function. Once the energy was infused into the gun, there was no way for him to reduce any power.

Chu Yunsheng was crawling on the freezing ground with his armour activated and cloak covered, his freeze gun was pointed at the group of flying monsters in the sky, at the same time, four type 2 green shells were quickly approaching them.

However, he was still late.

In the last moment, before the centipede monster died, its body suddenly swelled up and exploded, a cloud of green smoke instantly spread from the centre of the explosion.

Half of the green shells which were attacking the centipede monster were dead, rest of half were trying their best to fly away from the smoke zone.

Four type 2 green shells immediately initiated their attack.

The regular green shells could not compete with the type 2 green shells, within a moment, four regular green shells were locked in the sky, Chu Yunsheng immediately took the opportunity to fire the shot and free them.

However, four regular green shells were all he could catch, rest of them flew away in panic, Chu Yunsheng was worried that there might have been a big battle between the monsters and the insects near him, so he did not dare to stay very long. It was already lucky enough for him to seal four more green shells, so he retreated and returned to the highway as fast as he could.

Xu Jia Yin town was a small ordinary town, even its name was also very ordinary. The town was not far from the place where Chu Yunsheng was separated with RV. With Chu Yunsheng high-speed running, he eventually arrived the town before the night went completely dark.

Next to a low building Chu Yunsheng finally found the RV and Qin Qiying.

In the hall of the low building, there was a small campfire, next to it, a charming girl was rubbing her body against Edgar's arm and said with a flirting tone: " Doctor, please let me get on the RV and take a shower, I have not washed for a very long time, if you don't believe me, you can take a smell! "

"Biiiiiii-tch " a boy whose name was Ga Zi cursed secretly, he was also the person who pointed a gun at Edgar earlier on.