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Chapter 210 conditions

 Chapter 210 conditions

The reason why Chu Yunsheng acted so strangely was because after he checked the talismans, he found out that the hint of fragrance went into the monster seal talisman, and surprisingly it speeded up the purple flame monster's recovery speed.

The purple flame monster's recovery speed was always a big problem to him, so when he suddenly realized something that could speed up its recovery, he was both excited and curious, because he had never seen anyone who had this kind of ability, even the witch in Jin Ling city couldn't do it.

However, the hint of fragrance didn't last for long, it disappeared before Chu Yunsheng even had the time to find out what it was. All he knew was that the fragrance had a distinctive wood elemental smell, and the smell came from the girl.

That's why he took a huge sniff when he was near her.

However, he could not feel anything from the old man when he touched his head. He suspected that he might not be able to feel anything through his hand. So he tried reaching out his hand again. But when he wanted to test it out, the girl was scared away.

:"" Edgar didn't know what to say, he looked at Chu Yunsheng and then looked Shan Yuxiong and the other people.

:"it's ok, you can put away the gun now." he thought for a second, then said to Jing Mouyou:" I need to speak to you privately for a minute."

:"ok." Jing Mouyou said, she suddenly had a shudder and her face instantly turned white. She wanted to refuse, but she couldn't, there were more than 100 people living in the camp including her mom. What would happen to them if she refused, she didn't dare to imagine.

:" Xiao Jing (Jing Mouyou)" the old man Qin suddenly grasped her hand tightly. He sounded very concerned.

:"it's alright grandpa Qin." Jing Mouyou tried to calm him down, however, she also didn't believe what she said.

Chu Yunsheng was confused about why everyone acted so strangely all of sudden, Edgar was like that, Shan Yuxiong was like that, even Li Xi was also like that, however, he didn't have time to ask, he was more concerned about how he should talk to the girl.

Chu Yunsheng turned around and walked towards his shed, apart from Jing Mouyou who quietly followed him from behind, no one else was moving.

The camp was not big, they arrived at Chu Yunsheng's shed within a minute.

:"Please." Chu Yunsheng said after closing the door and pointed at the broken bed which was the only place they could sit in the shed.

The sleeping bag was still laying on the top of the bed, since Chu Yunsheng didn't store it back into storage talisman earlier.

Jing Mouyou was dazed for a second and her heart twitched suddenly when she saw Chu Yunsheng pointing at the bed and saying please, she thought she was prepared, but when she heard him said it, she still could not do it.

She was just a little girl who had almost turned 18 years old, she was supposed to be studying in school if she was still in the age of light. Although she became a Skywalker after the world plunged into the darkness, she was still a little girl.

It was not that she didn't suspect everything being just a misunderstanding, Mr.Lennon had saved everyone in her camp, he also gave them the insect's meat and saved her, how bad could he be?

But then again, she couldn't explain why he sniffed her body, or why he pointed at the bed and said please.

It was at that moment, all her suspicions; doubts disappeared, leaving only sadness but not despair, because she still remembered what the black man said, if.....

:"Don't be so nervous! nothing serious." Chu Yunsheng said when he saw the girl couldn't stop her body from shivering. :" let's just put it this way, although you can't learn the method I used to cure the poison, I might be able to help you increase your power!"

:"....huh? What?" Jing Mouyou didn't realize what he was saying at first, so chu Yunsheng repeated one more time.

This time she heard it clearly, after a short pause she finally understood what Chu Yunsheng was trying to say.

:" I'm sorry Mr.Lennon, I misunderst..." she was immediately interrupted by Chu Yunsheng.

:"I don't care about what you think, and I don't want to know about it, if you want to learn, I have three conditions,

Firstly, do not mention to anyone that you learned it from me;

Secondly, from now on, I need your ability to do something, so until I leave the camp, your ability can only be used by me, of course, I'll give you some food to compensate the time you wasted, and don't worry, I won't be staying here for long.

Thirdly, during the time of cooperation, no matter what you see or hear, do not ask me any questions.

If you can do it, I'll let you know the method by tomorrow, but if you can't, it's better to tell me the truth, otherwise, if you agreed on the conditions but later you broke any one of them, I'll kill you, remember it, I'll kill you.

Think it carefully, you don't need to decide now, you can tell me the answer by tomorrow, but, do not try to discuss this with the others otherwise you know the consequences!"

"Also, I have to remind you, I suggest that it's better not to leak out the information and the method I am going to tell you, not only will it not be useful to others, it will also cause harm to them." Chu Yunsheng said.

He was not threatening her, what he said was true, because he had almost lost his life when trying to test out the cultivation method in Jin Ling city.

Even although they didn't know who he was and all they knew was his fake name "Mr.Lennon". he was still worried that those aliens would be able to trace it back to him.

"Mr.Lennon, may I ask, what do you mean by using my ability?" Jing Mouyou thought for a second and asked.

:"I need to use your ability to do something, in terms of details, I'll only tell you when you have agreed." Chu Yunsheng explained.

:" ok, Mr.Lennon, there is no need to wait until tomorrow, I accept your conditions. I believe you. You are a good man."

:" There is no need to flatter me, I am older than you, I know what kind of person I am. It is just a deal between us, nothing more, I have saved a lot of people before, but I also killed a lot of people before. So, did you really think it through? I'll not think twice before killing you If you break the conditions." Chu Yunsheng said sarcastically.

"Yes, I understand it." Jing Mouyou nodded her head.

:"That's good, from now on, save your energy, you may leave now, take a good rest tonight, I'll get you tomorrow morning." Chu Yunsheng opened the door and said.

Jing Mouyou opened her mouth, she seemed to want to ask something, but then she instantly stopped. It seemed like she remembered the 3 rules.

After Jing Mouyou left, Chu Yunsheng didn't take out the book straight away, he just ate some food and went back to sleep again.


Chu Yunsheng woke up naturally on the second day's morning, it was a good sleep, no one disrupted his sleep last night, so he was both physically and mentally rested well.

There were rays of hazy shimmers coming through the gaps between the wooden walls, however, it was still very dark inside the room, so Chu Yunsheng had to switch on the flashlight.

With the help of the flashlight he copied the wood element warrior's cultivation method onto a small piece of paper, however, he didn't copy all of it, because he couldn't understand it all, so he only copy the part which he understood.

After he wrote down the method, he didn't find Jing Mouyou immediately, he wanted to see what would happen to the sealed monster once they consumed the leech-like monsters.

he went to the location that Xiao Si showed him yesterday, there were still some flying head monsters left and the monster's king had just left that place, so this place should be safe for the moment.

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