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Chapter 212 fire energy seed

 Chapter 212 fire energy seed


In a narrow jungle trail, came the muffled sounds of an object breaking the sound barrier.

If there were any humans here, they would definitely be able to see a streamlined and majestic combat armour tearing the sound barrier making a long trail of seemingly green after shadows. The shadows were as light as smoke, disappearing after a second.

The centipede monster's angry roar reverberated through the spore forest, many other centipede monsters flew into the land of the dead one by one from the sky.

However, Chu Yunsheng had already left the battlefield after successfully killing one. Soon, he appeared near the camp entrance. He quickly deactivated the armor and only wore the same grey cotton coat he used to wear all the time.

Then he thought of the meat which he should give to Jing Mouyou, he quickly took out a bag of meat and carried it before he enters the camp. It would only bring him more trouble if he took out the meat after he entered the camp.

After greeting the guards, he quickly entered the camp. It was time to ask the girl to heal his monsters now.

Although he killed one centipede monster, he also lost one green shell, and two were also injured, and that was including the type 2 green shell as well. With this kind of result, he would rather not to fight centipede monster.

Unlike other insects, a green shell was very fast, and most of the time they were in the sky, so it was very difficult to catch one. Chu Yunsheng spent two months in the area of the sticky substances, but had only caught 5 of them. Sealing one green shell was much more difficult than sealing a powerful golden shell!

Chu Yunsheng originally planned to form an air seal force starting with those 5 green shells first, however, he did not expect that the spore forest monsters would annihilate half of his airforce.

However, this unexpected encounter made Chu Yunsheng realized how important the type 2 green shell was, he urgently needed to upgrade the rest of three green shells to type 2, only then would those green shells be capable of fighting the centipede monster!

Chu Yunsheng returned to his shed, he woke up Edgar who was taking a nap. :"give this meat to the girl and ask her to come here now." Chu Yunsheng said after he passed a bag of meat to Edgar.

:"okay." Edgar said then immediately ran out of the shed.

Chu Yunsheng was sitting on the bed, he was resting while checking the monsters he had sealed.

Four green shells, three golden shells, one purple flame monster, a total of 8 sealed monsters. Apart from the one green shell which ate 40 leech-like monsters and the other normal green shells which were fine, the rest of the monsters were injured.

Although the golden shells and the purple flame monster were heavily injured, Chu Yunsheng did not think he urgently needed those two monsters to fight for him, at least he did not want to have a fight with the monster's king at the moment, his main threat was those centipede monsters, so he still needed to rely on the green shells to deal with them.

He needed Jing Mouyou's ability to help the heavily injured type 2 green shell to recover its strength, it would be very slow if he just used Yuan Qi to heal it.

The green shell that had a minor injury Chu Yunsheng could heal it just by using his own Yuan Qi.

It was not long before Edgar brought Jing Mouyou back to the shed.

"Xiao Jing, what you need to do is very simple, just like what you did to Edgar last time, unleash your energy, I will deal with the rest." Chu Yunsheng stood up and said without any preamble.

"Like this?" a cloud of green wood elemental smoke emerged from Jing Mouyou's fair-skinned hands.

"That's right, just like this, until you use up all of your energy!" Chu Yunsheng did not need to touch Jing Mouyou's hand, he could use the incantations to directly absorb the energy into his body.

The unique wood elemental energy was then transformed by the Rong Yuan body and sent into the monster seal talisman. There was one thing Chu Yunsheng noticed which was that the Rong Yuan body did not transform this strange wood element energy into pure non-elemental energy, which was what he had in his body, but instead the energy kept its elemental attribute while being sent into the monster seal talisman, it was very bizarre.

Chu Yunsheng did not ask the girl why her energy was different to the old man. Even he himself also could not understand it, so he did not expect this girl would know it. He had one theory which was the girl might have eaten some kind of mycelium, that caused her energy to mutate, just like what happened to Xiao Si.

Jing Mouyou's energy was very little, it could only change the type 2 green shell's injury from severe to minor. Once she used up all of her energy her whole face turned pale, and she could not stand properly.

"Mr.Lennon, are you injured?" Jing Mouyou was sitting on the bed recovering her energy, she asked Chu Yunsheng when she saw Chu Yunsheng knitting his brows.

However just right after she said it, she instantly regretted it, because one of the three conditions they had agreed on was that she was not allowed to ask him anything.

She was so nervous and scared that Chu Yunsheng would get angry and stopped teaching her the method to increase her power. She did not want to waste this opportunity just because of her questions.

But Chu Yunsheng did not seem to heave hard what she said, he still sat there knitting his brows not saying a single word.

While Jing Mouyou was waiting in fear, Chu Yunsheng was actually busy re-thinking his plan. He was quite disappointed at the result, originally he thought no matter how little energy Jing Mouyou had, it would at least help him to recover one green shell, however, he did not expect that her energy could not help to fully recover the type 2 green shell at all.

"Take this, and follow the instructions on it, start it right now, if you have any questions or any problem with remembering the instructions, ask me straight away, I will watch over you until you finish it, once you have completed it, burn the paper." Chu Yunsheng took out the wood element cultivation method from his clothes and gave it to the girl.

Jing Mouyou saw that Chu Yunsheng did not mention the question she asked, so she immediately took over the paper and let out a long sigh of relief. Then she started to concentrate on the paper.

Chu Yunsheng did not want to disturb her, he just sat on the ground and started to harness the energy inside his body to speed up the recovery of the green shell, at the same time, he also took out the freeze gun and tried to study it.

The structure of the freeze gun was surprisingly simple, at least it looked very simple, however, the mechanism part of the freeze gun was not what Chu Yunsheng was interested in, instead, he was more curious about its energy core. It was a clear, glass-like, frozen tube with glittering devices on both ends.

The Inside of the tube was full of white gas. Because of the cultivation method, Chu Yunsheng was very sensitive to the flow and fluctuation of Yuan Qi. So the first thought that came to his mind was that this device was still working, he could feel the device constantly drawing energy into the tube and converting it into ice elemental energy.

While holding the tube, Chu Yunsheng was thinking about replacing it with an absorption talisman, but then he immediately turned that thought down, the absorption talisman worked in a completely different way, especially the energy inside it.... then he suddenly remembered the thing that the flame bird dropped after it was killed.

The shed was instantly heated up after the seed-like object was taken out from the talisman. The seed-like object was filled with a tremendous fire elemental energy.

If this object could be used as an energy core then how could he get the energy out?

Chu Yunsheng suddenly found that he seemed to have made a mistake. For a long time, he thought he had a problem finding a Yuan Qi energy core, however, he was actually having a problem with the usage of energy.

The talisman that was cast on to the gun worked as a communication medium between the energy inside his body and the gun. If he wanted to use the energy core instead of the energy from his body, he would also need to link the talisman to the energy core.

This was the key point.

Chu Yunsheng immediately turned around and secretly checked the ancient book while Jing Mouyou was busy remembering the instructions.

However, even when he found the area that described the enchanted weapon, he could still not understand everything.

So he needed to rely on the only part which he understood and the principle of the freeze gun's operating mechanism and make a brand new enchanting talisman.

But in order to have a deep understanding of the freeze gun's operation mechanism, Chu Yunsheng needed to make it work.

Chu Yunsheng suspected that the energy inside the gun was not enough to support it running, that was why it only fired one shot and then stopped working. Based on what he had heard from Shan Yuxiong, it would take a long time for itself to restore its energy.

But that didn't mean Chu Yunsheng didn't have other ways of speeding up its energy recovering speed. His method was to cast a frost talisman onto the device and then infuse his Ben Ti Yuan Qi into the talisman, then the talisman would convert his energy into an ice elemental energy and fill up the tube.

He believed that with the Yuan Tian stage two's strength, he would definitely be able to fill it up.

This was also one of the advantages of the senior practitioner's cultivation method, Chu Yunsheng's pure and non-elemental Ben Ti Yuan Qi could be converted into any of the other five elements, it could even be used to assist the mutated secondary elements.

After he infused the ice energy into the device, he still needed Edgar to reassemble the gun because he didn't know how to do it.

Jing Mouyou was asked to repeat the instructions described in the piece of paper 10 times before she could talk to Chu Yunsheng, so she was trying to remember as much as she could before Chu Yunsheng destroyed the paper.

After everything was done, Chu Yunsheng went outside of the camp to test the gun, he fired three shots and froze three big "mushrooms". During the tests, he carefully observed how the energy flowed and the fluctuations it made inside the gun until he used up all the energy. Then he returned back to the camp again and asked Edgar to teach him how to disassemble and assemble the gun.

Chu Yunsheng was not talented, but he was not stupid either. He tested the gun back and forth several times. Only until the second day morning did he barely sense something. Then based on what he had sensed he made a brand new but crooked Huo Bing talisman.

Now there was one last thing Chu Yunsheng needed to do, which was to embed the seed-like object into a place inside the dark energy gun where the original dark energy field was. However the seed-like object was as big as an apple, Chu Yunsheng could not embed the entire thing into the dark energy gun. He used all of his strength and managed to hack down a small piece of it and then stuff it into the dark energy gun.

Finally, Chu Yunsheng cast the brand new Huo Bing talisman onto the gun and went out of the camp to test the gun despite the tiredness.

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