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Chapter 211 the second form of green shelled insect

 Chapter 211 the second form of green shelled insect

The secluded road was crooked and gave off a gloomy, with help from the map Xiao Si gave to Chu Yunsheng, Chu Yunsheng headed straight towards the passage that leads to the land of the dead after coming out of the camp.

According to the map, Xiao Si drew, there were three places that used to have brutal and unfortunate massacres in the north of Wu Cheng city, which was also done by the insects.

The place that Xiao Si showed Chu Yunsheng was the one nearest to the camp, it was also the one with the least casualties out of those three places.

One of the other two places was near the place where Chu Yunsheng and Edgar first landed from the sky and the last one is on a highway near the edge of the city. Because the highway was used during the evacuation and because a lot of cars were blocking the road at that time, that place ended up having the most casualties.

With the experience he gained from the last encounter, Chu Yunsheng's movements were much quicker this time, however he still needed to be cautious because of the monster's king and there was also one more thing he noticed, which was the density of the spore virus seemed to be much higher in the lands of death than the other places.

With the amount of the time it would take Rong Yuan cells to kill the spore virus, Chu Yunsheng suspected that he could stay in the land of the death for one hour at most, if he stayed for more than one hour, the disinfection speed would not keep up with the infection speed.

So he only had one hour.

The flying head monsters which were scared away yesterday, had all came back to the land of the dead, it seemed like the bodies underneath the land of the dead were very important to them.

With the help of the armor, Chu Yunsheng sneaked inside without making any noise this time. The monsters were still casually flying in between the giant mushroom when he arrived.


A green shell suddenly appeared out of nowhere, the high-speed wing buzzing sound instantly rang out in the area, then a second green shell, third,... fourth, the monsters started to panic.

Chu Yunsheng immediately ordered them to start chasing the monsters into a small circle, he only left only one green shell which was twice as big as the others next to it.

The last green shell was the one which had consumed the most of the flying head monsters last time, its colour had also changed quite a lot, it was darker and it gave people a feeling of metal texture.

Chu Yunsheng could help chase the monsters, but he decided not to, instead he wanted to see how strong the defence of the upgraded green shell was.

So he ordered the green shell to land and stabbed the sword into its shell. Although the sword could penetrate its shell, Chu Yunsheng could feel some resistance. After all, a tier two sword was very sharp. Based on the resistance the sword had, he could tell the toughness of the shell had improved a lot.

:"From now on, you are called type 2 green shell." Chu Yunsheng patted the green shell and said. In fact, he didn't really know what kind of name he should give to the upgraded green shell, but when he glanced over the type 2 dark energy gun unintentionally, the name instantly came to his mind.

The type 2 green shell wasn't affected by the stab. When Chu Yunsheng ordered it to move, it instantly flew towards the flying head monsters at a speed which was almost the same as Chu Yunsheng's when he was wearing the armor.

Speed also increased?

Normally the flying speed of a regular green shell could not compete with Chu Yunsheng when he was wearing the armour.

If both the green shell's protection and speed were increased, that meant its strength could also be increased as well.

After the type 2 green shell joined the hunt, within less than 10 minutes, all the flying head monsters were eliminated in the area.

All the leech-like monsters were piled up in front of Chu Yunsheng, there were almost 60 of them, and since the five green shells landed next to him, they were constantly sending the desire of eating the monsters to Chu Yunsheng.

However, Chu Yunsheng ignored most of them, he just kept feeding the type 2 green shell.

After type 2 green shell had continuously eaten 10 leech-like monsters, the changes started to become less obvious, no matter the body size or the colour, even the energy concentration didn't have much change.

Chu Yunsheng immediately stopped feeding the monster after not being able to get any new results out of the feeding.

He thought for a minute, the green shell had already consumed almost 100 leech-like monsters before he sealed it back on the talisman yesterday, because of the appearance of the monster's king he had hurriedly sealed up the monster before he could observe the changes, despite that, he suspected that the type 2 monster probably had completed its transformation.

The leech-like monster most likely couldn't provide enough "nutrition" to upgrade the second form.

But how many monsters does a regular green shell need to eat in order to reach the second form? Chu Yunsheng wondered.

He secretly calculated, the green shell ate around 20 of them near the house they landed, almost 150 of them in the land of the dead. So in total, it was around 170 of them, however, this number was obviously more than the actual number a green shell would need to change.

In order to find out what was the minimum number that could cause the changes to the green shell, Chu Yunsheng needed to feed the other green shells.

But before that, he still wanted to see if the purple flame monster was interested in those leech-like monsters or not.

Surprisingly when Chu Yunsheng summoned the purple flame monster, it only had a slight desire to eat.

Even if it didn't show much of an eating desire, Chu Yunsheng still fed it 10 leech-like monsters.

He wanted to see if it would help the purple flame monster to recover its injuries.

But the result was very disappointing, it didn't help at all.

However, it proved that what the senior practitioner said was correct, which was that the sealed monster must be healed using the user's own Yuan Qi, he did not know why it worked that way, the book had too many complicated theories he could not understand. He just hoped that one day he would be able to figure it out.

But there was one thing that puzzled him which was why Jing Mouyhou's energy was able to heal the sealed monster. Although he could not understand everything mentioned in the book, he suspected that after the wood element energy went into this body it was transformed by his Ben Ti Yuan Qi, it was probably because of that, that the wood element Yuan Qi was able to get into the monster seal talisman and speed up the monster's recovery.

Suddenly, both the injured purple flame monster and Chu Yunsheng raised their heads and looked at the sky, they suddenly felt an energy fluctuation coming towards them.

Almost within a split second, the energy fluctuations were getting more and more intense, and just when Chu Yunsheng sealed back the purple flame monster, a giant centipede dived down from the sky.

Its target was not Chu Yunsheng, but a green shell!

The fight instantly broke out without any sign, Chu Yunsheng didn't want to fight this monster before, because he didn't know how strong it was, so before he was confident at fighting it, he didn't want to have any conflict with it.

However, he had no choice, it had already locked onto a green shell, if did not order the green shell to fight back, he would suffer huge losses.

Because Chu Yunsheng was fighting the centipede monster for the first time, he didn't have any kind of plan for controlling the green shells. 6 flying monsters clashed together and fought in the melee.

In just the first clash, Chu Yunsheng instantly lost one green shell, the green shell was worried to death by the centipede powerful mouth!

However the centipede monster was also injured, the type 2 green shell unexpectedly spat out a blazing fire at the centipede monster, it even burned a hole in the centipede's belly.

Chu Yunsheng drew the sword, he was ready to cast out the sword fighting technique, he wanted to end the fight as soon as possible before the monster killed any more green shells.

Then, he was surprised to find out that rest of four green shells and started to gain control of the fight!

The centipede monster was attracted by the type 2 green shell, it wanted to kill the type 2 green shell, however, the type 2 green shell was very agile, but when it wanted to catch the regular green shells, the type 2 would constantly spat fire at it.

But the green shells couldn't control the fight for long, after a while, Chu Yunsheng lost another regular green shell, and type 2 green shell was also heavily injured.

Chu Yunsheng decided to not wait any longer, he cast out the sword Qi straightway attempting to cut the monster in half.

At the same time, he also cast out one last fiery rain talisman at the monster.

He needed to end it right now, because he had heard noises made by other centipede monsters, and they were coming towards him.

After the monster gave out a last loud ear-piercing scream, it was cut in half and fell to the ground.

Chu Yunsheng didn't dare to stay a second more, he quickly sealed the rest of the green shells and the body of dead centipede monster and then left the land of the dead.

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