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Chapter 213 leaving

 Chapter 213 leaving


A giant mushroom was blasted into pieces by the energy bullets.

The new gun no longer needed Chu Yunsheng to infuse his energy in order to unleash a powerful attack, Chu Yunsheng could charge up the energy core beforehand and just pull the trigger to unleash the fire bullet during the combat. Moreover, its power not only didn't seem to reduce any but rather it seemed to increase.

The energy core of the new gun was the essence of a flame monster, it was truly powerfully!

This was probably the only thing that made Chu Yunsheng truly happy recently. Because it would reduce a lot of pressure from Chu Yunsheng during combat.

Only now could that gun be regarded as a real dark energy gun. However, it did not seem to appropriate to continue calling it a dark energy gun, since it had been heavily reconstructed and it's firepower had also increased.

Looking at the roaring flame it unleashed Chu Yunsheng decided to call it a roaring flame gun.

Although both the freeze gun and the roaring flame gun were not perfect, Chu Yunsheng believed that once he reached Yuan Tian stage three, he would definitely be able to improve it.

After Chu Yunsheng tested the type 2 dark energy gun, he also took out the type 1 dark energy gun that Edgar used and embedded another small piece of fire energy core into the gun to slightly upgrade its power and because the seed-like object now worked as an energy core, there would not be any problems for an ordinary human being to use the gun as well.

The entrance of the camp was lit up by the fire that was unleashed by the new gun, many survivors gathered at the entrance with the guns that they took from the "animals", they were looking at each other in panic, not daring to say anything.

Chu Yunsheng turned around and was about to return to the camp, when he suddenly heard a man shouting from the wooden tower next to the entrance of the camp. :"who is there?"

Chu Yunsheng thought the man was shouting at him so he was about to respond. But another voice interrupted him from behind.

:" it's me! Er Guai!"

Chu Yunsheng turned around but he couldn't see anyone, the narrow passage was curved, he could only hear the noise. Probably only the person on the watchtower could see.

After a moment, Er Guai and several other survivors from the camp helped five scarily skinny men and women to walk out from the narrow passage.

:"what happened? Why are you so late? the Chief came to ask me several times!" the "sentinel" seemed to be relieved.

:"don't ask me any questions now, quick, get Grandpa Qin and Xiao Jing here, quick, they can't hold it any longer.....don't just stand there, go get help Song Zi." Er Guai urged.

The young man who was called Song Zi quickly climbed down from the top of the tower and ran into the camp, at the same time he also heard Er Guai shouting at his back: "Ask them to cook some mycelium, and to squash it before cooking it, they cannot eat dry stuff..."

The passage was narrow, so Chu Yunsheng quietly stood aside to make space for them to pass.

Er Guai did not notice Chu Yunsheng earlier, so when he just passed by Chu Yunsheng he was dazed for a second. :" Mr.Lennon, it is very late now, why are you here" Er Guai was puzzled.

Before Chu Yunsheng could answer him, Er Guai's partner poked him and secretly pointed at the fire in the spore forest, what he was trying to say was that apart from Chu Yunsheng, this Skywalker, who else in the camp could do such a thing, so what Er Guai just asked was unnecessary.

There were five people being carried by them, three males and two females, those five people were in the state of trance and could not walk properly, they were being carried by the rest of the survivors. The group had a total of around 13- 14 people.

"He is that Skywalker! "

"It was he who killed Wu Weijian....."

"......everyone was killed!"


In the group, some survivors were whispering at each other while slowly moving the other people into the camp.

A bald skinny middle-aged man seemed to have heard what they whispered, he suddenly pushed away the other survivors who were carrying him and it seemed like he was trying to walk towards Chu Yunsheng. However, he was so weak that he instantly fell to the ground, but it did not stop him, he was crawling towards Chu Yunsheng and used all his strength to say:" ple... please.... Please..." the man did not get to finish his words. He passed out straight away.

"Er Guai, what happened?" Chu Yunsheng looked at the man on the ground and asked.

"They escaped from Wu city, they told us that there was a rumour going around the city saying that Wu Weijian's group was killed by the monster's king, after Wu Weijian's group had not gone back to the city for two days, the last two Skywalkers could not come to an agreement of who was going to take the leader's position, so they had a fight. Those five people took the opportunity to escape from the city." Er Guai said while moving the fainted man inside the camp.

"okay. " Chu Yunsheng was just curious, but he still did not expect that there would be a power struggle in the city in just less than 36 hours after the leader Wu Weijian died.

He shook his head trying to get rid off those unimportant thoughts, he did not even know those survivors for more than 48 hours. Time seemed to pass so quickly but at the same time, it also seemed to pass so slowly. When will I be able to find Jin Ling, he suddenly thought.

These five new survivors immediately caused a commotion in the camp, especially for those whose family was still trapped inside the city, they were the ones who were particularly excited. This was also one of the reasons why Er Guai took the weapons and some people with him to check the situation inside the city.

With the help of the old man Qin, and the squashed food, the people slowly recovered their strength around the campfire.

Chu Yunsheng also learned why Er Guai treated those survivors who had just escaped from the city so seriously, especially the bald man who attempted to ask him for help earlier. According to the bald man, he was a soldier who was responsible for escorting some important information and some people from the Fu province to the capital.

Because of insects and monsters constantly appearing, they were delayed and eventually lost their directions until they arrived at Wu city. They were out of ammo and food at that time, so not long after arriving at the city, they were captured by the animal's army and one of his superiors was still kept as their "food" in a basement.

"As long as you rescue the major and escort us to Jin Ling City, I can guarantee that you will get a proper settlement in Jin Ling City." The middle-aged man said full of hope.

Jin Ling City was the entire camp's hope and sustenance, they did not know that Jin Ling City had disappeared and they still thought it was the safest place.

So everyone was staring at the Chu Yunsheng who looked very calm, and Edgar who had a weird expression on his face.

"You can forget about Jin Ling now, that place was surrounded by the swarm, even I could not get in!" Chu Yunsheng shook his head.

"Jin ling city has fallen?" Li Xi, Shan Yuxiong and the middle-aged man almost shouted out at the same time.

"Something like that, anyway, no one will be able to get in! " Chu Yunsheng repeated his answer, at the same he looked at Edgar who also nodded his head, it seemed like Edgar knew what Chu Yunsheng was trying to tell him.

"Sigh! Is the world really over?" the dispirited middle-aged man sat on the ground and sighed.

What Chu Yunsheng just said was like a storm that quickly wreaked the hope of all the survivors leaving them with only the despair.

People needed hope to keep them alive, without hope there would only be despair, so the entire camp fell into silence.

Chu Yunsheng stuffed one last piece of monster meat into his mouth then slowly got up. He could save those people's lives, but he couldn't give them hope. Besides he also had more important things to do, so he returned to his shed.

After a long time, Chu Yunsheng vaguely heard the billionaire saying emotionally and loudly:" Chief, Lao Li, don't give up, we still have this camp, we still have grandpa Qin, Xiao Jing, and more than a hundred of brothers and sisters! As long as we work together, help each other, we can get through this..."

Chu Yunsheng slowly fell into sleep while billionaire was giving a speech. He got up very early next day in the morning and went to Wu city along with the "soldiers" who were selected from the camp.

The last two Skywalkers were nothing to Chu Yunsheng, they couldn't even block the roaring flame gun's attack, so both of them were burned to death.

When the "soldiers" rescued the unfortunate people who were treated as food from the dark basement, all the survivors were crying out loud.

Looking at every one of those dishevelled survivors, even the "cold-hearted" Chu Yunsheng also felt sad, there were males, females, kids, some of them were even stripped completely naked. Why would human beings do such thing to their own kind? Chu Yunsheng just didn't understand it.

Automobiles and petrol were quickly gathered and brought together. There was even an unexpected surprise. Xiao Si found a recreational vehicle in the city, although it was not very luxurious, the performance was good enough for Chu Yunsheng's temporary use.

To the west of Wu City was a spore forest. To the east of Wu city was a wasteland. Chu Yunsheng thought that with his current strength, he probably would not be able to directly cross the spore forest, so he could only take a detour along the highway from the east to the south, hoping that he would be able to bypass the spore forest.

While he was waiting for Jing Mouyou to recover her strength, Chu Yunsheng also took some time to go to the 2nd and 3rd land of the dead. He had also killed as many monsters in those places as possible.

Eventually he finally figured out that it would take roughly 100 leech monsters for a regular green shell to upgrade to a type two, he had also gathered more than 1000 leech monsters from both the 2nd and the 3rd land of the dead, after leveling up rest of three green shells to type 2, Chu Yunsheng still had more than 700 leech monsters left inside his storage talisman.

10 days later, the purple flame monster was finally fully recovered with the help of Jing Mouyou's healing ability.

"Edgar, you need to think it carefully, if you want to leave with me, you may be dead by tomorrow, if you stay here with them, you could live longer!" Chu Yunsheng was standing next to the RV and reminded Edgar once again.

With the help of Chu Yunsheng, the survivors received a lot of insect shells, the flying head monsters were also almost eliminated by him, the threat of the animal's clan was also removed, so the camp was in fact very safe now.

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